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Sxsw 2016 - PainelPicker Proposal: ru gonna win?

Please vote: Sxsw 2016 - PainelPicker Proposal: ru gonna win?

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Sxsw 2016 - PainelPicker Proposal: ru gonna win?

  2. 2. WHY ARE WE ASKING YOU THAT? Of course we are assuming that all that you want in your life is to win one of those awards, but we want to join us in an exercise.
  3. 3. WHAT EXERCISE? Let’s say you have a show, and the show is getting an audience, attention of the media. And this show is broadcasted in a small tv channel or a new platform for online video as Netflix or other. And with all that thing going on about your show, you started to wonder “Should I summit my show to this award”? Then you have to study the rules to see where your show fits.
  4. 4. BY UNDERSTANDING THE RULES… We’re going to start to understand why some of our favorites TV shows never get a nomination: because the rules of the awards made them invisible! For example:
  5. 5. ★ A great and revolutionary show from CW Network. ★ This is a Comedy with a 1 hour per episode length. ★ But for The Emmy’s Award, to consider an eligible Comedy TV show to run for the prize only show with a 30 minutes per episode length ★ So, Jane is invisible :(
  6. 6. If Jane The Virgin was nominated, it would also increase the number of women behinde the cameras, and also put more latinos on the spotlight! What a difference it would make!
  7. 7. WHAT WE WANT AS A OUTCOME FROM THIS EXERCISE? We believe that the SXSW is the best stage to discuss that a would be a entertainment award that is capable to recognize all the work that is been developed by the people that are in the festival and in the world making outstanding works that deserved all the prestige possible.
  8. 8. IF WE’RE INTEREST, VOTE FOR US! TKS A LOT! The cover image of this slide show was created by Talles Rodrigues (@tallesfrs)