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Spring Launch


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Con Mallon, EMEA Consumer Product Marketing Director, Symantec Corporation

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Spring Launch

  1. 1. Spring Launch March 2009 Con Mallon, Director Regional Product Marketing, Consumer Division
  2. 2. Evasion & Deception Techniques Driving Massive Amounts of New Malware # of New Malware by Year 1200000 1000000 In 2008 In 2000 800000 12,000 5 600000 detections a day detections a day 400000 200000 0 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 Source: Symantec Global Intelligence Network 10/08
  3. 3. Threat Landscape Updates: Web Based Attacks • Web Based Attack Trends: March 2009
  4. 4. Misleading Applications • 23 Million Infection Attempts in 6 months *Norton Community Watch • Installed along with a Trojan horse program • Produce false or misleading results • Hold PC hostage to remedy pretend threats
  5. 5. Norton 360 v3.0 & Norton Safe Web
  6. 6. Norton 360 v3.0 – What’s New? Norton 360 v3.0 sets the industry standard by being the fastest, lightest, most comprehensive and most usable all-in-one suite in the market. • Performance Enhancements • Security Innovations & Norton Safe Web • Friendlier & More Flexible Backup • Get the Most Out of Your PC with Tuneup & Diagnostic Features
  7. 7. Consumers Demand High Performance 1M 40% 31% Many people have under-powered systems & already have performance problems. People contact Have less than 512 Have 1 GB of RAM Norton technical MB of RAM & 75% & 57% memory support each month memory utilization utilization
  8. 8. Norton 360 v3.0 Performance Targets Install Time: ~60 seconds • 1x10x110 Internal Challenge – Install Time: One Minute – Memory Usage: < 10MB at Idle – Reduced Install Size: 110MB • Tracking Dozens of Performance Metrics Memory at Idle: – Initial and Subsequent Scan Time <10 MB – Boot Time Impact – # of Processes – Streamlined Install Steps 8
  9. 9. Beyond Whitelisting: Norton Insight New Security Model That Dramatically Reduces Scanning • Less Scanning Needed – Only un-trusted applications are analyzed by Norton • Behavioral Safety Scoring – Programs are also rated by SONAR’s behavior analysis to determine their trust level • Driven by Online Intelligence – A program may be considered trusted based on the Norton Community or Norton Research
  10. 10. Pulse Updates Norton is updated nearly 5 times more often than the nearest competitor AV-Test, Sep. 2008 A new definition every 5-15 minutes on average
  11. 11. Listening to Our Users • Silent Mode • Advanced Firewall Settings options • Detailed Activity History for security, backup and tuneup tasks • Backup Source Selection • Custom File Type Management
  12. 12. Robust Identity Protection • Simplified & Robust – Simplified toolbar and new settings options – Online tutorial – Import logins from IE – Ability to clone cards
  13. 13. Norton Safe Web A Web site rating service that extends protection to everyday consumer online activities – search, browse, transact, and interact Provides a trusted visual indicator Protects consumers from sites that can infect them Protects consumers from sites that might misuse their personal information Helps consumers identify sites they can safely transact with
  14. 14. How Safe Web Works • Adds site safety ratings to Google, Yahoo! and search results • Integrates current page rating into the Norton toolbar with roll-over summarizing the site safety profile • Provides easy access to the detailed site rating report and community feedback
  15. 15. Ecommerce Safety • Safe Web includes key ecommerce safety indictors to help users make information decisions when shopping and transacting online – 85% of U.S Internet users surveyed said being able to trust websites with their confidential information was the most important factor when transacting online1 – More than 2/3 of users indicated that ecommerce reputation would be extremely useful to them2 1 eMarketer, September2008 2 Symantec Primary Research, June 2007
  16. 16. Friendly, Flexible Backup • Friendly – Backup Tutorial – Tabbed Backup Settings – Portable Restore for Optical and Removable Media • Flexible – Norton Backup Drive – Backup History – Multiple Backup Sets – Backup Source Support – File Type Management – 25GB for N360 Premier
  17. 17. PC TuneUp – Smart Startup Manager Turns off unnecessary programs to speed up startup time • Easy to Use – Program Name and Publisher described – On/Off/Delay options – Sortable Columns • Smart – Performance Impact measured – Users notified about new startup items
  18. 18. PC Tuneup: Diagnostic Report • Thorough – Comprehensive system snapshot – 10 point check for troubleshooting – Recommends appropriate fixes • Easy – Can be printed, saved, or emailed to friends, family, or technicians – Collapsible and expandable sections
  19. 19. PC Tuneup – Monthly Report • Activity Summary – Automatically generated – Highlights subscription status • User Guidance – Tips about new or advanced features – Additional support options through NortonLive
