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Idea 3


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Slides on the process of the product to reach its final stages. All details to know more about the product.

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Idea 3

  1. 1. IDEA 3
  2. 2. problem Design a device that helps in alerting a person that new lettersjust have been slotted into his/ her letterbox that can be found in Singapore
  3. 3. criteria• The device can’t be to big and take up space inside the letterbox.• Able to detect presence of items• Alerts users when mailbox is full• Know when spam letters are put inside the letterbox
  4. 4. constraints• Availability of technology• Amount of users able to access to this product• Must be accessible to people without pairing device• Alert must be sent through mobile and stationary.
  5. 5. possible solutions• A sensitive weighing device• Laser scanner to scan letters• A button to give out notification• Motion sensor• Sound sensor
  6. 6. survey resultsAre you usually the one in the family who collects the letters in your home letterbox? YES 9 30% NO 21 70%
  7. 7. If any of your family members (including you) collect the letters, howoften do they collect? Daily 9 30% Every alternate 2 7% days (Mon, Wed, Fri...etc) 4-6 times per 1 3% week 2-3 times per 13 43% week Once 2 7% Other 3 10%
  8. 8. Do you get spam letters every time? (ads, property agents, flyer...etc) YES 28 93% NO 2 7%
  9. 9. Is there a time where you receive a really important letter but you had onlychecked the letterbox days later? YES 20 67% NO 10 33%
  10. 10. If there was a device that gives alerts or notifications upon receiving letters in your letterbox, would you install it in the letterbox? Yes/ No? Provide a reason.No, hate it when my parents see my debit card history OR when RP sends warning letters & theyll take it ifthey get alerts/notifications!Yes I would. Its gonna be very convenientYes. I dont have to open the letter box to find out if there is mail inside but rather look at the device.Yes.Having it allows me to know when important letter is coming i would know when to collect.yesyes,so if there important letter we know.Yes and No. Yes because we would be alerted if we received a letter. No because if you get alot of letters forthat day, you will receive alot of alerts and notifications that would annoy us.Yes, because it will really helps when you are expecting an important mails such as bills or warning letter.Yesyes. so i will not miss out the important letters that have dealines.sure! why not. If its free. I think sometimes, you dont get any mail at all, and you go down to check, its a wasteof time. But if you have this, you only need to go down when you know fo sho that theres mail. nay nay is lazy.Yes. It can easily tell me if my mail is full without having to walk a distance to check.. It would be even better ifthe system can check what type of mail i have.
  11. 11. Yes. So that I wont have to waste time checking the mailbox if theres any lettersno. then everytime spam comes in it will be annoying.Yes, It would probably remind me that to collect my letters from the letterboxYes. Reason is that i dont have to waste my time to go down and check and find out that there isnt any a notification would be good.yes, helpful for meYes,if is,if I need to is because,I dun really need it.If I expecting an important mail then I willregular check my mail since is nt very far home.-No it would be irritatingyes, so that we know what letters are sent and whether is it important or not.Yes, Considering it is free. And make sure we receive the notification at home or outsideNo. certain letters are not suppose to be known to other family members.Yes, convenience, thats why i make it a once a week thing to collect my lettersYES. My family members do always get letters but last time we didnt do it on the daily basis and we actuallysaw an important letter. then we make it a daily thingYes, So i do not have to go check my mailbox everytime.Yes, so i will just check the letterbox when theres any letter in it.Yes. I can know when to collect my letters.Yes, it is convenientYes, so i wont go to the letterbox finding out that there isnt any letter but flyersss
  12. 12. What other improvements can be done to the home letterbox?Reduce junk advertisments etc!Maybe an app or a device that will inform me when the mail is being posted in my letterboxDesign wise, look plain.Maybe a application which syncs and alerts u in your iphonenilsend it straight to our houseOnly alert us if we get important lettersPhysically, beautify it for the different levels to give a more vibrant atmosphere to the dull HDB look.NILspam filter?perhaps have a letter opener, for some people who want to open their letters down stairs.It could be a system that automatically sends the mail to the persons house, appearing chute orBigger mailbox for big envolopes?make it illegal to put in spamNILSpam letter prevention device that prevent any random flyer from getting insidebetter designIt can deliver right to our doorstep. *westerner home concept.=)-Hmmm maybe make it more user friendly bahkey slot sometimes jam, so if it is replace with thumb device or specific scanning it would be great.The letter box should prevent spam of those flyersAdd like automatic disposal of flyers-anti-spam mailboxSpam free?Make the letterbox bigger so the things i ordered online can fit inside the letterbox.Tell the person whether its a spam letter or a real letterMore storage spaceLock the front slot to prevent unauthorized flyers
  13. 13. summary of responseIf there was a device that gives alerts or notifications uponreceiving letters in your letterbox, would you install it in theletterbox? Yes/ No? Provide a reason. 5 Nos. Mostly reason of it is, the notifications that will annoy them, and reason being letters that are not meant to be known by the other family members 25 Yeses. They want convenience, also not to miss any important letters. For example bills or warning letters. Time is their priority.
  14. 14. What other improvements can be done to the home letterbox?• Mostly said to reduce or eliminate the flyers that is always placed in their letterbox• To have letter box located at every level of the house or having a westerner concept of having mail right at our doorstep• More space inside the letterbox
  15. 15. analysisBy looking at the survey, it can be said that the parents are the usual one to collect theletters. Letters are mostly the one doing the billing and sorts. At most 2-3 times daily.This shows that they are more easily to miss important letters. Shown in the statisticthat most had their experiences before. Having notification would benefit the users.Also spam letters are the most common problem faced by the people. By the looks ofit, the design have to eliminate the spam letters and also provide alert if any case ofletters delivered.
  16. 16. inspirations
  17. 17. generating ideasGenerating ideas from the information gathered
  18. 18. ideas in more detail A device that gives of transmission to the device located in home. Letting the users know how many letters and spam received
  19. 19. A scanner that measure the thickness of the letter,differentiating letter and spam letters
  20. 20. Using a prepaid card and a devicewhere its like the mobile broadbanddevice. But this device instead ofreceiving and giving out network. Thisdevice will instead give a textmessage to those stored contacts inthe simcard.The roll on letter hole is also a triggerfor giving out notification. As theroller rotates, it gives out the signal tosend the notifications
  21. 21. finalized sketches A view of the inside system of the notification. Includes a transmitter device that only pairs with a device located at home, giving notifications. The sim- transmitter also included for sending out text to the users mobile phones. The use of scanner is included, acts as a trigger and a spam filter.
  22. 22. Scanner that ismounted at the otherend of the opening ofletterbox. Its like agantry to allowletters to passthrough also to filterspam letters.
  23. 23. The process of how the user gets notified.
  24. 24. final design Letterbox
  25. 25. Home transceiver
  26. 26. Overall look
  27. 27. Mobile Transmitter
  28. 28. Transmitter
  29. 29. Scanner entrance
  30. 30. Side view of the letterbox
  31. 31. Flaps
  32. 32. This product aims to reduce spam flyers and also being efficient to notify the users upon getting new letter. capitalfiq