Syed Maqbool Hassan Personal Career Profile


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This presentation has highlights of my technical and management experience as well as MBA education in wireless industry.

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Syed Maqbool Hassan Personal Career Profile

  1. 1. Syed Maqbool Hassan Professional Profile – v3
  2. 2. Agenda • • • • • • • • Profile Summary Work Experience Certifications, Trainings and Education Volunteer and Causes Other Information and Contacts Appendix 1: Technical Work Highlights Appendix 2: Management and MBA Highlights Appendix 3: Some work related photos
  3. 3. Profile Summary – Mobile Comms • Mobile communications infrastructure and Business • RNPO technical, project, pre-sales and management • Management and business consulting • Trained and >15 years experienced • LTE, 3G, GSM, TETRA and APCO25 • EMEA Specialty
  4. 4. Profile Summary – Non-Profit • Member of the Board • Turning around non-profits towards sustainability and growth • Developing strategy and business • Coordinating deployment • Campaigning for the causes at multiple levels • Developed and implemented IT & Communications strategy • Registered charity in Google
  5. 5. Work Experience • Chronological work experience
  6. 6. Work Experience – 1/5 Position Company (Country) Date From/To Experience Principal Twenty First Consultant/Director Solutions Jan 13/Current RNPO LTE/3G/GSM consulting Training development in LTE/3G/GSM Nottingham Play Forum/PlayWorks Director of the Board Jul 13/Current Developed strategy and business Turning around and growing organisation Developed IT and Communications Strategy Negotiated deals with suppliers Oxfam Constituency Campaigner Feb13/Current Campaigning for the causes of hunger Communicating with MP’s and MEP’s on topics related to hunger and poverty Campaigned in IF campaign, biofuels and farmland grabs. Diabetes UK Event Speaker Sep 13/Current Speak on selected events for Diabetes UK Support the cause of Diabetes and disseminate its knowledge
  7. 7. Work Experience – 2/5 Position Company (Country) Date From/To Experience Program Manager LCC Muscat (Oman) Jul 12/Dec 12 Projects and operations management/3G and 2G Huawei. Service Delivery Manager NPO Advacomm (UAE) Mar 12/Jul 12 Account management. Operations and projects management. Pre-sales in Gulf countries. RF Test Equipments. Senior Wireless Communications Consultant Saudi Electric LCC UK (Saudi Arabia) May 11/Mar 12 Acting Project Manager. Lead Consultant. Due diligence, APCO25/TETRA wireless communications, Spectrum/frequency planning, Smart Grid, Smart Metering, system design, Liaison, Board presentation, reporting. Mar 10/May 11 Pre-sales, Account & Project Management Seven countries of UAE, Oman, Bahrain, Iraq, Kuwait, Jordan and Qatar. Program Manager LCC ME (UAE)
  8. 8. Work Experience – 3/5 Position Company (Location) Date From/To Experience Project Manager & Principal Consultant LCC ME (UAE) Nov 09/Feb 10 3G/Huawei Oman End-End network audit. 3G network planned and delivered optimisation recommendations Senior Wireless Network Consultant MoI KSA LCC UK (Saudi Arabia) Oct 08/Mar 09 RF Lead consultant. Designed and verified MoI Motorola TETRA network. Projects Management/presentations. Due diligence/tenders evaluations. 3G RF Expert Saudi Telecom LCC UK (Saudi Arabia) May 04/Oct 08 Asstt. To Regional Manager. Central and Western region. RF NPO for 3G and GSM networks. Macro, Micro, in-building and repeater sites. Andrew Location Based services. Ericsson/NSN/Huawei/Motorola.
  9. 9. Work Experience – 4/5 Position Company (Location) Date From/To Experience Technical Manager ATE Communications (UK) Aug 02/May 04 Designed End-End Rohill TETRA RF networks. RF data link solution architect. Designed, commissioned and tested products. Senior Principal LCC UK RF Engineer (UK) May 02/Jul 02 Pre-sales. Solutions architecture. Mikom RF network design candidates analysis. Senior Principal Dutchtone RF Engineer LCC UK (Netherlands) Oct 01/Apr 02 Due diligence of RF benchmarking project Authored Network Optimization Reference Manual. Senior Principal Hutchison 3G RF Engineer LCC UK (UK) Oct 00/Oct 01 Designed 3G network for North London and performed coverage optimization.
