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The Eye Of Quality


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Combines the art and science of Quality.

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The Eye Of Quality

  1. 1. The Eye of Quality ...Research and design, vendor quality, and manufacturing engineering serve as the core of a quality feedback system. Article by Sylvia McCarthy, published in Quality Progress Magazine
  2. 2. The Eye of Quality (updated Quality Progress article by Sylvia Mccarthy) Manufacturing Quality: is it art of feedback model for managing the science? Webster's dictionary defines art as the manufacturing organization and leads to conscious use of skill and creative imagination, improved processes and products. The model is especially in the production of aesthetic designed with both formal and informal feedback objects. There should be no doubt that it takes loops. conscious skill and creative imagination to The quot;Eyequot; of the system consists of three manufacture quality products. teams: research and design (R&D), vendor Webster defines science as the knowledge qulaity (VQE), and manufacturing engineering covering general truths, or the operation of (MFG ENG). These three teams can work general laws, especially as obtained and tested independently of each other or as a central through scientific method. Certainly the quality core. Their goal is to design specifications that area has had general guidelines or truths to follow assure that all products meet customer for many years. These methods range in nature requirements as determined by Voice of the from the technical to the managerial. Therefore, it Customer (VOC). The core is constantly fed data is safe to say that quality must also be a science. through the informal and formal feedback If quality is both art and science, the question channels to facilitate their goal. becomes, quot;How do the art and science in quality Part of the philosopy behind the Eye of Quality relate?quot; The key to the relationship is how is that the manufacturing process begins in the management applies and manages the science of generation of speifications. These specifications quality. The science of quality involves tools as are verified during the design verification testing Six Sigma and Lean iniatives. The art in quality is (DVT) process. Any problems related to the in creating a method by which the science of design, whether they are due to quality can be effectively used and managed. manufacturability, long-term reliability, or The Eye of Quality is an organization and customer satisfaction, are conveyed to the quot;Eye.quot; The appropriate staff
  3. 3. The Eye of Quality (updated Quality Progress article by Sylvia Mccarthy) corrects the problem and the specifications are from field failures are analyzed and provided to modified as required. their WITs and to the quot;Eye,quot; where failures After the design is verified, the purchasing correction occurs. organization begins its vendor selection The Eye of Quality method demands process. Purchasing tries to use vendors that management commitment. That commitment have already been qualified, or searches for a inspires a quality culture. Each organization, with vendor that, in the furture, will be able to meet an its goals for improvement, supports the quality active dock-to-stock qualification culture. Because management seeks constant program. Purchasing decides whether a improvement, programs that aid in this process vendor's product will be received through the are sought out and used. Six Sigma, Lean dock-to-stock program, source inspection, or Manufacturing, staff education are just a few of through incoming inspection. The quot;Eyequot; is given the programs that are part of the Eye of Quality constant updates on vendor selection and method. All programs have goals, and their aim performance. is always prevention of defects and errors via Six The assembly process is next, and its goal is Sigma. zero defects. Data from the assembly process Manufacturing quality is certainly more science and final audit verify the assembly process and than art. However, this system focuses on some failure information is converyed to appropriate of the art in quality. It address what quality work improvement teams (WITs) and to the reference books can't tell you--how to interrelate quot;Eyequot; through formal feedback channels. The the quality of science with human beings. The appropriate teams and persons correct the Eye of Quality system, designed in feedback problem, and specifications are updated, or loops, encourages communication and fosters process changes are provided. commitment to quality. The ongoing reliability testing (ORT) group receives units to verify long-term reliability. Data