1.1 health & safety


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1.1 health & safety

  1. 1. What accidents could happen at these venues while people are working or while audience are visiting? Some boxes are already filled in for you but you will get more marks if you replace them with your own situations.
  2. 2. VENUE ACTIVITY FAULT RISK PREVENTION BANGA TV Filming in studio Loose cables Someone could trip Tuck cables away lying on floor over neatly or keep that during filming area clear from others STRATFORD Actors backstage Props scattered Actors could fall Make sure that all THEATRE over or even damage the props are safely the props for the put away so that no performance. one damages them or falls over them. DANCE STUDIO Practicing a dance Wet floor Dancers can slip and Make sure that the for a routine injure themselves floor is dry before they start dancing MUSEUM OF Children running They could They could bump Make sure that CHILDHOOD around damage any into other visitors there is no one displays and hurt the. They running around could also damage within the museum. valuable displays. STRATFORD Costumers The light are all Some one could trip Make sure that PICTUREHOUSE watching a movie off while the over and injure there is some light (cinema) movie is showing themselves available within the screening rooms so people could see where there are going if they need to leave the cinema at one point. RICH MIX Going to the There are no There might be Make sure that second floor to alarm bell or people using the there are facilities watch a theatre calling facilities elevators and they they could use to performance within the stop working contact people if elevator they do ever get stuck in the lifts. STRATFORD Activity going on The staff do not A gymnastic could Make sure that staff CIRCUS in one of the rooms set up the room be seriously injured and gymnast test (gymnastics) properly and if they fall over and make sure that don’t fit in the because the harness the harnesses are harnesses was not put on them put on properly properly properly before they use them. NETTIE HORN Staff hang a new There could be Some one visiting the Make sure that the GALLERY paining on the wall nails left on the gallery could get hurt floor is clean and floor if they step on the that there is nothing nails dangerous lying around on the floor. Doing a live Interviewing Could get hit by a car Make sure that you VOICE OF broadcast outdoors people in the interview people in AFRICA RADIO streets a safe environment maybe in a café or on the pavement not on the road.