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Veritas Operations Manager 4 and Veritas Operations Manager Advanced


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Symantec's Veritas Operations Manager 4.0 is a centralized management platform for Veritas Storage Foundation and Veritas Cluster Server that automates manual tasks and monitors the health of IT resources. The new functionality in Veritas Operations Manager 4.0 provides IT professionals with the ability to take action based on the results of its extensive reporting functionality. This provides increased visibility and control to manage critical business services across virtual, physical and cloud environments.

Veritas Operations Manager Advanced leverages Symantec’s experience in storage resource management, and in coordination with Veritas Operations Manager is expected to deliver deep reporting for physical and virtual environments and now with the planned ability to take action and optimize servers and storage. Veritas Operations Manager Advanced will feature agentless deployment and maintenance, allowing organizations to get up and running quickly. With faster and new reporting mechanisms in place, it will allow IT organizations to deliver storage as a service with on-host storage provisioning, policy-driven storage tiering and storage usage and chargeback reporting for multi-vendor storage environments.

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