Inspiring Spaces, Celebrating 25 Years of MTA Arts for Transit


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overview about art in public spaces, especially in public transit.

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Inspiring Spaces, Celebrating 25 Years of MTA Arts for Transit

  1. 1. Weeks of June 30-July 14, 2010 Please Post Prominently and Distribute Widely INSIDE th Celebrate 25 Anniversary of MTA Arts for Transit Click here to listen to audio tours about commissioned public art in MTAs subway and rail system. Above photo @ Columbus Circle by Rob Wilson. New York In Transit (2001) by African-American artist Jacob Lawrence, a subway art piece in Times Square station, is among art work to be featured in the MTA Arts for Transit’s 25th anniversary celebration. Photo: Rob Wilson. TVA Memorial Day Ceremony Inspiring Spaces Highlights Pgs 3-5 Celebrating 25 Years of MTA Arts for Transit Blood Drives Pg 6 By Sylvia Isabel, Corporate Communications Retirement Pg 7 To mark MTA Arts for Transit’s (AFT) 25th anniversary, a two-location exhibition is being planned to highlight art, artists, and art’s impact at NY Destinations Pg 8 Transit Museum’s two galleries in Brooklyn Heights and Grand Central Terminal. As one of the oldest public transit systems in the world, NYC Training Pg 9 Transit’s subway is surprisingly one of the world’s most inspiring artist spaces. Considered one of the largest public art museums of its kind, the ‘art space’ spans 660 miles of track, 468 subways stations and 6,380 subway cars whose Job Listings Pg 11 walls, floors, ceilings or air space serve as galleries and canvases for artistic expression. Fortified by historic architecture and land-marked restorations, Back Issues: click many of the commissioned art feature works in mosaic, terra cotta, bronze, here for Weekly glass, mixed-media and sculpture. News back issues. History: New York City Subway’s founders believed that art inspired and enhanced public lives and spaces. According to Along the Way: MTA Arts For Transit by Sandra Bloodworth, William Ayres and Stanley Tucci, the definitive book on AFT, by the 1980s, the nation’s financial crisis was waning
  2. 2. Weekly News, Weeks of June 30 – July 14, 2010 Page 2and the desire for improved historic preservation and public art was gaining momentum across thecountry. New York City Mayor Ed Koch in 1982 passed the Percent for Art legislation requiring all citybuilding projects to spend one percent of theirconstruction budget on art. The Percent for Art agencywas established within the City’s Department ofCultural Affairs. MTA’s Capital Program, founded inmid 1980 with $8.3 million, funded the acclaimed“Clean Car Program” which transformed an anti-graffiti campaign from an ineffective anti-crimeprogram to a simple maintenance campaign. TheCapital Program provided funds for stationrenovations, which had to adhere to the one percentrule. By 1985, AFT was formally established with thesupport of MTA Chairman Robert R. Kiley.“The inclusion of art in station rehabilitations has hada profound impact on the New York subway. Thesuccess of the program lies in the efforts of many,many people. The Arts for Transit staff has been the Above: MUNY: Music Under New York, part of Artsnucleus and while working hand in hand with New York th for Transit’s 25 anniversary celebration.City Transit employees we have been able to transform Below: Flying Home: Harlem Heroes and Heroines (1996) by African-American artist Faith Ringgold,these public spaces. Including art in the station sends 125th Street Station, 2, 3 lines. Photo: Rob Wilson.the message that the transit environment is an importantplace and thepeople who usethe system arerespected. Most often thatattitude hastranslated intoincreasedrespect for thestation by thepublic,” saidSandraBloodworth,AFT director.Although AFTwas conceived to oversee the artists selection process and coordinate with permanent art installations, theprogram also includes music—Music Under New York (MUNY), photography— Lightbox Project, aseries of photographic displays and the Poster Art project.Guides & Tours: For a self-directed guide through MTA’s Arts for Transit, check out "Art en Route," afree guide that will help you locate all of the art in our network; Along the Way, the definitive hard-coverbook; Podcast Tours on TransitTrax offers artist bios and inspiration as well as the process for the artist.(Click link on cover for podcast AFT tours. Or go to Page 2 of 11
