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Syk End of Tenancy Cleaning Checklist


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Our professional cleaners will perform the end of tenancy cleaning in accordance with a pre-determined cleaning checklist. Here is our end of lease cleaning checklist.

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Syk End of Tenancy Cleaning Checklist

  1. 1. SYK End of Tenancy Cleaning London End of Tenancy Cleaning Check List 020 365 65 655 Bedroom Kitchen Bathroom Wardrobes – inside and outside Cupboards - inside and outside Floor Windows – inside Windows frame Door, door frame Skirting boards Lamp shade Pictures Switches and power points Drawer chest – inside and outside Cobwebs All the appliances: Oven –inside and outside Hobs Fridge/ freezer - inside and outside ; behind and under it Dish washer – inside and outside, the filter Washing machine – inside and outside Tumble dryer - inside and outside , the filter Microwave – inside and outside Extractor – outside, the filter Cupboards – inside and outside Sink – taps Work tops Floor Skirting boards Windows Tiles Door, door frame Cobwebs Shower – shower screen (both sides), shower head Basin Tiles Sink Taps Toilet – toilet bowl, toilet seat Mirrors Floor Cupboards – inside and outside Skirting board Cobwebs Fan
  2. 2. SYK End of Tenancy Cleaning London End of Tenancy Cleaning Check List 020 365 65 655 Living room/Dining room Hallway/Entrance/ Stairs Inventory Check-Out Floor Skirting board Windows – inside Window frame Cupboards – inside and outside Wardrobes – inside and outside Drawer Chest – inside and outside Pictures Lamp shades Tables Chairs Door, door frame Cobwebs Door frames – Washed down & polished (no smears) Doors – Washed down & polished (no smears) Door fittings – Washed & polished (no smears) Ceilings/covings – free from cobwebs/ dustwebs Walls – free from cobwebs/dust-webs or free of finger marks/grubby marks Sкirtings – Washed down Flooring – washed down and polished (no smears) OR carpets steam cleaned Lighting – Clean/free from cobwebs Glazing – Washed down glass & frame/polished (no smears) Glazing fittings – Washed & polished (no smears) Curtains/blinds – vacuumed OR steam cleaned Radiators – washed down fronts & backs & fittings Floor Cupboards – inside and outside Pictures Lamp shade Skirting board Cobwebs
  3. 3. SYK End of Tenancy Cleaning London 020 365 65 655 Bathroom fittings – washed down and polished (no smears)/free from limes cale Extractor fans – free from dust & grime Kitchen units – washed down and pol- ished (no smears)/grease removed from doors & under wall units/door handles washed & polished Extractor hood – free from grease/washed down & polished (no smears) Hob –free from grease/under rings Cleaned/trivets cleaned/washed down & polished (no smears) Oven – Free from grease and burnt on grease/racks & trays cleaned/door edges cleaned and food debris removed Washing machine – Washed down & polished (no smears)/soap tray washed out/door & door rubber washed down/free from limescale/filters cleaned Drying machine – Washed down & polished (no smears)/filters cleaned Dishwasher – Washed down & polished (no smears)/free from limescale/door Edges - Cleaned/filters cleaned Fridges/freezers – Washed down & pol- ished (no smears)/door seals cleaned defrosted Microwaves – Washed down & polished (no smears)/food spots & debris removed Sinks & fittings – Washed down & pol- ished (no smears)/free from limescale Toasters – Cleaned/free from crumbs as much as you can Kettles – Cleaned/free from limescale Shelving – Washed down & polished Fitted wardrobes – Washed down & pol- ished (no smears) Furniture – Washed down & polished (no smears) Upholstery – Vacuumed OR steam cleaned Fireplaces – Washed down & polished (no smears)/free from soot & debris Entry phones – Washed down & polished (no smears) Switches/sockets – Washed & polished (no smears)