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Chapter 2 mise-en-place(2)


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Demonstrate mastery of knowledge and understanding of mise en place.

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Chapter 2 mise-en-place(2)

  2. 2. F & B SERVICE EQUIPMENTSF & B SERVICE EQUIPMENTS Small EquipmentSmall Equipment Tableware Linen Large EquipmentLarge Equipment Furniture Side Board Table Chair
  4. 4. F O R K & K N I F E
  5. 5. S P O O N & O T H E R S
  6. 6. CHINAWARECHINAWARE && tablewaretableware
  7. 7. Types of plates Appetizer Plates Soup Plate / Soup Cup Saucer
  8. 8. Dinner Plate 25.5cm BB Plate 19.5cm Types of plates
  9. 9. Types of linenTypes of linen
  10. 10. LINEN The types of linen used would depend on the class of establishment, type of clientele and cost involve, and the style of menu and service to be offered. Types Measurement Tablecloth 137cmx137cm to fit a table Slipcloth 1mx1m used to cover a tablecloth Napkin 46-50cm square if linen 36-42cm square if paper Buffet cloths 2mx4m min size, there is a longer table Trolley & Sideboard Made from tablecloths that are well worn not suitable used on table Waiter’s cloth Used by every waiter as protection against heat & to keep uniform clean Tea & Glass cloth The best are made of linen or cotton
  12. 12. EQUIPMENT FUNCTION Plate Warmer To keep the plate warm - to ensure the food served is hot Coffee Maker To process coffee bean for coffee maker
  13. 13. EQUIPMENT FUNCTION Trolley/cart i. Service trolley ii. Gueridon iii. Carving trolley iv. Hors-d’oeuvre trolley v. Bar trolley vi. Dessert trolley vii. Room Service Trolley  To transport raw material A movable service table For carved meat and served to guest plate For displaying & serving appetizer, salad For serving alcoholic beverage To display and serve dessert To transport food and beverage to guests rooms
  14. 14. EQUIPMENT FUNCTION Lazy Susan A round rotatable platform used in the middle of a big round table for putting dishes. Side Stand A tool for putting soil dishes temporarily before removing to the dish washing area.
  15. 15. EQUIPMENT FUNCTION Table Creating the right atmosphere of a ding room as well as the style of service. • Rectangular • Square • Round Table – size of round table
  16. 16. EQUIPMENT FUNCTION Chair • size & shape of the food service area • design of table used • allowance made for waiter to pass • type of establishment • must be pleasant, heavy duty, durable, easy to clean.
  17. 17. EQUIPMENT FUNCTION Sideboard • A storage and service station located in a dining room. Can hold most dining equipment. Functions as a station for the waiters to keep any necessary tool or small equipment so that they can reduce the number of trips. Minimum size and portable so it be moved easily.
  18. 18. ANY QUESTION?