  3. 3. Weekly News, June 30 – July 14, 2010 Page 3TVA Memorial Day CeremonyInspires Employee’s Poetry(Tom McDonald was inspired to write poetry at theMemorial Day ceremony. Here are two from hisseries.) By Tom Mc Donald, TIS The One Who Brought Me There How could I not think of him, as Veterans gathered, proud? His soul was surely wafting through Tuskegee Airman, Clayton F. Lawrence, (Lt. Col, ret) this solemn, thankful crowd. was a featured speaker at TVA’s 3rd Annual MTA Memorial Day Ceremony held at Vietnam Veterans Memorial Park. Several retired NYCT employees were The members, from all branches, Tuskegee Airmen. who served today or past, their visage shines across the land; Assured to ever last. A Letter from Tuskegee And in the City, humbled cheers Got a letter from Tuskegee; urged each new speaker on; Came in human form, you see; This if you were a Veteran, More than half a century later, or knew one who is gone. with a stirring dignity. A scattered band shell couldn’t proclaim He spoke of how it had been; exactly where to begin; Segregation in the sky; Yet, in this sparse, devoted group, Till it became so very obvious I felt a peace within. that these men could really fly. And in the end, once more that day Misconception is a weakness, he left my heart still bare; fueled by prejudicial crimes; My dad (plus 30) surely was Don’t you know we’re all Americans? the one who brought me there. Red, white, black and blue, sometimes. He related widespread stories; this for all forgotten men; And he stood so tall and regal that I could see him young again. For all of those, enlightened and free, true equality is the goal; Got a letter from Tuskegee from an incandescent soul. Page 3 of 11
  4. 4. Weekly News, June 30 – July 14, 2010 Page 4 own congratulatory message to TVA. The other speakers included Gold Star Mothers, Katherine Cross and Emily Toro; Phil Carajuana, TWU Local 100; Kenneth Johnson, SSSA; Mathieu Eugene, City Councilman; and Andrew Roberts, NYS Div. of Veterans Affairs. Placing of the wreath was done by NYCT personnel and United War Vets Council members. But the star of the show was the gregarious and humorous Tuskegee Airman, Clayton F. Lawrence (Lt Col, ret). He ambled his way to the podium with escorts and a cane. But once he got situated, he was full of joyous energy. HeHighlights from Memorial Day lectured the audience on what he and his colleagues had been through in the raciallyBy Sylvia Isabel, Corporate Communications segregated US military calling it “a terrible time but full of promise and opportunities.”“Speaking as an individual, I can say that thisMemorial Day ceremony was very soberingespecially hearing all the names of employeeswho died in defense of our country. I am foreverindebted for the simple freedoms I enjoy becauseof their sacrifice. But, speaking as President ofNYC Transit, I pledge my support to TVA and allour employee soldiers. I will always stand byyou and salute you,” said NYC Transit PresidentTom Prendergast.Transit Veterans Association (TVA) held its 3rdAnnual Memorial Day Ceremony at the VietnamVeterans Memorial Park in downtownManhattan. In the circular garden under a Location, Location, Location…beaming sun, TVA co-founder Dwight Webster Chaplains Preside At Ceremonies foropened a glorious ceremony featuring a line-up Workers in the Outer Boroughsof impressive speakers. But before the programbegan, admirers swarmed around the few By Jennifer Von Willer, Transit News InternTuskegee Airmen who were able to attend.Moving slowly, two 85 years old-plus, proud Remembering those who lost their lives inand cheerful Black men came to pay tribute to service with your heart is good enough but forMTA employees. But, enthusiastic employees the Transit Veterans Association (TVA), itand families came to meet them—many wanting was especially important to be all about location,to pose for a photo or simply shake the hands of location, and location.these legendary American heroes. The Third Annual TVA Memorial Day eventTransit Pipes & Drums led the Transit Security held at Vietnam Veterans Memorial Park heldDepartment Honor Guards before the Invocation in Manhattan was just one location honoring thewas presented by NYCT Chaplain Harry lost lives of military men and women. ThereBerkowitz. Chris Boylan, MTA Dep. Exec. were 15 more ceremonies, albeit smaller,Director and a Vietnam vet brought greetings Memorial Day Ceremonies for MTA employeesfrom MTA Chair Jay Walder and shared his Page 4 of 11
