1.2 Employment opportunities worksheet


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1.2 Employment opportunities worksheet

  1. 1. 1.2 Employment Opportunities EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITIES Under the following headings, list the jobs that you have researched and learned about so far for specific areas. Also, describe the duties that go with them and possible routes in to this job: MEDIA DUTIES ROUTES IN Graphic designer -Needs to have a keen eye for Qualification in computer creativity design -Carry out tasks for designing Needs to know who to use what other people want. computer-designing software. -Design logos and snippets of adverts for TV channels, Bangla TV is a channel where websites etc. they have a computer designer who designs the logos and adverts captions along with animation. Music producer -Produce and publish music for Working for radio and record movies, shows and music label companies -Work with people to help produce a piece of music of a Need to have a lot of track. experience with all kind of -Produce music by combining instruments and work with all technical and musical skills to kinds of singers unless they are create music. based with one genre. Journalist - Collect information - Gain work experience with - Also to carry out research and local newspaper. interviews. -Further education in - Report info back to main journalism editor TV presenter -Report news on live television - working behind the scenes - Attend all work days and working your way up to become a TV presenter. Director -to direct a group of people for -Experience and work behind a movie of a performance, the scenes like a runner or everything goes under them assistant. because they are the boss. -drama school and pass jobs under management VISUAL ARTS DUTIES ROUTES IN Painter (artist) -Crate paintings on canvases - Arts qualification and in a for an exhibition perhaps visual industry like galleries. 1
  2. 2. Photographer -capture picture that they find - from photography shoot firms inspiring -working for media related -also listen to models or clients jobs like TV shoot picture for on how they want their picture show and info. taken and the editing behind it like a photo shoot. Gallery manager -responsible for commercial -pass experience in managing and artistic success of the and leading gallery. -working with the visual art -dealing with clients (painter and publicity matters and other artists) PERFORMING DUTIES ROUTES IN ARTS Actor or actress -perform on stage -acting school professionally -drama qualification -learn script and obey the director’s demands on how he or she wants it to be performed. Theatre producer -in charge of the entire budget -accounting when it comes to the equipment -working in a money related and costume they need to buy job and negotiation and also has to keep track on how much money is spent. Dancer -to listen to instruction from -dancing school choreographer -work in the performing art -perform professional dancing show such as musicals and other shows. 1. Choose the job above that you are most interested in and explain why it appeals to you: I think Journalist is the job that appeals to me the most because it’s something that I could see my self doing for a career. I think working for a newspaper would be the kind of industry that I would like. I have good interviewing skill and much organised person. 2. Describe the skills that you think may be required to excel at this job and say why they are important. Have to now the background information about journalism like how to use certain equipment in interviews and how to present your findings to the head editor. Also need to have good spelling and punctuation when it comes to writing. 2
  3. 3. 3. What are the main DOs and DON’Ts of the job? Don’t become too aggressive and not following instructions. Make sure that you take your own initiative when it’s needed and to follow your orders from the editor. 4. Does the job involve issues of risk and health and safety? Explain. No, journalism doesn’t really require and health and safety issues other than keeping safe when interviewing. 5. Is this a very competitive job market? Are there usually many vacancies for such a post? Yes, reporting in the media is a very competitive industry and hard because you always have to keep on top of your game. There are hardly any vacancies available because employers prefer to take on people with a lot of experience and not so welcoming with people 6. Are most people in this job free lancers or regular salary workers, or is it balanced? No, not many freelancers have a regular salary because they don’t work consistency throughout the year. It depends on networking and how popular their work is and talent. Employers may ask them to do a job for them and pay them a large sum of money for it and then they don’t need to work through out the whole year. 7. a) Why do you think that you are right for the job? I have a very keen interest on writing and reporting. I think that I a quite good interviewing and questioning people. I also am a very organised person who takes time and dedication on my work. b) Evaluate your readiness for this job. What skills do you need to develop? What other kinds of preparation do you need to make for this job? I need to develop skill on negotiation because that is very important when it comes to journalism. I also would need to get in grips with using specialised equipment for interviewing and to gain knowledge in the journalism world, what are the dos and what are the don’ts. 3
  4. 4. Use the grid below to list organisations you know that employ people for this job. If you know the name of anyone who has been a big success at this job, then list his/her/their name(s) in the second column. ORGANISATIONS SUCCESSFUL PEOPLE Eastend Life (local council newspaper) Laraine Clay – she is the head editor of the newspaper and she’s in charge on who gets employed and what their job is. She also gives them the assignments what they will have to write bout. SOURCES (list the sources from which you gathered your information): http://www.towerhamlets.gov.uk/lgsl/351-400/359_council_news_and_informati/east_en d_life.aspx 4