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LAND SURVEYOR Resume 2013 legat

  1. 1. Updated Thursday, 10 October 2013 Sylvain LEGAT 73 rue Petite 7050 HERCHIES BELGIUM Born 03/28/1974 0032-65/97.32.95 Single, willing to relocate worldwide INTERNATIONAL LAND SURVEYOR SENIOR A well trained team and a calibrated instrument give good precision to stake in & out points. No mistakes in coordinates, no waste of time in execution STUDIES Study of land surveyor, 4 years at IRAM – Mons, Belgium (2001-2005) Study of construction supervisor, 3 years at IEPS – Dour, Belgium (1998-2001) POSITIONS Chief of Survey Department Consultant in starting up survey mission Consultant in solving huge survey technical issues Consultant in training of engineers and operators in survey activity PROFESSIONAL RUN Senior Land surveyor – FUGRO MIDDLE EAST – Basra, IRAQ (2013) Survey work on field about setting network of primary order points, 2 operators Stake in new benchmarks and check (post processing) after building these monuments Land surveyor europe – DENSON – FRANCE ITALY BELGIUM (2013) Survey work, positioning airports Stake in five points around each airports to calibrate satellites images in wgs84 Party chief – ALSTOM – Constantine, ALGERIA (2012) Project tramway 10 operators, 1 ingineer Training of operators to tramway activity and making of procedures, stake in axe of project Consultant formateur – AREVA – Desert, NIGER (2012) Training of surveyors and engineers operators in uranium mine. 10 operators, two engineers Train operators in the mining activity and in Trimble device. Development of procedures between departments 1
  2. 2. Updated Thursday, 10 October 2013 Party chief consultant – NMDC – Abu Dhabi, UAE (2011-2012) Leading department building quay walls on superficial island and bathymetry. 22 operators Data processing, drawing plans, progress reports, software set up and instruments calibrating. Loading data in pc from instrument,cranes and boats. Earthworks and backfilling of the island at various layers of materials. Party chief – VINCI – N’djamena, TCHAD (2011) Roads projects, construction of university, hotel and house of the president IDRISS DEBY. 18 operators Leader of several fields, material providing, operators working planning. Stake in and out. Drawings of as built projects Land surveyor – GRDCONSULT – Ottignies, BELGIUM (2011) First-reporting stake in/out streets and canalisations Meetings, drawing of as built project. Setting quantity survey and invoices. Party chief – SAIPEM – Arzew, ALGERIA (2010) Positioning concrete box under the sea and stake in/out metallic structures, jetties, and acropodes. 20 operators. Import export data into/from cranes to pause acropodes measures of level, bathymetry with jan de nul Cie. Stake in and sink concrete box. Organize planning field actors. Drawing of jetties. Stake in metal structures for stockage containers. Party chief – BOUYGUES – Pointe Noire, CONGO (2009-2010) Project of line and plant of very high tension electricity 40 operators Engaging new operators. Stake in new bigger pylons and making of new methodology. Stake out building and report that it has been built 1 meter offset. Collaboration concrete provider and welders, then management of their own planning and teams in order to accelerate and get efficiency, has been approved by Direction of project Site Project manager – CSG (cegelec) – Kourou, GUYANE FRANCAISE (2008-2009) Chief of department technical and topography metrology 4 operators 2 projectors Prepare flight campaigns of the rocket ARIANE 5 (level of the rails to drive rocket to launch zone, rocket position and its cryo harms, final assembly of rocket, Check position on launch tower and both of the carneaux. Stake in SOYOUZ area. Land surveyor – LGV RHIN RHONES – Besançon, Dijon, FRANCE (2008) Railway, roads and bridges to stake in. Stake in/out roads and rails, drawings of as built roads and bridges. Upload data to Machine guidance system. Earthworks activity to follow each day. All continents land surveyor – CGGVERITAS – Desert, OMAN (2008) sismic and oil&gas 100 workers to lead Leading teams in desert area, stake in of the sismic points for the guiding of trucks. the vibrators and labo All continents land surveyor – CGGVERITAS – Desert, EGYPT (2007) sismic and oil&gas, mine clearance 100 workers to lead leading teams in desert area, stake in of the sismic points for the guiding of the vibrators and labo trucks. Positioning of squared area in desert of El alamein, second war site in collaboration with Egyptian army All continents land surveyor – CGGVERITAS – Pretoria, SOUTH AFRICA (2007) sismic and oil&gas mining in lonmin project project 100 workers to lead Leading teams in desert area, stake in of the sismic points for the guiding of the vibrators and labo trucks. 2
  3. 3. Updated Thursday, 10 October 2013 geometrology – CERN (geotop) – Genève, SUISSE (2006-2007) Alignment of magnets of the collider Positioning of the collider and experience areas such as ALICE Photogrammetry & scanning. Land surveyor – Bureau SAVOIE – Ghlin, BELGIUM (2006) Stake in/out of industrial buildings, big projects Stake in streets and houses. Work with the SPaQUE. Calculating cubage. Drawing as built works. Land surveyor – Bureau METRIC – Bruxelles, BELGIUM (2006) Stake in/out of industrial buildings Stake in streets and houses. Stake out industrial structures. Drawing as built sites Land surveyor – Patrice DEBUYSCHEERE – Baudour, BELGIUM (2005-2006) Stake in/out points and drawing Stake in/out limits of properties. Stake out project TOTAL fuel tanking area Mons-Bruxelles Construction supervisor – SOBOTRA sa et RL CONSTRUCT sa – BELGIUM & LUXEMBURG (1996-2005) 50 workers to lead ACTIVITIES 1. Onshore & Offshore 2. General survey with total station, scanner and GPS instruments 3. Adapted survey in:  Spatial program  Nuclear activity  Very high intensity electricity  Dredging  Jetties and quay walls  Roads and bridges  Railways and tramways  Pipeline setting GPS (Gprs) work in all continents requiring notion in Geodesy and Geomatics. Modes RTK, Post-processing. TRAININGS          Sea survival, first aid, fire fighting at ETSDC – Abu Dhabi, UAE Environement ISO 9001 at Technocité – Mons,Belgium Defensive driving at CGG – South Africa Sea rescue and desert survival, first aid, fire fighting at CGG – Menton, France Geology and sismic at CGG – Paris, France Direction secretary at Cefora – Mons, Belgium LEICA and TRIMBLE trainings each year!! Dutch learnt in Netherlands English learnt in UK 3
  4. 4. Updated Thursday, 10 October 2013 SKILLS Management of survey department: - Ordering of adapted instruments Calibrating instruments Training of operators Planning elaboration Setting reports of technical data Drawing in Autocad and Covadis Setting reports of surveying procedures quality Safety matter Excellent skills in relationship with actors on field and customers. Survey Instruments and softwares Each year, i follow a training to update my knowledge in both labels : LGO, ArcView, geode, gpsismic, grafnet, accrogrue, sitevision, terramodel, digmaster, PDS2000. HOBBIES Djing and Softair 4