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  1. 1. E-Lax Storyboard<br />Fade in to Long Shot, the corridor is loosely packed with students walking past. <br />Fade in to Establishing Shot of five students sitting on couches. The three boys are sitting conversing as the young couple make their way out of the Common Room. <br />Cut to a young girl walking into the Common Room, as she walks past the group of boys and heads towards the vending machine. <br />Cut to Arran talking to his friends about the girl. As the young girl (Neena) walks past the three boys, Arran tells the guys he’s going to ask the girl out. <br />
  2. 2. Cut to Arran getting out of his seat and walking over to Neena to ask her out. <br />As Arran gets closer to the camera we see his friends Omar and Armani go through a bar to pull something out. <br />Cross Cut to Armani and Omar taking chocolate and laxatives out the bag, to play a prank on Arran. <br />Cut to 2 Shot where we see Arran trying to chat up Neena, and ask her out to the cinema. <br />
  3. 3. Cross Cut to 2 Shot where we see Arran and Neena exchanging numbers just as he makes his way back to his friends. <br />Medium Shot of Arran sitting with his friends talking about what had happened between him and Neena. <br />Medium Close-up of Arran’s bum, as he grabs it in pain and starts to make his way out of the room. Omar and Armani laugh to each other as he exits the room. <br />ECU of Arran eating the ‘chocolate’ that his friends tampered with. As he finishes his chocolate he gets a stomach ache and starts fidgeting. <br />
  4. 4. Panning of Arran running out of the Sixth Form block and into the main school building, whist holding his bum. <br />Extreme Close-up of Arran banging the toilet door trying to force it open, but fails to do so. We also see a Long Shot of the toilet sign. <br />Cut to, Worms Eye View of the corridor where Arran runs down. <br />Cut to, Extreme Close-up of Arran’s face as he runs down the corridor looking for a toilet.<br />
  5. 5. Cut to, Long Shot of the corridor that Arran is running down; looking for a toilet. We then see him approach the staff toilet. <br />Cut to, Extreme Close-up of the staff toilet sign as it cuts to a teacher (Mr. Assegai) walking out looking confused as Arran approaches the door.<br />Medium Two Shot of Mr. Assegai and Arran confronting each other, as Mr. Assegai is blocked off by Arran from entering the toilet. <br />Medium Shot of Mr. Assegai looking outside the staff toilets as Arran approaches the door. <br />
  6. 6. Cut to, Low Angle of Arran waiting for the elevator door to open as he is trying to get into the elevator.<br />Low Angle of Arran moving around in pain inside the elevator as he waits for it to open. <br />Medium Shot of Arran running out of the elevator and running down the corridors looking for a toilet; which results in reaching upon the girls toilets. <br />Medium Close-up of Arran standing outside the girls toilets; just as he is about to enter, he checks the corridors and makes his way in. <br />
  7. 7. Cut to, Medium Long Shot of Arran walking into the cubicle as he sets the toilet up. <br />Cut to, Extreme Close-up of the girls toilet door sign as Arran had entered the toilet. <br />Low Angle of Arran sitting on the seat as he excretes himself.<br />Cut to, Medium Shot of Neena and Amarpreet walking down the corridor talking to each other.<br />
  8. 8. High Angle of Neena and Amarpreet, as they are just about to enter the toilets. <br />Cut to, Medium Close-up of Neena and Amarpreet fixing their clothes as they hear a sound. <br />Cut to, High Angle of Arran sitting in the toilet farting. <br />Cut to, Medium Close-up of Neena and Amarpreet covering their noses as they smell something disgusting. <br />
  9. 9. Medium Shot of Neena and Amarpreet running out of the toilet in disgust, as they hear someone farting. <br />Cut to, Medium Shot of Arran walking out of the cubicle and making his way out. <br />Cut to, Extreme Close-up of Arran’s bum as he exits the toilet, not knowing he has tissue hanging from his trousers. <br />Cut to, Panning as Arran looks down the corridor to check whether there is anyone watching him. Not knowing his friends are recording him. <br />
  10. 10. Cut to, Extreme Long Shot of Arran being chased down the corridor by Omar. <br />Medium Wide shot of Neena, Amarpreet, Omar and Arran as Arran’s friends are standing outside recording him. <br />The End<br />