  10. 10. Work Experience – 5/5 Position Company Date From/To Experience Senior Principal RF Engineer BT Cellnet LCC UK (UK) May 00/Oct 00 Managed MSO project Performed Radio planning for network rollout and performed reporting in Excel and geographic formats. Senior Principal RF Engineer Ben LCC UK (Netherlands) Jan 00/Apr 00 Led RF special projects group and performed macro RF rollouts using Nokia equipment. RAN TGSM QTel (Qatar) Apr 98/Dec 99 Performed Motorola network rollouts, optimisation and performance, OMCR, drive tests and network operations and upgrades. Systems Engineer I Paktel (Pak) Aug 90/Apr 98 Performed project and operations management, and RF planning, optimisation, network operations, transmission design and operations, network rollouts and upgrades. Telecom Engineer East West Systems (Pak) Aug 89/Aug 90 Managed repair lab, performed installation, manufacturing, operations and technical support as telecom vendor (Yaesu)
  11. 11. Certifications, Trainings and Education • • • • • • • Education Certifications (RF) Certifications (Mgmt) Certifications (IT) Further Trainings Education Professional Memberships
  12. 12. Education – 1/2 • MBA (ongoing) – Henley BS, Henley/Reading – Global Business environment – Strategic Direction – Corporate Finance and Governance – Strategic Marketing – Managing Personal Development – Managing Financial Resources – Managing the Project based organization
  13. 13. Education – 2/2 • MBA (ongoing) – Henley BS, Henley/Reading – Managing processes, systems – Managing people and performance – Dynamics of management • B.E. (Electrical Engineering) – NED University, Karachi – Telecommunications and Electronics – Control Systems and Power
  14. 14. Certifications (RF) • • • • • • • • UTRA (LCC) TETRA Air Interface (Lever) Aircom Asset, ILSA, NetOpt (Aircom) TEMS Investigation (Ericsson) System Survey (Ericsson) Cell Planning (Ericsson) Engineering RBS (Ericsson) Minilink 15 (Ericsson)
  15. 15. Certifications (Mgmt) • • • • • PRINCE2 (QAIQ) PMP Preparatory (Yamama) Microsoft Project (WWP) Six Sigma Black Belt (Anexas) Neuro-linguistic Programming (Training2000) • Managerial Skills Seminar (PIM) • Development Course for Supervisors (PIM)
  16. 16. Trainings (Business) • International Marketing and Research (UKTI) • Building successful relationships with overseas agents and distributors (UKTI) • Political campaigning and communications (Oxfam) • Business Startup workshop (Barclays) • Customer Services NVQ 2 (Shrewsbury)
  17. 17. Certifications (IT) • CCNA Preparatory (QAIQ) • Business Objects (H3G) • Unix (Petroman)
  18. 18. Professional Memberships • • • • IEEE (USA) CIM (UK) PMI (USA) IMC (USA)
  19. 19. Technical, Media and Communications • Fairsport Online Radio – Founder • Radio Ham – M0SMH, AP2MH • Blogs – Telecoms 365 – Everyday is a journey
  20. 20. Other Information and Contacts • Other Information • Contacts
  21. 21. Other Information • • • • • Driving license: UK and UAE Languages: English, Urdu, Hindi, Arabic Health: Excellent (non-smoker) UK ILR (permanent resident) Willing to relocate
  22. 22. Contacts • Mobile: – +44 791 956 9649 – +44 7575 142 386 • Email: – – • Address: – Nottingham, UK
  23. 23. Appendix 1: Technical Work Highlights • DAS in-building design for a UK shopping mall • 3G RF Macro coverage plot • LMR RF coverage plot • APCO25 RF Macro coverage plot • 3G band interference measurements
  24. 24. DAS Photos & Schematic
  25. 25. DAS Antenna Placements & 3G Link Budget
  26. 26. 3G Macro RF Coverage plot
  27. 27. LMR RF Coverage Plot
  28. 28. APCO25 Macro RF Coverage
  29. 29. 3G Interference Measurements
  30. 30. Appendix 2: Management & MBA Highlights • TI Project Management Tracker • TOWS model for a Consultancy • Top-Down and Bottom-Up Strategy Diagram for a Consultancy • Fishbone diagram of HR Recruitment process for a consultancy • Five Forces analysis of Google
  31. 31. Appendix 2 Continued: Management & MBA Highlights • BCG’s Product Portfolio Matrix for Motorola Mobility • Motorola Mobility Value Proposition • Motorola Mobility Development Strategies • Michaud and Thoenig’s model for Motorola Mobility • Ansoff’s Growth Matrix for Motorola Mobility
  32. 32. TI Swap PM Tracker
  33. 33. TOWS Model for a Consultancy
  34. 34. Top-Down and Bottom-Up Strategy Diagram for a Consultancy
  35. 35. Fishbone Diagram for HR Recruitment Process for a Consultancy
  36. 36. Five Forces Analysis of Google
  37. 37. Motorola Mobility BCG Product Portfolio Matrix
  38. 38. Motorola Mobility Value Proposition
  39. 39. Motorola Mobility Development Strategies
  40. 40. Michaud and Thoenig’s Model for Motorola Mobility
  41. 41. Ansoff’s Growth Matrix for Motorola Mobility
  42. 42. Appendix 3: Some Work Related Photos • • • • Panoramic of a 3G and GSM site in Gulf A 3G and GSM site in Gulf A TETRA site in Gulf A VHF Repeater in Gulf
  43. 43. Panoramic of a 3G & GSM site in Gulf
  44. 44. A GSM & 3G site in Gulf
  45. 45. A TETRA Site in Gulf
  46. 46. A VHF Repeater Site in Gulf
  47. 47. Thanks I can be contacted on and +44 791 956 9649