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  1. 1. 8.1.2 Studentbook(pp246-49) EXPLORINGYOUR IDEA Use thissheettoexplore one of yourchosenideasfurther. Title of Project Collectionof dresses What isits format? My first format is in the form of visual art as dresses and another format is photography. What isits purpose? The purpose ofthe collection is to be creative and design a collection with uncommon material and objects like barred wire and plastic pipes somethingunusual. Who isthe target audience? My main target audience is young girls and adolescents. How will itbe produced? Through the process of planningon paper and making with a sawing machine. What resourcesare needed?  Material  Sawing machine  Measuringtape  Pins  Basic stationary What risksare involved? Health and safety risks when using the sawingmachine. How will Iovercome the risks? Make sure that get help from a professional who knows how to operate a machine.And research about the process of making a dress. What otherissuesdoI needtothinkabout? Budgetingand getting help from people who know any thingabout the process of makingdresses.