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Summer School by CES & CIEBS


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Summer School by CES & CIEBS

  1. 1. Summer School byCentre for European Studies, SCIE, SIU, Pune and Centre for Indo-European Business Studies, business department of Reutlingen University, Germany
  2. 2. MotivationLearn more about Europe: start your summer school in Pune and complete it in Germany! Get a first-hand impression and experience of Europe Add an edge to your prospects
  3. 3. Understand Europe how it works, where it’s leading to, which opportunities it bears, how to do business with EU, and much more.Get to know its history, cultures, political systems, institutions, business and companies
  4. 4. Reutlingen Reutlingen lies in south Germany, near Stuttgart, in the midst of Germany’scorporate powerhouses, like Bosch, Daimler, Porsche, SAP, Liebherr, etc. including the German headquarters of HP and IBM. It is Close to France and Switzerland and beautiful landscapes of the black forest Also see
  5. 5. Programme in Pune intensive orientation CES, SIU PuneOn 13, 14, 15 & 16 June 2012 (Lectures, Films, discussions on various aspects related to EU)
  6. 6. Programme in ReutlingenFrom June 18th to July 6th (eighteen nights)CIEBS, Reutlingen University, Germany(lectures on : European Union, policies,institutions, governing bodies, Single Market,legal aspects, intra & extra EU trade,international trade, dependencies, the Euro &single currency area, Challenges, etc.)
  7. 7. Important VisitsVisits :• Daimler (Production)• European Parliament in Strassbourg(France)• European Central Bank in Frankfurt,• Historical excursion i.e. LichtensteinCastle, Tübingen, Stuttgart
  8. 8. Total Costfor 11 participants 1.5 lac each,for 14 and more participants 1.32 lac each,for 16 and more participants 1.12 lac each,Total cost includes :•Courses at CES Pune•Courses at CIEBS Reutlingen, Germany•Accommodation for 18 nights•Double & single rooms with breakfast & dinner•Excursions by special bus with meals
  9. 9. Additional expensesVisa, airfare,lunches & public transportExcluding the days of excursionsfood, accommodation in Pune (if required)