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3 vy14lvs24

  1. 1.  One of the most common implementation of successive approximation ADC.  It eliminates the need for separate sample and hold circuit.  The amount of charge on each capacitor of array is used to perform binary search operation
  2. 2.  The conversion process begins by discharging capacitor array, via reset switch  Once the reset switch is closed, the capacitor array charges to the offset voltage of comparator.
  3. 3.  The bottom plates of capacitors in array are connected to VIN During hold mode reset is opened and bottom plates of capacitors are connected to ground.
  4. 4.  The bottom plate of MSB capacitor is connected to Vref. VTOP=-VIN+VOS+DN-1.VREF/2  If output of comparator is high, the bottom plate of MSB capacitor remains at Vref  If output of comparator is low, the bottom plate is connected to ground VTOP=-VIN+VOS+DN-1.VREF/2+DN-2.VREF/4 VTOP=-VIN+VOS+DN-1.VREF/2+DN-2.VREF/4+…….+ D1.VREF/2N-2+D0.VREF/2N-1=VOS