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Performance log

  1. 1. PERFORMANCE LOG<br /> WEEK MY LOGWEEK 1 : What is MimeToday what we done is research on the origins of mime and start a power point on the introduction of mime and research on some famous mimes, like Rowan Atkinson and Charlie Chaplin.WEEK 2: Watching Mime PerformancesThis lesson we watched a mime performance based on the 9/11 and we had to create a review and we had to write on the drama techniques used and the movement of the mime artist. WEEK 3: The Elements of MimeWe had to include information about the elements of mime which were WEEK 4: Who is Our Audience? What do they want?Our audience is young people and adults. What our aim was to make our audience laugh and popularize mime.WEEK 5: Ideas for Paired PerformanceWith my pair we created a performance base on two women fighting for a piece of clothing at a sale. This was a typical scene that women will fight over in shops. WEEK 6: Ideas for Group performanceFr our group performance we were just given a title and we had to create a whole 5 min performance around it. Our title was ‘Fans & celeb’. I was playing the celebrity ‘Victoria Beckham’.WEEK 6: Storyboarding WEEK 7: Organising Rehearsals and Props and EquipmentFor our performance we had to make some props which were 2 posters fro the fans an fake money. WEEK 7: ChoreographyToday we had a lesson in the dance studio and rehearsed and created a dance performance for the bus driving part of our performance.WEEK 8: RehearsalAt this rehearsal we went through our drama pieces on refining it by cutting our scenes shorter because we got feedback from other members and they said that it dragged on a little we also developed our performance.WEEK 9 : Rehearsal & Production MeetingWe talked about the promotional ideas like poster designing and how we could improve our performance as a whole and put everything together. WEEK 10: Campaign/ Promotion PlanWhat we did is decide on the name of our production campaign which is ‘shhh...’ and printed our poster off. WEEK 11: Rehearsal – Visit from Professional Mime ArtistThis lesson we perfected our mime performance skill with Stuart Lewis who talked through the origins of mime and how it has developed over time. He showed us how our movement needs to be fluid.WEEK 12: Dress and Technical RehearsalsToday we ran through the whole performance and go through sound and lighting and also went through the stage props and transitions into other scenes.WEEK 13: PerformanceToday is the day that we done the performance, and everything went to plan we had the face painting and everything. <br />