  5. 5. Weekly News, June 30 – July 14, 2010 Page 5all over New York. NYC Transit’s volunteerchaplains as organized by Chaplain HarryBerkowitz and TVA co-founder DwightWebster coordinated the massive effort.On May 28, the names of 177 NYCT, LIRRand Bridges & Tunnels employee war veteranswere read aloud with respect ad reverence byChaplain Harry Berkowitz and his team ofamazing volunteer chaplains. Two ceremonies atthe Henry Hudson Bridge and 207th Streettook place on May 27. The three sites that couldnot host memorial ceremonies were at YukonDepot, Grand Central Terminal and JFKDepot. Memorial Day ceremony at LIRR. There were 15 ceremonies held throughout the MTA system “It was very well organized with good speeches presided by NYCT Chaplains.that spoke about Memorial Day and how people wasn’t something just put together," saidgave so much to this country," said Chaplain Chaplain Timothy Hamm (LaGuardiaIvan Tyhovych, who presided at the Memorial Depot). Chaplain Carlos Baez spoke on MayDay ceremony at the Grand Ave Depot. 27, 2010 at 207th Street Depot and at Jamaica Yard on Memorial Day. “It was a beautiful “It was a wonderful way to discover who event! It was a pleasure and an opportunityformerly and currently served in the military. doing the memorial services.” Baez wasThere were people there that I had worked with awarded “Chaplain of the Year” by Chaplainthat I never knew served in the military. We must Berkowitz at the East New York Depot onunderstand that there is a price to pay for May 28, 2010.freedom and the very price for it is sacrifice. I Other services were held at Coney Island Yard,thought it was more heartfelt this year just Gun Hill Depot, 100th Street Depot, Collegebecause of Iraq—the length of devastation from Point Depot, TWU Headquarters, 38th Streetlast year to this year and that there is still a ray Yard, Mitchell Field, and Queens Village.of hope we carry,” said Chaplain Craig Gaddy Thank you to all the Memorial Day chaplains:(East New York Depot) Brenda Robertson, Miguel Pacheco, Anthony Gilmore, Francis Ares, Alvin Rippy, Greg “It went quite well in the Bronx, really. I didn’t Gilbert, Victor Hall, Rosario Tirella, Jamestake count but there were about 30 former and Nunes, and Eladio Villaneuva.current service men from all the differentbranches—Army, Navy, Marines, Coast Guard,National Guard. Our ceremony was verymoving, very emotional, very touching and theturnout was great. I was honored to be there,honored to help with the program—it lastedabout 45 minutes and like I said before, it wasvery emotional because of the current soldiers.Some had just arrived from Afghanistan," saidChaplain Edward Padilla (Zerega Avenue) “This was my first experience, in any capacitywith the program. I thought the Memorial wasquite good. The retired military men doing theraises of the flag and saying their former titles--Ithought that was nice. It was thoughtful, it Page 5 of 11
  6. 6. Weekly News, June 30 – July 14, 2010 Page 6NYCT BLOOD DRIVE NEWSCesar’s Alive! Summer Brings Blood Supply WoesBus Dispatcher Says ‘Thank You’ By Jennifer Von Willer, NYCT News InternBy Sylvia Isabel, Corporate Communications What’s Your Type? — With soaring 100 degree heat waves, hospitals already haveIt’s been a while since we enough to worry about when it comes to thereported on Cesar blood supply. “Every two seconds, someoneJimenez, the Bus needs blood,” according to New York BloodDispatcher who was Center (NYBC).frantic to find a bone Do you know your type? Giving blood is a suremarrow match. Well, way to find out. July is National Make athere’s good news. Difference to Children Month and all blood“Cesar Jimenez has types (A-, B-, and especially O-negative) areneeded assistance in needed to ensure a safe and happy summer forobtaining a match for his children. Please participate in a blood drive atbone marrow transplant your work site and donate blood and bonefor a few years. A bone marrow this summer, when children need us themarrow donor was never most.found. However, he did undergo a double “We need between 28 and 30 people for acorded stem cell transplant. I am happy to successful