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  • Note: This is the TEACHER version of the lesson A is designed to be a 20-30 minute overview focused on awareness and implementation considerations. The student lesson will be about 45-60 minutes (with practice) and contain student focused activities.
  • This activity is designed to connect Cow Procedures to other core IDEA expectations. Strive to create a sense of importance and mutual accountability.

    Teachers must believe this is important!
  • Create a poster to debrief teacher video observations. Alternatively, you can capture teacher observation directly on the PowerPoint slide.

    Conclude by distributing student contract and campus procedures (see exemplars – modify as you see fit). These were developed by IDEA Frontier.
  • Make sure to develop a written consequence tree for your campus.

    It is critical that students practice the COW procedures until 100% mastery is achieved.
  • Student should never be allowed to listen to music “while they work.”
  • You can use this slide as an exit-ticket, a quick-write, or a grade level instruction. Make sure to probe for significance and understanding. You should also consider capturing teacher responses on poster paper.
  • You should also use these as a final check for understanding. Depending on the time you have remaining, you can use cold-calls, pair-shares, or quick writes. Frame this as participants internalizing what students should be able to do and say at the end of the culture camp lesson. Highlight particularly effective or insightful answers.
  • Vision teacher boy pd donna 8 8 cow

    2. 2. DO NOW • Quick Write: You best friend’s parents just bought him/her the newest Smartphone. They agree to let you borrow it over the weekend. What kinds of precautions should you take to keep it safe?
    3. 3. OBJECTIVES • Students will be able to demonstrate proper COW check-in and check-out procedures. • Students will be able to explain the expectations for COW use and describe the consequences for not following expectations. • Students will return a signed Catalyst /Content Ltieracy Technology Agreement.
    4. 4. COMPUTER PROCEDURES • As part of IDEAs Race to the Top (RTTT) grant, IDEA College Prep has been awarded laptops organized into 14 COWS (computers on wheels). • This means in your English & Math classes you will have a laptop for content literacy. The 8th grade will have in all four in content areas.
    5. 5. • This is a one-time award – no funds are available for replacement. • Our goal is ZERO equipment loss or damage. • You will be assigned a laptop and sign for each day in class and return the same period. COMPUTER PROCEDURES
    6. 6. A CULTURE OF CONSISTENCY • Each group will be assigned a specific aspect of IDEA student culture. • For your assigned topic be prepared to discuss: – Our mutual campus expectations – Why we expect 100% compliance – What happens when we get sloppy?
    7. 7. CASE STUDY • We are going to study a video outlining COW check-out and check-in procedures. • Be prepared to list specific student and teacher behaviors and discuss why they are important. • Make sure you can explain the consequences of not adhering to our common expectations.
    9. 9. REFLECTION-POSTER Teacher/Student Actions Purpose
    10. 10. COW PRACTICE
    11. 11. GUIDED NOTES 1. What must both you and your guardian sign before you can participate in Catalyst? 2. What should you do with your software URL, user name, and password? 3. What should you do while waiting for a laptop to be available? 4. How do you make sure that you are using the correct set of headphones? 5. When should you notify your teacher if a laptop is broken or damaged? 6. What types of headphones can be used during Catalyst?
    12. 12. GUIDED NOTES 7. Which three types of websites are never allowed during Catalyst? 8. What must be kept away from the laptops at all times? 9. When you teacher is giving instructions, what should you do with your laptop? 10. What two things must you do before turning in your laptop? 11. Where will you place your laptop in the COW, and what must you do to it? 12. What should you do immediately after turning in your laptop?
    13. 13. STEP BY STEP 1. Work on your assignment while waiting. 2. Make sure to have the correct set of headphones. 3. Sign out laptop. 4. Return to your seat. 5. Inspect laptop. 6. Turn on computer and login.
    14. 14. STEP BY STEP 7. Logout and shut down laptop. 8. Return laptop to COW. 9. Place in correct slot. 10.Plug-in laptop. 11.Return to your seat.
    15. 15. SPECIAL CONSIDERATIONS • Headphones • Troubleshooting • Consequences • Checking for Student Understanding – Student Reflections – Cow Procedures Quiz – Practice (repeat as necessary) – Recording Student Passwords (Planners) – Login and Account Verification
    16. 16. CULTURE CAMP: HEADPHONES • Only IDEA School Headphones are permitted: • Students are not allowed to use their own headphones • Headphones will be numbered and assigned to students according to laptop number
    17. 17. TROUBLESHOOTING GUIDE • No Internet Access? – Check Wifi Switch on side of computer: – Restart Laptop (one at a time if multiple laptops are offline) • Computer Logged Out – Restart Laptop and it will auto-login • If you experience any other technical problems or discover damaged equipment immediately fill out a help-desk ticket. Make sure to carbon copy your ILS!
    21. 21. CONSEQUENCES • 1st Offense: Lose computer for the length of time you need to write 10 sentences. • 2nd Offense: Lose computer for the rest of the class. Complete an alternate assignment. • 3rd Offense: Teacher/student/parent conference. Potential to permanently lose access to computers. • *Serious misbehavior, even if a first offense, will always result in an immediate—and sometimes permanent--loss of computer privileges.
    22. 22. COMPUTER MISUSE SENTENCES • “I am an IDEA College Preparatory student and I will use technology appropriately and only for educational purposes as permitted by my teacher.”
    24. 24. LOGIN PROCEDURES LEARNING • Write the URL for Compass Odyssey, your login and password in your planner.
    25. 25. COW PRACTICE – FOR REAL!
    26. 26. EXIT TICKET • Hold up your Content Literacy Technology Agreement. • Write a note to have your parents sign your agreement in your planner. • Bring your agreement back tomorrow. • Optional (Catalyst Procedures Quiz)
    27. 27. TEACHER REFLECTION • What will you need to do ahead of time to make sure that the COW culture lesson is successful? • What actions will students do during this lesson? Teachers? • What actions will you do to ensure 100% student mastery?
    28. 28. STUDENT REFLECTION • List four specific procedures you need to follow as you use the laptops. • For each procedure, explain its rationale – Rationale = the reasons for doing something • How will these procedures help make sure our laptops keep working for the years to come? • How will having those working laptops help you in the future? Be specific.