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Community is a Positive Sum Game, Gabriele Columbro


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As presented at Symphony Innovate 2017

Published in: Software
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Community is a Positive Sum Game, Gabriele Columbro

  1. 1. @symphonyoss Community is a positive-sum game Gabriele Columbro Executive Director @symphonyoss
  2. 2. ~60 Open Source Repos 300+ Contributors 4 Active Working Groups 27 Member Organizations 2 Individual Members Check our Community status at OUR COMMUNITY BY THE NUMBERS Fueling open innovation in Financial Services
  3. 3. COMMUNITY LANDSCAPE ReST API COMMUNITY LANDSCAPE ReST API Fork us at! LEGEND Open APIs Working Groups Open Source Projects DB Plexus (InterOp, Launchers, …) S2 Core (Commons, Build, …) Security (Framework, Libraries, …)
  4. 4. The Open Developer Platform A trusted sandbox for open source inter-firm industry collaboration Symphony (ReST API) Symphony (Extension API) Code hosting Github Security, Quality, IP Compliance Whitesource Release publishing Maven central, NPM, NuGet Continuous integration Travis CI Cloud Continuous Delivery Openshift Plexus TBD Add your API TBD FREE for all our open source contributors! Add your data TBD Biz & legal peace of mind - we do the hard part! High productivity turnkey developer experience Dev Biz Symphony (Integration webhooks)
  5. 5.
  6. 6. Cultural Cultural, Community RoE Legal Contribution Policy, CLAs, License Technical OSS Supply chain. DevOps Workflow ✓ Join our OSS Readiness Working Group (Members only) ✓ Use our Open Developer Platform ✓ Work with our world-class Open Source legal/technical experts Register today! The Open Source Readiness Program What to Open Source? Identify “value line”, OSS commercialization tactics Why Open Source? Business value of OSS engagement Line of Business enablement Challenges Value Decision Makers enablement Call to action!
  7. 7. Nov. 8, 2017 @ BNY Mellon, New York, NY Open source collaboration will power the next wave of innovation in financial services. What’s your open source strategy? Featuring Speakers from Sponsored by
  8. 8. Influence Trust Authority Trust is our core value proposition
  9. 9. Working GroupsProjects Members Attend, vote and propose new WG Engineering Steering Committee 5 voting members and 7 advisors Project Teams Maintainers Community Contributors Community Read and comment on WG proceedings Board of Directors 1 Director per Platinum Member, 5 Gold Directors 1 Silver Director, 1 At Large Director, Executive Director Approves & steers Reports to Reports to Transparency drives trust Approves & steers Reports to Corporate Governance Detailed responsibilities at: DtAw Technical Governance & Steering Finance Committee (Advisory) M&G Committee (Advisory) Responsibilities, minutes at: ALB Governance: Governance, minutes:
  10. 10. Our commitment to an Open Community Lawrence Miller Chief Security Officer
  11. 11. Open Source & Symphony • Open Source is core to Symphony’s strategy • Code alone does not make open source • Code needs to be usable by developers • Internal development may break work by open source contributors • Unable to accept community contributions • Open Governance • Desktop Wrapper API • Financial Objects Standardization • 44 Symphony-led projects released to-date • Integrations (SFDC, JIRA, Universal Webhook, Zapier, Trello, GitHub) • Python language API binding • Reference Bot Implementations, Sprinkle (Bulk user-chatroom management • End-to-end encrypted RTC • Electron Symphony Wrapper • Minuet wrapper (with GS) • 390,087 lines of code Symphony Symphony
  12. 12. Symphony 2.0 Core Libraries • Symphony has started developing its “next generation” back-end platform • We have released the back-end libraries • Starting point for open development of Symphony 2.0
  13. 13. Symphony Encryption Libraries • You may have heard that Symphony is end-to-end encrypted… • Transparency is key to robust security • Encryption libraries in process of being open-sourced later this year Symphony Enterprise key manager Message retention
  14. 14. Plexus interoperability Jim Adams CTO Corporate & Investment Bank, Deutsche Bank
  15. 15. The Plexus InterOp contribution Why? • Strong belief that much banking software is non-IP accruing • Developing in collaboration with our peers will accelerate delivery, improve quality and ultimately reduce cost • Helps to evolve Symphony Chat into the rich collaboration platform required for the industry What? • Plexus Interop is a key foundation in Deutsche Bank’s Autobahn platform • Facilitates configuration driven application interoperability • Will be coded in the open and consumed back into the bank – a true open source project in the Symphony Software Foundation Establish an open framework for inter company desktop interoperability, connecting buy and sell side applications via the Symphony Platform
  16. 16. Demo Symphony-Plexus integration
  17. 17. Open Source at
  18. 18. Praising our Community heroes! Best Open Source Prize Best Integration Prize
  19. 19. Key takeaways • Consume high quality Open Source at • Collaborate with other firms with peace of mind with ODP at • Learn how industry leaders leverage Open Source at OSSF. Register at • Explore a new world of desktop InterOp with Plexus at Community contribution is a win-win, positive-sum game
  20. 20. Join our Community! Because Open Source is good for your health (™) Consumption Ask our Dev list Contribution Contribute a Project or Idea Join an Existing Project Submit PRs & Issues Host a meet up or hackathon! Commitment Become a Foundation Member Join a Working Group
  21. 21. @symphonyoss @symphonyoss Thank you! Grazie! 1117 So. California Avenue Palo Alto, CA 94304 USA +1 (650) 665-9773