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Development of rhombencephalon


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Development of rhombencephalon

  1. 1. • 1.Metencephalon(from pontine flexure to rhombencephalic isthmus)• 2.Myelencephalon(R.I to cervical flexure)
  2. 2. • Forms medulla oblongata• DIFFERENCE FROM SPINAL CORD:• 1.lateral walls are everted• 2.Roof plate:single layer of ependymal cells covered by vascular mesenchyme called Pia Mater..Together these constitute Tela Choroidea
  3. 3. • 3 motor nuclei• Medial to Lateral• Somatic efferent..Sp.visceral efferent..General Visceral efferent
  4. 4. • Extent: up to mesencephalon…called som.efferent motor column• Hypoglossal nerve nucleus supplying muscles of tongue
  5. 5. • Extent: up to Metencephalon• CN IX,X,XI
  6. 6. • Muscles of• GIT• Respiratory tract
  7. 7. • Med to lateral• Som.aff• Sp.visceral aff• Gen.visceral aff
  8. 8. • Receives impulses from head(CN V)and ear(CN VIII)
  9. 9. • Oral cavity(tongue,palate,oropharynx,epiglottis)
  10. 10. • Impulses from GIT and Heart
  11. 11. • Tela choroidea in the roof of myelencephalon invaginates into the underlying cavity in the form of tufts forming choroid plexus