drive,” said Wendy Malliet, seniorreport that on July 14, 2010, he will have 16 director of Medical Administration/Occupationalmonths with his new system and is doing Health Services (OHS).remarkably well,” said colleague AlbertRodriguez, Bus Command Center, East New The NYCT Blood Donor Program was createdYork. by OHS in 2000 in partnership with New York Blood Center (NYBC) which serves more thanOn a phone interview, Cesar said that he wanted 20 million people in New York City, Longto express his gratitude to everyone for saving Island, the Hudson Valley, New Jersey and partshis life. of Connecticut and Pennsylvania. Eligible blood‘This is from my heart. I want to thank everyone donors must be at least 16 years old (withon behalf of me and my family for saving my life. parent’s permission), weigh a minimum of 110I still get choked up when I think about how so pounds and have not already donated bloodmany strangers, who did not know me, stepped within the last 56 days. Donors that are 75 andup to be tested to find a bone marrow match for older can only donate blood if they meet all theme. I had a very difficult time. It was not a health criteria and present a physician’s letter. Ifdream. It is pure reality. But, I am back to you cannot donate blood at a Transit drive andnormalcy. I drive, cook, shop and exercise. I want an off-site donation credited to the MTAespecially want to thank Al Rodriguez and Mike NYCT, the MTA NYCT Group Number isMantel. They visited me in the hospital and kept 1351. For more information about qualifying asme company during my darkest hours. Their a blood donor, contact the NYBC @ 1-800-688-good cheer and encouragement was like 0900 or go to and gave me emotional support.”“I applied for reinstatement to workapproximately two months ago and am still July Blood Drives—Mark your calendar forwaiting to be called. I was cleared to return to these upcoming NYC Transit Blood Drives:work by OHS but have not heard anything yet.” Thursday, July 15th & Friday, July 16th at 2 Broadway, 20th Floor, Conference Rooms A&B,Let us all cross our fingers for Cesar again. 11am-5pm and 8:30am-2:30pm. For July 15th, Page 6 of 11
  7. 7. Weekly News, June 30 – July 14, 2010 Page 7contact Dennis Callaghan @ 646-252-3957; forJuly 16th, contact Helen Hartmann @ 646-252- Retirement4307. Saturday, July 31st at JamaicaMaintenance and Overhaul Shops, 11am-3pm. Deborah Chisholm, 39 YearsContact Esmond Turnbull or Annette Allen @ Dedicated Service in OHS347-643-7046. By Kim Silverton, Transit News InternBe a Captain—If you would like to become aNYC Transit Blood Donor Drive Captain, learn Congratulations and best wishes to Deborahmore about dual blood and bone marrow drives Chisholm on her retirement after a fantastic 39or would like to start a drive, contact Transit years at NYC Transit! Chisholm, a P.A.A. III inBlood Drive Coordinator Debbie Johnson- Occupational Health Services, HumanHines @ 347-643-8170 or Wendy Malliet @ Resources Division, is best known for her strong347-643-8160. For more listings, please go to work ethicTENS. throughout the years. Her currentPhilip Still Needs Us director, DonnaRetired Casey Stengel Bus Operator Philip J. James said of her,Felice needs an immediate bone marrow “She is an employeetransplant. He is fighting Lymphoma – Large B driven by a strongCell for the second time. work ethic to do her work, to do it well “On April 9, 2007, retired Casey Stengel bus and with minimal, ifoperator Philip J. Felice was diagnosed with any, supervision.Lymphoma – Large B Cell, the fastest growing She works welltype of Lymphoma. After successfully under pressure,undergoing chemotherapy and a stem cell never waveringtransplant, Philip’s Lymphoma returned with a when asked to go the extra mile to help a co-vengeance in February 2010. Now his only hope worker on a special project. This is a dyingof survival is a bone marrow transplant from a breed of human resource in many organizationsstranger. Philip’s life lies in the hands of a today and I believe she is worthy of applausecomplete stranger. These past few years have before she leaves.”been the most difficult we’ve experienced in our34 years of marriage. We hope and pray for a Chisholm said her mom helped her develop thatmatch each day. Someone we haven’t met yet work ethic. Her first director, Mr. Shreck, andcould give Philip the greatest gift