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Textual analysis of music videos - pop acoustic

Birdy - Skinny Love

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Textual analysis of music videos - pop acoustic

  1. 1. Textual Analysis of music videos from my chosen sub-genre – Pop Acoustic Birdy – Skinny Love
  2. 2. Length – 5 seconds This close up begins extremely dark and slowly begins to get lighter just as it transitions to the next scene. The objects shown at the beginning reveal that it is set in an old, worn location. Length – 3 seconds The effect of the scene becoming light from dark is a constant theme throughout. This close up of cupid symbolises an angel which is shown through costume and posture as the music video continues. Length – The camera then cuts to a low angle shot of Birdy’s feet which show that she is playing the piano. This then adds to the music video as it brings in a sense of performance not just narrative.
  3. 3. Length – 3 seconds This mid shot shows the singer as a dark silhouette walking towards the light. The scene has very low lighting and it doesn't reveal her identity. Length – 5 seconds This shot is taken from a low level which only shows her feet and legs. The fact that it is dark and from a low angle makes her look empowering as the camera slowly begins to tilt up. Length – 6 seconds This long shot is out of focus and begins extremely dark and begins to get lighter as she walks up the stairs. Although she is wearing white the scene still has a dark negative atmosphere. Length – 6 seconds This scene begins with a focus pull and is a mid shot from a high angle. There is high lighting in this scene which contrasts with most other shots which are extremely dark.
  4. 4. Length – 6 seconds Low lighting close up of her performing which allows the audience to connect with the singer. Length – 2 seconds In this short shot the camera slowly pans up from a high angle. The dark colours suggest some negativity and it symbolises some connection to nature by the green colours shown through the window. The length of these two shots transition between them both in the matter of 4 seconds. In the first shot it is a mid shot of her walking and the camera tracks whilst she does this. The fact that she is stroking the wall as she moves shows that she is in touch with her surroundings as she has done this in various other scenes. In the following shot it is taken from a low angle and is a long shot of the performer. Again the lighting and colours are dark and she is still stroking the wall. The camera tracks forward as she walks up the stairs.
  5. 5. Length – 3 seconds Close up of her hands touching the green moss and insects on the window. The lighting is lighter than other scenes and consists of green colours. Length – 6 seconds This long shot shows the singer from behind in a white dress that shows her elegance and shows themes of being old fashioned. The lighting in this scene is dark and some of it is out of focus. Throughout the 6 seconds the lighting fades in and out of light and dark as the camera tracks forward whilst she is walking. Length – 4 seconds High angle shot of broken glass on the floor which reflects light although the overall shot is dark. This suggests that the performer is feeling broken.
  6. 6. Length – 5 seconds Camera tilts down as she is walking over the dead grass and is a close up of her feet which reveals her dark clothing. The camera is going in and out of focus. Length – 2 seconds Low lighting close up of her hair covering her face which again covers her identity. Her hair is covered with bits off the floor which suggests she has been outside for a while. The dark colours symbolises negativity which is probably how she is feeling. Length – 3 seconds The shots are becoming shorter as it gets to the end of the song as it is getting more emotional and intense. This low lighting mid shot shows her sat outside in an old overgrown garden looking lonely and upset.

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Birdy - Skinny Love


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