5.1 Understanding Campaigns


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5.1 Understanding Campaigns

  1. 1. 5.1 Campaign By Syeda Sabrina Ali
  2. 2. What is a campaign? Campaign is used for multiple purposes: • The planned promotion and publicity of an upcoming film, product or event. • To present an issue through recording mediums such as film, TV ads • Campaigns use loads of techniques when it comes to promoting or presenting the campaign. For example the majority of them publicize campaigns through TV ads some use posters with striking images to attract attention.
  3. 3. Why we would use a campaigns? • Promote a product ads for mobile phone • Publicize an event • Most popular to raise awareness of an issue, e.g. Global warming • Educate people - event or a performance about effect on drugs
  4. 4. Key Message The key message is the purpose of the campaign. A campaign has to be creating awareness or sending a message. For Example NHS SmokeFree is a campaign that tries to create awareness for smokers to stop.
  5. 5. Target Audience • A campaign has to have a specific group of people whether it was an age group or a gender or a specific ethnic group. Campaigns target a specific audience because its relevant to them and because the issue or product is for them.
  6. 6. How performing arts are used in campaigns • PA are important tools used for campaigns • Main message – how is PA going to do this (spread the message) • The target audience (how will you reach them what kind of techniques are you going to use to do this - methods) with emotion etc. • Why is drama useful in campaigns? • What makes dramatic performances effective?
  7. 7. Media and Campaigns • Campaigns can be run in different mediums like TV ads, magazines, posters, performances, music, billboards, leaflets etc. • Media is used in campaigns to make sure it reaches the audience and to as a successful advertisement technique to promote the campaign.
  8. 8. Visual Arts used in Campaigns • Uses images to present and gives an understanding what the campaign is about (present the issue) • How images creates effectiveness - makes some feel some thing like sadness or happiness. Images could be funny, shocking or frightening. • Methods used to create this image - do they use Photoshop or make up and what does this do? • Effect of colours used in image on poster. Images are used in a promotional product to help attract an audience and convey message of campaign.