of all – the gift Donna James helped it thrive. When she enteredof life,” said his wife Theresa Ann Felice. the work world, right out of high school at 18,His flyer and donation information is at her work ethic was not fully developed. She would “come to work working towardphilip-felice-and-others. retirement.” But her directors guided her. “TheyCasey Stengel Depot Drive – Thanks to pushed me to learn everything and everyoneeveryone who participated in the bone marrow dealing with different jobs. They knew I coulddonation drive for Philip Felice on July 2nd at do it and never take no for an answer.” SheCasey Stengel Depot. However, donations are especially credits James for challenging her andstill needed to help him fight the disease. Mark motivating her over the past 10 years. “There isyour calendar! The next Casey Stengel Depot no one like Donna,” said Chisholm. She believesdonation drive is set for Thursday, August 26, 1- her biggest triumph during her 39 years at NYC7pm. Contact Rohan Bascombe @ 718 694- Transit was, “Learning each new job, doing it1412. very well, and learning the computer and all it entails.” Page 7 of 11
  8. 8. Weekly News, June 30 – July 14, 2010 Page 8 history and view the home of a great femaleThe Harlem native attended Brandeis High photographer at the Alice Austen HouseSchool and still lives in Harlem today with her Museum at 2 Hylan Blvd. Visit the Statenfamily. When she retires, she plans to “first and Island Museum or the Staten Islandforemost relax,” and to do more of what she Children’s Museum and experience historyloves – reading. She also plans to continue along the way on the historic ferry and Statentraveling with her traveling group – her youngest Island Railway. For information visitdaughter, her closest friend and her daughter, her, and recently a new addition to her group, dex.htmlher grandson, Christopher. “We’ve beentraveling for 22 years,” said Chisholm. In the Ever wonder why Curious George, the popularnext 4 years they plan to visit Hawaii, take a childhood character, was always on the run?cruise and see London, Paris, and Greece. Well his creators, H.A. and Margret Reys were on the run as well. The Jewish illustrator andChisholm’s last day of work was July 16th and author lived in Paris during the Nazi regime andher party will be on Friday, September 24th at during this terrifyingly dark moment in historyMorton’s Steakhouse at 339 Adams St., they escaped with the manuscripts andBrooklyn, NY from 1 – 3 PM. For information illustrations that George was born out of. Comecontact Deborah Johnson-Hines at 347-643- see how the beloved character came to be and8170 or Marian Sanders at 347-643-7186. view original artwork at the exhibition “Curious George Saves the Day: The Art of Margret andDestinations H.A. Rey” until August 1st at the Jewish Museum. Museum is located at 1109 5th Ave. @Historic Things to Do 92nd St. Take the 4, 5, 6, subway to 86th St. orBy Kimberly Silverton, Transit News Intern M1, M2, M3, M4 bus to 91st St. For information visitFor all you history buffs out there, here are some summer destinations—a sample from riousgeorgeeach borough. Please share these with yoursummer guests and remind them about our One of the most famous NY establishments isMetroCard Deals! the Broadway show. Broadway, which came to be known as the symbol for live entertainmentMetroCard Deals! has roots dating back to the early 1800s. WhileCome to Coney Island and experience a place the glorious theatre experience usually comesthat has been entertaining New York for over 80 with a hefty price tag, there is a free option thisyears. Ride on the historic Brooklyn Cyclone, summer at Bryant Park. Every Thursday untilone of the first wooden roller coasters, visit the August 12th, casts from famous BroadwayConey Island History project located right shows such as The Lion King, Mamma Mia, andbeneath the coaster or watch the Brooklyn Broadway’s longest running show – TheCyclones at MCU Park. Come see what’s new in Phantom of the Opera, will be performing liveConey Island like Luna Park and enjoy deals from 12:30 – 1:30 PM on the Lawn at Bryantwith your Metrocard all over Coney Island Park. Take the B,D,FM to 42nd St/Bryant Park orboardwalk. Take the D, F, N, Q to Coney 1,237,N,Q,R to 42nd St/Times Square. ForIsland/Stillwell Ave. For information visit information visit visit/broadway.htmlYou can also enjoy Metrocard deals while you Another historic destination is Hudson Riverhelp celebrate Staten Island Railroad’s 150th Park which runs along Chelsea Piers on theBirthday. Celebrate the island’s women’s west side of Manhattan. Did you know that the legendary R.M.S. Titanic was scheduled to Page 8 of 11
