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Symbioosi Partners - Trusted Sales Transformation Partner and Sales Innovator

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Symbioosi presentation

  1. 1. The Next Generation of SalesSymbioosi PartnersTrusted Sales Transformation Partner and Sales Innovator
  2. 2. Symbioosi transforms sales into a Competitive Advantage© Symbioosi PartnersWe drive Sales Excellencefrom strategy to hands-on executionOur key Industry ExperienceThe Unique Combination that makes usa leading partner in sales developmentVision, strategy,business modelOrganization, processes,practices, tools, systemsPeople, competencies,culture, actionIIIIII2TechnologyIT & telecomLogisticsFinancial servicesMetal & engineeringIndustrial servicesWood productsConstructionSymbioosi has provided excellent hands-onexpertise in sales development to drive ourstrategic transformation program.- Robin Lindahl, EVP Market OperationsOutotec"Senior experiencein leadership andtransformationInternationalbusiness andacademic networkProven track record inagile improvementof sales capabilitiesSignificant profitability &growth impacts in 100+client assignmentsTop talent andsolid knowledge baseProjectdelivery experiencein multiple countries
  3. 3. SalesTransformationOperational SalesExcellenceSalesInnovationOur Service Offering focuses on driving top-line growth andprofitability through excellence in sales© Symbioosi Partners3I II IIIEnd-to-end sales transformationprogram to drive a strategic change. Adopting service business models From selling products to sellinglife-cycle solutions From cost-plus to value-basedpricingDevelopment programs to improveefficiency and build sales capabilities. Funnel management & reporting Account management Value-based pricing Sales tools, systems & data Win-plans & bid managementCustomized projects for creating,validating and executing a new model. New product/concept validation Customer development Go-to-market & channel strategy Product launch strategy & plan Expansion to new market segmentTypical situation and need Industries in transition "Good enough" competingproducts, strong price erosion Post-merger strategy & unificationTypical situation and need Opportunities for efficiencyimprovement & optimization Need to develop sales capabilitiesto enable growth & scalabilityTypical situation and need Companies seeking to discovernew, differentiating sales models Expanding internationally and tonew product/market areasDevelopment program impacts Sustained strategic change, long-term competitive advantage Renewed company; substantialgrowth and improved profitabilityDevelopment program impacts Measurable performanceimprovements in sales capabilities Enhanced operational ability tocapitalize opportunitiesDevelopment program impacts Differentiation from competition;changing rules of the game State-of-the-art offering Creating & capturing opportunities
  4. 4. Our Agile Development Programs yield immediateand long-lasting impacts...4Program management, coaching, interim leadershipFocus area 1 Focus area NFocus area 2 Focus area 3Iterative learning & adaptation Steering group workshopsOur flexible models for long-term partnershipAgile developmentprogram withspecific focus areas.2 Resources forexecution andhands-on support.3Transformationprogram withleadership & support.1 Consultingassignments.4 Training programs& managementcoaching.5DISCOVERYSales auditInterviewsData & analysisRecommendationsDocumentationBest practicesCoachingRoadmapObjectivesPlanningResourcingAdditionalinterviews &analysisProgramkick-offImplementation support, competence development, change mgmtTransformation progress metricsDevelopment programOur agile development program approach© Symbioosi Partners
  5. 5. Review &steering...and are based on a Proven Method of continuously running,agile development iterations© Symbioosi Partners5Inputs to focusand fuel the process Discovery findings Strategy andobjectives of client Consumables:efforts, resources,knowledgeContinuous releaseof outcomes Deliverables: e.g.processes & tools Benefits: on-time,on-budget, faster,lasting change Impacts: economic,organizational,strategic
  6. 6. Our Practices & Competence AreasWe have world class Expertise to meet diverse customer needsStrategy & Business ModelsSales & Customer ManagementPricingSales Process & Tools6 Market & sales strategy Service & solution business Go-to-market & channel strategy Value analysis & price psychology Value-based selling & tools Pricing process & execution Funnel & sales management Account management Product & offering management Sales supporting systems & data Sales & marketing processes, KPIs E-sales & automation toolsSolution Selling Strategic influencing & negotiations Win-plans & bid management Closing large & complex dealsTraining andCoachingHands-onImplementationSupport© Symbioosi Partners5 senior professionals10+ operational salesdevelopment specialistsInternational partneroffices & advisor networkTop talent &knowledge pool
