Unit 1 Scene PLT's


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Unit 1 Scene PLT's

  1. 1. PLTS SCENE NAME: Syeda Sabrina Ali Learning Skill (General) Skill (Specific) Description (How did you achieve this PLTS?) Outcome 1.3 Independent 1 identify For the interviews we were going to such as Bangla TV, Enquirers questions to Voice of Africa Radio and many more. We had to answer and prepare our individual question to ask them while problems to interviewing resolve 1.3 Independent 3 explore issues, We visited an event VOAR and every one done different Enquirers events or things my group had a little discussion time with each problems from other and another made a jingle. different perspectives 1.3 Independent 4 analyze and I used research for presentation judged whether it was Enquirers evaluate relevant or not. I also interviewed a music producer Niraj information, Chag and wrote information about him, I only wrote judging its things that were relevant for my understanding and what I relevance and though was important. value 1.4 Creative 5 try out When we were editing our guide we tried to put music Thinkers alternatives or into our video but I had no idea how to edit it into the new solutions and video so then I used ‘Garage Band’ to edit the track and follow ideas then put it into the video. through 1.4 Creative 6 adapt ideas as When we went to visit Bangla TV we watched a TV Thinkers circumstances presenter presenting the news and this was live and we change had to make sure that we were very quiet. I didn’t get the opportunity to interview her so I had to ask the tour guy questions about her. 1.4 Self 2 work towards We made recordings of our voices for the media guide Managers goals, showing and there was a lot of repetition of us saying the lines initiative, more than once and I had to work very hard editing the commitment and recording and making sure that we wasn’t saying the perseverance same thing over and over again. 1.4 Self 5 deal with We had a deadline to complete our guides so we can Managers competing convert it and upload it onto YouTube. So I was I in a pressures, pair and we both had to work hard to complete editing including personal and polishing our guide video. and work-related demands