  9. 9. Weekly News, June 30 – July 14, 2010 Page 9arrive at Chelsea Piers in that spring of 1912 it tragically sank? Although luxury liners erver?pagename=New_Visit_Previewhave abandoned Chelsea Piers, the HudsonRiver Park has made it a popular tourist Brooklyn has no shortage of history as well.destination. Come visit a site rich in history, Come to Brooklyn Brewery at #1 Brewer’swhile enjoying an outdoor movie every Row, 79 North 11th St. in historic Williamsburg.Wednesday until August 18th at Riverflicks for In the 1800s, Brooklyn became one of the firstGrown-ups, on Pier 54. Enjoy your favorites brewing centers of America. By 1900 Brooklynfrom the previous year such as Julia&Julia and was home to almost 50 different breweries! ButThe Hangover. Movies begin at 8:30PM and by the 70s all of them were put out of businessfree popcorn is offered! For a family event there by the big national brands and that is whenis also Riverflicks for Kids every Friday until Brooklyn Brewery came to be. Born in the 80s,August 20th on Pier 46 at 8:30PM. Enjoy Brooklyn Brewery proved that with such history,family-friendly classics like The Wizard of Oz or a local brand deserved to thrive. Come take anewer features like Cloudy with a Chance of tour of the brewery every Saturday and SundayMeatballs. Take the A, C, E, L, subway to 14th St at 1, 2, 3 or 4PM. Take the G to Nassau Ave oror the M14, M11 bus for Pier 54. Take the 1 the L to Bedford Ave. For information visitsubway to Christopher St or the M8 bus for Pier For information visit For those who thought camels were only found in the desert, think again. The Bronx Zoo, theFor all you 2 Broadway employees, there is largest urban zoo in the United States is home tohistory right around the corner! The Fraunces a camel or two and they’re available for ridesTavern Museum at 54 Pearl Street was built in daily this summer! Opened in 1899 the zoo is1719 as a place of residence, over 50 years home to over 4,000 animals including lions,before America gained independence. In 1783 tigers, bears and butterflies. Take the 2, 5after it had been turned into a tavern, George subways to East Tremont Ave/West FarmsWashington delivered his farewell address to the Square or the BxM11 express bus right to theofficers of the Continental Army. Visit on your zoo’s entrance. For information visitlunch break and experience a piece of colonial in your backyard. Take the R toWhitehall St, the 4, 5 to Bowling Green, the 1 For outdoor history visit Queens, the boroughto South Ferry or the J, Z to Broad St. For with the largest land area. Forest Park, the 3rdinformation visit largest park in Queens, offers hiking, golfing, horseback riding and an authentic carousel from 1903. Or if you prefer the beach, visitWe cannot neglect New York’s recent history, Rockaway Beach with its 170 acres of sun andso visit the 9/11 Memorial Preview at Ground sand which was first sold to the Dutch in theZero. See NYC Transit’s story featured there early 1600s. For information about the park visittoo! This site is set for completion by the 10th and is now open for you to be a part forest_park/vt_forest_park.html;http://www.nycof it. Share your 9/11 story or tell about a brave or firefighter. Come be a part of history!Located at 20 Vesey Street. this memorial Open Seats for Training Classespreview is not only free but priceless. Take theA, C, J 2, 3, 4, 5 subways to Fulton By Jennifer Von Willer, Transit News InternSt/Broadway Nassau, Park Place, and the E toWorld Trade Center or the M1, M6 bus. For Professional Developmentinformation visit There are several upcoming Administration/Research and Training Courses. Page 9 of 11
