The mall of the future 2


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This is a presentation by Group 2, speculation in the future of the shopping mall

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The mall of the future 2

  1. 1. The Mall of the Future LeeAnn Bushmaker Kyle Kirby Ashley Luke Elizabeth Olds Brittany Schmidt Kelsey Votis Rachael Wilinski Within the next 25 years, the mall of today will morph into a futuristic building that contains everyone’s wildest dreams. Shoppers will no longer go simply to purchase something, but to enrich their with a memorable experience.
  2. 2. From BLAH…Overview Past Malls Present Malls Structure/Shape Transportation Money Types of Stores Food Recreational Activities Technology Demographic What is Happening Now …to BLOW ME AWAY!
  3. 3. Past Malls  Also known as “fairs”  Outside  Began in Middle Ages  Pre-United States Ancient Greece   Palais Royal, Paris  Jerusalem  Istanbul’s Grand Bazaar  England  1819-London’s Burlington Arcade  One of the earliest retail shopping arcades  1851-Crystal Palace Exhibition  Walled and roofed in “crystal” glass  Much like the modern mall From “A Brief History of Malls” by Keith T. Jackson
  4. 4. Past Malls in America  1946-Only 8 shopping centers  2005-47,835 shopping malls/strips  Limited technology  Southdale Shopping Center  1956-Opened in Edina, Minnesota  Oldest enclosed, climate controlled  679,000 square feet  1st major planned mall  1949-Raleigh, North CarolinaFrom and “A Brief History of Malls” by Keith T. Jackson
  5. 5. Present  Many countries have adopted the shopping mall  Extensive free parking lots  Cash, check, and credit cards used  Main “anchor” department stores  Cruciform shape  Many vendors  Designated food court  Located in suburban areas  Technology implemented  Teens and elderly prominent  Outside, inside, and underground  Montreal and Osaka
  6. 6. On to the Future! Bigger, Better, More! Our proposal for the future:  Different structure and shape  In-mall transportation  Money dealt with differently  Similar stores  A revolutionized dining experience  Many more things to do than shop  Much more technology implemented  Different people
  7. 7. Structure/Shape  Cross shape discontinued  Large circular mall center  Centralize the mall  Cohesiveness  Many available options  Build UP not out  “Architects of RTKL envision one scenario in which vertical mixed-use development is predominant.”  Floors  Organized by genre of stores  “RTKL associates foresee retailers clustering according to their lifestyle, not their price point.”  Not including first floor, miscellaneous  Ex. Teen wear, furniture, shoes, etc.From
  8. 8. Transportation  Stairs  Obsolete  Elevators and escalators preferred  Moving walkways  Somerset Mall in Troy, MI  Gaps at each store  Parking  Valet  (Arizona, Dubai, and more)  Parking structuresFrom North Metro Detroit Restaurant Guide and
  9. 9. Money  Touch Screen Cash Registers:  Improved security  Allows for finger print scanning  Multifunction locks  Offer drawer status reports  “Everything in the cash drawer is designed to reduce tampering, unauthorized opening, and theft. Today’s computer based POS service systems are designed to speed up check out, reduce error, and improve customer service.”  Video  register
  10. 10. Money  Credit Cards  Average credit card holder has 3.5 cards  Average card holder uses a credit card 119 times a year  Federal Reserve reports that credit cards are used more than 20 billion times a year in the U.S. alone  Number of credit cards in circulation is increasing  U.S. Census Bureau: in 2000 159 million, 2006 173 million, and projected 2010 181 million credit card holders
  11. 11. Types of Stores  Brands will be generally the same, not too many new stores/brands  Ex. Buckle, American Eagle, Hollister, Ambercrombie and Fitch, Aeropostal, Shopko  Pet stores, grocery stores, Wal-Mart, centers, banks, title loan offices, post offices, job centers and auto shops  “one stop shop”  Vendors will be eliminated entirely  Integrated into their own stores
  12. 12. Food Food establishments will be set up on different floors and areas for easier access while shopping More restaurants, not just “fast food”  Ex. Applebees, Olive Garden, Cheesecake Factory, Red Lobster, etc. Types of food offered will expand Video  -courts-of-the-future
