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Everything is a service

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Everything is a service

  1. 1. “Everything  is  a  service”   Eastern  Europe  Mobile  Monday  summit,     Bucharest,  26-­‐28  September  2011     @sly  
  2. 2. ⤑  A new marketing paradigm ⤑  The basis of all exchange is service ⤑  Goods are a distribution mechanism for service provision “Evolving to a New ⤑  Value is always co-created with Dominant Logic for the customer Marketing” ⤑  A service-centered view is Publication of an award-winning inherently customer oriented and article by Stephen Vargo and Robert Lusch in a 2004 edition of Journal of relational Marketing entitled ⤑  Value-in-use replaces value-in- Source: %28marketing%29 exchange  
  3. 3. But what is a service ?   Services,  as  opposed  to   goods,  are:     ⤑  Intangible   ⤑  Cannot  be  stored   ⤑  Are  consumed  &  produced  at  the   same  Gme   ⤑  Are  delivered  via  oHen  complex   systems  &  processes   ⤑  Involve  people  and  their   relaGonships    
  4. 4. And what is a good service ? SERVICE  EFFICIENCY       Services  that  help  users   (customers)  to  get  their  jobs  done,   solve  their  problems  by  producing   their  desired  outcome     SERVICE  EXPERIENCE     And  provide  them  with  a  good   (outstanding)  experience  across   different  channels  &  touchpoints    
  5. 5. Understanding the problems users try to solve   By  using  design  research   methods:       Ethnography  (or   “day  in  a  life”   study)    
  6. 6. Understanding the problems users try to solve   By  using  design  research   methods:       Front-­‐line  staff   interviews    
  7. 7. Understanding the problems users try to solve   By  using  design  research   methods:       Personas    
  8. 8. Understanding the problems users try to solve   By  using  design  research   methods:       Co-­‐design   workshops    
  9. 9. "Mapping the jobs to be done
  10. 10. Source:  hSp://www.jey-­‐­‐CenteredInnovaGonMap_R0805Hp2.pdf  
  11. 11. By the way, what is ⤑  Is  it  about  mobile  (nomad)  use  of   applicaGons/services  such  as  at  a  bus   “mobile” ? stop  or  while  looking  for  a  restaurant  in   an  unknown  town?       ⤑  Or  is  it  about  “mobile”  devices  such  as     smartphones,  tablets  and  maybe  also  an   11”  Mac  Book  Air…..  ?   ⤑  Or  is  it  about  taking  your  Ipad  from  the   sofa  to  the  toilet  to  read  the  news  ?   ⤑  Or  is  is  it  about  a  mobile  channel  as  part   of  a  service  experience  ?   ⤑  Or  are  we  simply  speaking  about   technology  driven  service   innovaGon  &  service   ecosystems  ?    
  12. 12.   So what about ⤑  And,  increasingly,  they  are  just  part  of  a   service,  one  touchpoint  of  a  service   mobile apps ?   ⤑  Which  means  that  an  app  is  not  an  end   in  itself.     According  to  service     dominant-­‐logic,  every   The  service  as  a  whole  must  work,   regardless  of  how  good  the  app  is.  In  the   mobile  app  is  a  service eye  of  the  user/customer,  it’s  just  one   thing.       ⤑  A  mobile  app  schould  exactly  do  what   the  user  expects  it  to  do  at  a  certain   Gme,  place  &  context  (and  not  more)    
  13. 13.  Fitbit:  tracking  your  daily  exercise  and  sleep  quality   Source:  hSp://  
  14. 14.  Nike+:  Tracking  your  jogging  acGviGes   hSp://  
  15. 15. Withings:  Tracking  &  monitoring  your  weight   hSp://  
  16. 16. The  Apple  Itunes  ecosystem  
  17. 17.  The  Dropbox  file  syncing  &  sharing  ecosystem  
  18. 18. Carfinder:  A  stand  alone  AR  app  providing  you  with  the   service  to  find  back  your  car   Source:  hSp://­‐your-­‐car-­‐ar-­‐augmented/id370836023?mt=8  
  19. 19. Source:  hSp://  
  20. 20. Mental  models  
  21. 21. Service  blueprints  
  22. 22. Customer  journey  maps  
  23. 23. Customer  journey  maps  
  24. 24. Technology   As  a  driver  for  mulGple  service  innovaGon  opportuniGes  
  25. 25. Technology multiplies service innovation opportunities Today’s  technology  mulGplies  service  innovaGon  opportuniGes   1.  Microprocessors   2.  Sensors   3.  Wireless  connecGvity   Source:  hSp://   4.  Databases  
  26. 26. Market  &  distribuGon   innovaGon  in  services   PlaTorms:  a  foundaGonal   product  (or  products)  which  can   support  an  ecosystem  of   complementary  services,  support   and  process  methodologies. -­‐>  Allows  for  personalized  services   individually  composed  by  using   standardized  modules  (apps),  and  why   not  pushed  (proposed)  to  the  user   depending  on  his  context  (where  he  is   and  what  he  does)  instead  of  being   pulled  like  today     -­‐>  Provides  an  increase  in  service   flexibility,  efficiency  &  cost  control  (only   use/buy  the  features  you  need)    
  27. 27. So  what  are  the   challenges  ?  
  28. 28. Understand  people’s  mental  models  and  the  jobs  they   try  to  get  done  
  29. 29. Design  for  mulGple  devices  &  interfaces  (some  without   screens)  &  opGmize  the  interplay  between  them:  every   device  &  interface  has  its  own  limitaGons  &  capabiliGes  
  30. 30. Think  the  whole  service  system  as  one  thing  (that’s  what   the  customer  does  !)  
  31. 31. In  sake  for  usability  &  simplicity,  only  offer  the  features   really  needed  on  different  devices  at  a  specific  moment,   place  &  context:  design  for  low  fricGon  &    be  focused  
  32. 32. AnGcipate  people’s  contextual  needs  by  using  all  the   informaGon  available  (your  phone  and  other  devices  or   applicaGons  know  a  lot  about  you  !)    
  33. 33. RFID  chips  will  soon  be  embedded  in  everything  from   dogs  to  coffee  machines  (also  replacing  QR  codes  &   bluetooth)  as  NFC  enabled  phones  will  become  widely   available  (and  not  only  used  for  payments)  
  34. 34. We’d  like  to  switch  between  devices,  interfaces  &  even   modes  without  loosing  anything  &  link  the  physical  and   the  digital  world  in  a  more  natural  way  
  35. 35. PEOPLE  DON’T  WANT  TO  BECOME  TECHNICAL  EXPERTS:   Make  things  VERY  VERY  simple  &  obvious  and  anGcipate   as  much  as  you  can  and  as  much  as  technology  and   intelligent  coding  allows  for    
  36. 36. How  to  design  more  mulG-­‐channel  services  in  open   formats  ?     How  to  set  sensible  privacy  defaults  ?    
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  38. 38. Thank  you  !   @sly