  10. 10. Weekly News, June 30 – July 14, 2010 Page 10For Managers Only, Fundamentals of XP on Wednesday, August 4 and PracticalManagement for the New Culture is set for Uses for Word 2003 on Wednesday August 5.Friday, July 23. The two-day SupervisoryTransition Program is set for Monday, July 26 Classes will be held in the 1st floor trainingthrough Thursday, July 29. Another course for room at 130 Livingston Plaza. To register, callmanagers, Managing an Intergenerational 718-694-4660 at least one day in advance.Workforce will be held on Tuesday, August 3. Please specify the time you want to attendAll of the Research and Training courses are because attendance is on a first come, firstfrom 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. unless otherwise served basis. To register, please contact yournoted. For course descriptions and the complete department training liaisons and have him/herschedule, please visit TENS. submit course nomination sheets to the Registration unit. The nomination sheets can beComputer Training e-mailed to or faxed toComputer courses and workshops are being 718-694-5490. For Special Request classes,offered from July through September. Classes please contact Terri Parker at 646-252-2749.are still being offered for the end of this month. Students that have already taken a course can e-The first, Understanding the Access 2003 mail any questions at e-consult@nyct.comStructure is set for Friday, July 23; Project2003 is on Tuesday, July 27 and a one-hourmidday workshop, Using the Instr Function inAccess 2003 is also on Tuesday, July 27 at 12 Q uote of the Week: “When you have eliminated the impossible, whateverp.m. or 1 p.m. For Interns Only, remains, however improbable, must beExperimenting With Excel 2003 is on the truth.” Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, 1859-Wednesday, July 28 and Understanding the 1930 (submitted by Neil Neches, Marketing)Access 2003 Structure is on Thursday, July 29.Save the date for these August classes! Learnabout Computer Basics on Tuesday, August 3at 8:30 a.m. to 12 noon; Exploring WindowsJuly 9-August 2, 2010Director, Capital Design & Subways Division/Unit: $80,900 -$127,800 (C)Coordination EngineeringJob Vacancy # 005494July 2-July 26, 2010Assistant General Superintendent Regional Bus Company $75,600 -$119,400 (D)Transportation Division/Unit: Regional Bus CompanyJob Vacancy # 005483General Superintendent Regional Bus Company $87,600 -$138,500 (B)Maintenance Division/Unit: Regional Bus CompanyJob Vacancy # 005495General Superintendent, Rapid Subways Division/Unit: Rapid $94,500 -$149,400 (A)Transit Transit OperationsJob Vacancy # 005496June 26-July 19, 2010Senior Director, Subways Division/Unit: $80,900 -$127,800 (C)Telecommunications Services Electronics MaintenanceJob Vacancy # 005476System Safety Specialist I System Safety Division/Unit: $51,287 - $60,716System Safety Specialist II System Safety $59,549 - $66,322 Page 10 of 11
  11. 11. Weekly News, June 30 – July 14, 2010 Page 11System Safety Specialist III $67,314 - $76,740System Safety Specialist IV $74,988 - $87,159Job Vacancy # 005479System Safety Spec. Trainee SS1 System Safety Division/Unit: $37,497 - $42,588System Safety Spec. Trainee SS2 System Safety $40,493 - $48,215Job Vacancy # 005480Assistant Chief Subways Division/Unit: $109,100 -$163,700 (1192 Points)Telecommunications Officer Electronics MaintenanceJob Vacancy # 005482Assistant General Superintendent Regional Bus Company $75,600 -$119,400 (D)Transportation Division/Unit: Regional BusJob Vacancy # 005483 CompanyExecutive Assistant, Capital Capital Program Management $87,600 -$138,500 (B)Program Management Division/Unit: Capital ProgramJob Vacancy # 005485 ManagementManager, New Car Quality Subways Division/Unit: Car $71,500 -$113,000 (E)Control EquipmentJob Vacancy # 005488Director, System Support Subways Division/Unit: $75,600 -$119,400 (D)Contracts EngineeringJob Vacancy # 005490Assistant General Superintendent, Regional Bus Company $80,900 -$127,800 (C)Facilities Division/Unit: FacilitiesJob Vacancy # 005491 Operations (P&E)General Superintendent, Facilities Regional Bus Company $87,600 -$138,500 (B)Job Vacancy # 005492 Division/Unit: Facilities Operations (P&E)For more jobs information call Michelle Weakly at 347-643-8450. NYCT & MaBSTOA Examination Hotline: (718)566-JOBS (5627). Positions Open to Public: MTA NEW YORK CITY TRANSIT IS AN EQUALOPPORTUNITY EMPLOYER.Weekly News, produced by Public Affairs, Corporate Communications Department, is available on TENS underTransit/MTACC News and from home online on MyAccess and the NYCT retiree network:,click Retiree Online Home and Newsstand. DO YOU HAVE NEWS TIPS FOR THE WEEKLY NEWS? Call(646) 252-6886; fax (646) 252-6857 OR send email to Page 11 of 11