  13. 13. Food  Touch screens and digital ordering  Foodparc designed by Syd Mead  Improved atmosphere  Francis Loughran said, "The food court planned for Gardens Shopping Mall will be unlike any other in the Middle East. With only the highest quality of food and service, we expect that our court will surpass peoples expectations of the whole "food court" experience in general. With delicious food and a memorable ambience and atmosphere, a visit to the food court will be an overall aesthetic delight for the senses."
  14. 14. Recreational Activities Movie Theater  Aquarium Theme Park  Zoo Fitness Center  Music Seasonal  CarDealership Experiences  Bowling Alley Salon  Church Spa  Day Care Medical Needs  Housing
  15. 15. Recreational Activities Salons  Medical  Housing Needs
  16. 16. Recreational Activities  Theme Park  Movie Theater  Seasonal   Aquarium
  17. 17. Technology Add convenience, choice, and social networking Not trying to eliminate sales person Make shopping more interactive Adidas Interactive Wall  More browsing options  See shoes even if not in stock  Live Twitter and Facebook feeds  See reviews of the products  Can buy right from wall  Get shoes from store or shipped to your home
  18. 18. Technology  Facebook Mall  50,000 retailers  All purchases in one cart  Went live on February 24, 2011  “The Shopping Mall on Facebook is where online shopping gets truly social,” said Christian Taylor
  19. 19. Technology For Elderly and Impaired Credit card for the blind  HelloTag  By Kwon Ki Nam  RFID tag  Can check payment  Sound recording amount straight from tells consumers the the card. size, price, material,  Sum displayed in Braille etc. of an item  Fingerprint recognition  Main device used instead of signature as microphone  Voice recording states products  Press button to hear being purchased information
  20. 20. Technology Robot Harvester  Self-driven robot  Gathers garbage in shopping malls  Diagonal sweeper- collectors  Moves items to designated disposal areas  Two web cameras and sensors  Detects where trash is in mall, how big it is, and where to put it
  21. 21. Technology  FitBots  Robotic mannequins  Enter the dimensions and the FitBot will show you what the product will look like on your body shape  Match 85% of all women shoppers  Relieves stresses and uncertainties of shopping
  22. 22. Technology Shopping Carts Z-Cart  Designed by Mete Mordag  Different storage areas for different items  Main body-removable baskets and bags. Expandable  Top-basket/bag hanger  Rechargeable scooter in cart to cart around consumer  Stopping lights, brakes, battery life display, accelerator in handle bars, infrared distance detectors
  23. 23. Technology Shopping Carts Easy Way  Self-checkout e-shopping cart  Uses radio frequency identification (RFID)  Displays  Information about the purchased items  Information and advertisements about discounted items when near them  The price of items when placed in cart  Adjustable with a lot of storage
  24. 24. arenotalone.comDemographic All races of people All age groups  Both age and racial groups will typically be seen in cliques and self-segregate themselves Many more families will be seen because of more entertainment and the mall will become a “one stop shop” More activities aimed at teens and the elderly
  25. 25. What is Already Happening Dubai, United Arab Emirates  Aquarium and underground zoo  Ice- Skating arena  Shopping arena  The promenade  Caffeine  Spas & Saloons  Multiplexes  The Waterfall  Fashion Avenue  Kidzania
  26. 26. What is Already Happening  Bangkok, Thailand  Siam Paragon  Art Gallery  Opened December 9, 2005  Brand Name Clothing Stores  Caters to wealthy and foreigners  One of the Biggest in Southeast Asia  15 Movie Theaters  Ferrari Car Dealership  Bowling Alley  Food Gallery  Opera House  Gourmet Food Halls  Aquarium (Ocean World)  International Food
  27. 27. www.virtualgravesite.blogspot.comIn Conclusion… The mall of the future will continue to change and grow. With new ideas and technology constantly coming to fruition, some facets of the futuristic mall cannot yet be grasped. Changes made in the past and present will indefinitely shape the future of the shopping mall; therefore, they must be recognized. Without those alterations, the mall would not be what it is to be in the future. In conclusion, the only thing that is for sure, is that there will be many changes in various aspects of the mall to make the shopping experience more memorable and enjoyable to consumers. As long as there is want, there will be a mall to fill it.