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NetBackup Appliance Family presentation


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What is NetBackup appliance? Is it just NetBackup pre-installed on hardware?

The answer is both yes and no.

Yes, NetBackup appliance is simply backup in a box if you are looking for a solution for your data protection and disaster recovery readiness. That is the business problem you are solving with this turnkey appliance that installs in minutes and reduce your operational costs.

No, NetBackup appliance is more than a backup in box if you are comparing it with rolling your own hardware for NetBackup or if you are comparing it with third party deduplication appliances. Here is why I say this…

NetBackup appliance comes with redundant storage in RAID6 for storing your backups
Symantec worked with Intel to design the hardware for running NetBackup optimally for predictable and consistent performance. Eliminates the guesswork while designing the solution.
Many vendors will talk about various processes running on their devices to perform integrity checks, some solutions even need blackout windows to do those operations. NetBackup appliances include Storage Foundation at no additional cost. The storage is managed by Veritas Volume Manager (VxVM) and presented to operating system through Veritas File System. Why is this important? SF is industry-leading storage management infrastructure that powers the most mission-critical applications in the enterprise space. It is built for high-performance and resiliency. NetBackup appliance provides 24/7 protection with data integrity on storage provided by the industry leading technology.
The Linux based operating system, optimized for NetBackup, harden by Symantec eliminates the cost of deploying and maintaining general purpose operating system and associated IT applications.
NetBackup appliances include built-on WAN Optimization driver. Replicate to appliances on remote sites or to the cloud up to 10 times faster on across high latency links.
Your backups need to be protected. Symantec Critical System Protection provides non-signature based Host Intrusion Prevention protection. It protects  against zero-day attacks using granular OS hardening policies along with application, user and device controls, all pre-defined for you in NetBackup appliance so that you don’t need to worry about configuring it.

Best of all, reduce your operational expenditure and eliminate complexity! One patch updates everything in this stack! The most holistic data protection solution with the least number of knobs to operate.

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