  7. 7. We are proud of our Customer References© Symbioosi Partners7Selected public referencesAltogether 100+ client assignments covering diverse industriesTechnologyIndustrial servicesLogisticsIT & telecomMetal & engineeringWood productsFinancial servicesConstructionBoat & maritimeProfessional servicesPrintingHealthcare
  8. 8. Symbioosis Value as a partner builds up from unique elementsFocus on resultsAgile & leanmethodologyFlexibility and scalabilityInsider andoutsider perspectivesCatalyzing actionLasting impactWe have a wide range ofvalidated tools andtemplatesAnalytical approachbrings out clarityWe catalyze strategicthinkingWe contribute toresearch and highereducationOur experience coversdiverse industriesUsing benchmarks forbest practicesSolid managerialexperienceDiverse backgroundsand skill-setsWe are academicallyrecognizedWe are passionateabout what we doWorking with our teamis funWe are serious aboutqualityOur work is relevantWe can -attitude© Symbioosi Partners8Spirit, passion, fun. Flexibility, agility,customization.Experience, talent,knowledge.1 2 3 Tools, templates,analytical approach.4
  9. 9. Our Easy-to-Start Packages enable quick resultsand a systematic approach right from the beginning© Symbioosi Partners9Kick-offWorkshopSymbioosiSales AuditDiscoveryFor whom?Typical delivery scheduleElements & deliverablesSymbioosi Audit of current sales capabilitiesWorkshop with senior advisor(s)Recommendations for key development areasDevelopment / transformation roadmapComplete interviews of key people,comprehensive data analysis,top management coachingoptional2-4 weeks 2 weeks 1 weekEasy-to-start packages to ourdevelopment programs:Large & mediumcompaniesMedium & smallcompaniesNarrow scopeprojects
  10. 10. Meet the Key People who are personally responsible for thequality and impacts of our work© Symbioosi Partners10DR. JUHA MATTSSONManaging Director10+ years of experiencefrom academic positions– including StanfordUniversity, California –and consulting instrategy and salesdevelopment.SAKU VALKAMASenior Advisor15+ years of experiencefrom solution selling,sales management andmanaging director levelpositions, including e.g.NSN & Anritsu Nordic.ANTTI LAULAINENSenior Advisor20+ years of experiencefrom internationalservice business andsales transformation,including seniorexecutive positionsat Outotec & NSN.PYRY LAUTSUOChairman30+ years of experiencefrom diverse seniorexecutive and boardpositions, including CEOof IBM Finland.JAN BOLUMINSKISenior Advisor15+ years of experiencefrom consulting incustomer mgmt, loyaltyand direct marketing inContinental Europe. Co-founder of Payback.
  11. 11. Teaching programs andabundant researchoutput; 100+ peopleinvolved over time9 operative peopleInitial clientassignments focusingon hands-ondevelopment andexecution10-20 operative peopleMore than 100customer assignmentscarried outDetermined building ofproof-of-concept andclient relationsihpsStrengtheningexpertise andknowledge base15+ operative people,two internationalpartnersContinuing growthProven service concept& balanced mix ofsenior experience &top talentSolid internationalproject deliveryexperienceWell-rehearsed internalprocesses enablingrapid scalabilityGrowing team withsuperior experience& talentOffices in multiplecountriesInternationallycredible, scalable,end-to-end offeringin developingsales excellenceStrong internationaldelivery capabilitywith top talent andleading senior expertsRecognized opinionleader in salesexcellenceSales research groupat Aalto UniversitySpin-off fromAalto UniversityPiloting and customerdevelopmentA leading international partner in salestransformation & innovationOur Story – from a top academic program to a credible,international partner in sales transformation & innovation© Symbioosi Partners11A collaborative effortof two universities,TEKES & 10 industrialsponsors to establisha leading academiccenter of salesmanagement inFinland.11 partners joinedforces to found aninnovative & freshsales excellenceadvisory with uniquehands-on approach.Focus on carrying outdiverse clientassigments with fastlearning and highestpossible quality &impact.Credible partner with aproven solution and asolid base of expertise.National and international roll-out with a proven concept32006-08 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016Systematic work to create &validate a unique service concept2A spin-off from a top academicgroup in industrial sales mgmt1
  12. 12. Best Cases in B2BSales ManagementMattsson & Parvinen,2011Finalist,Pro OeconomicaAward 2012"Developing sales capabilitiessuch as solution selling, value-basedpricing, funnel management, andproduct-market fit holds potential forsubstantial increases in growthand profitability”Symbioosi Partners OyMinervankatu 2 A 1000100 Helsinki, Finlandwww.symbioosi.fifirst.last@symbioosi.fiDr. Juha MattssonMobile +358 41 533 6400Saku ValkamaMobile +358 40 524 7447Antti LaulainenMobile +358 40 527 4839Pyry LautsuoMobile +358 40 522 8754