  20. 20. Feature Overview: Norton 360 3.0  Backup Tutorial  Smart Startup Manager  One-Minute Install, Norton  Norton Safe Web Insight, & Pulse Updates  Norton Backup Drive  Diagnostic Report  Shopping Safety  Low System Resource  Backup History  Monthly Activity Report  Identity Safe Usability Utilization Enhancements  Multiple Backup Sets  Tuneup History  Browser Protection for IE  Identity Safe Tutorial  File Type Management  File & Browser Cleanup and Firefox  Login Import from IE  Automatic Content  Registry Cleanup  Antispam Detection & Categorization  Identity Safe Password  Disk Defragmentation  Antivirus and Antispyware Management  Backup Status Overlays  SONAR Behavioral  Phishing Protection for IE  Secure Online Backup Detection and Firefox  Two-way Firewall  Web Site Authentication for  Intrusion Prevention IE and Firefox Silent Mode, Enhanced Backup Usability, Updated QuickTasks Menus and Quick Controls Panel, Usability: Idle Scheduler, Streamlined Navigation, Activity-Based Messaging
  21. 21. Norton Online Backup March 2009
  22. 22. Backup by the numbers 95% Fear losing their PC data more than a tax audit 53% Annual growth in consumer storage 2% Back up online
  23. 23. What is Norton Online Backup? Norton Online Backup: secure, automatic protection of your cherished digital photos and important files • Key Benefits – Single secure dashboard to manage backups for all your photos and files across all your family PCs – Protects important files against loss, damage, and other disasters – Quickly restores lost or deleted files to any web-enabled computer – Automatic backup lets you install it and forget it 2
  24. 24. How Norton Online Backup Works 1 2 3 4 Login from any Manage all of the Manage Restore your data internet connection computers in your backup jobs household from a single dashboard 24
  25. 25. Norton Online Backup Keep your digital photos and files safe and secure Highly Available Easy Secure • Secure web portal • Block-level • Automatic backup incremental backups • Restore to any PC with • One backup location for • 256-bit AES supported Web browser multiple household PCs encryption on servers • Protect on the go • Use existing • 128-bit SSL encryption Norton account • Access multiple PCs in transfer • Automatic scheduling data via Web • Data compression to just let it run • File redundancy between • 1-click “Backup Now” data centers • Status reporting • Professional managed, highly secure data centers 25 2
  26. 26. Norton Utilities Friday, March 27, 2009
  27. 27. Why A New Norton Utilities? 9
  28. 28. Today’s Norton Utilities Norton Utilities is designed for people who want to extend the life of a struggling or troubled PC. Situations where this may be the case include; An older PC is struggling to run software that used to run when the PC was newer. A heavily used PC has slowed down after a particular activity (such as installing software). A PC is experiencing instability such as hanging or freezing. An underpowered PC (slow disk drives or low amount of memory) runs sluggishly.
  29. 29. Norton Utilities @ a Glance Stability Privacy Performance Boot Time Reduce theperformance through the PC by Increase time itstability through Improve takes to start increased available memory andthrough removal of Improve your privacy and optimization of repair, maintenance optimized disks and better managing startup applications and user histories, logs and deleted files registry your computer’s registry services
  30. 30. Norton Internet Security per Mac
  31. 31. Why Norton Internet Security for Mac? • The Web is now the primary conduit for attack activity. • Threats are targeting people and their information, NOT a particular operating system or type of computer. • Attackers are targeting confidential information for financial gain. • Users of any platform or operating system are susceptible to identity theft through social engineering attacks sometimes without malware (e.g. Nigerian spam scams).
  32. 32. Norton Internet Security for Mac • A next generation security suite that integrates an all-new firewall and antivirus protection with tools to help protect against identity theft. • About one minute installation and an improved user interface with fast, unobtrusive updates. • Fully configurable settings for more technical users. KEY TECHNOLOGIES Antivirus Vulnerability protection Antiphishing Intrusion protection Norton DeepSight™ Identity protection Internet worm protection Browser protection Two-way firewall File protection
  33. 33. Thank You! Copyright © 2007 Symantec Corporation. All rights reserved. Symantec and the Symantec Logo are trademarks or registered trademarks of Symantec Corporation or its affiliates in the U.S. and other countries. Other names may be trademarks of their respective owners. This document is provided for informational purposes only and is not intended as advertising. All warranties relating to the information in this document, either express or implied, are disclaimed to the maximum extent allowed by law. The information in this document is subject to change without notice