Gender presentation


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Gender presentation

  1. 1. Sex Male ------------------------------------------------------Female Gender Man/He--------------------------------------------Woman/She Gender Expression Masculine-----------------------------------------------Feminine Sexual Preference Women------------------------------------------------------Men
  2. 2. Sex Male ---------------------Intersex----------------------Female Gender Man/He---------------------Zhe------------------Woman/She Gender Expression Masculine--------------Androgynous--------------Feminine Sexual Preference Women-----------------Neither/Both-------------------Men
  3. 3. Sex Male ----------------------------------|---------------------Female Gender Man/He------|-------------------------------------Woman/She Gender Expression Masculine--------------------------|--------------------Feminine Sexual Preference Women--------------------------------------------------|-----Men
  4. 4. Sex Male -------------–Intersex--------------Female Gender Man/He------------Zhe----------Woman/She Gender Expression Masculine------Androgynous-------Feminine
  5. 5. Transgender Cisgender
  6. 6. Sex Male -------------–Intersex--------------Female •Primary sex characteristics: •Genitalia •Reproductive Organs •Hormone levels •Chromosomes (XX = female XY = male) •Secondary sex characteristics, ie. •Breasts or lack thereof •Pitch of voice •Facial hair or lack thereof •Adam’s Apple or lack thereof •Muscle and Fat distribution
  7. 7. Gender Man/He ----------–Zhe-----------Woman/She An internal sense of being a man or a woman; the societal role one takes and feels themselves to be. Also called “Brain sex,” “Subconscious sex,” or “Gender Identity.”
  8. 8. Gender Expression Masculine ----–Androgynous-----Feminine •Mannerisms •What gender you get along with best •What type of activities you enjoy •How you dress •How you act
  9. 9. Sex Male ---------|-–------|--------|---------Female Intersex
  10. 10. •A very short list: •Ambiguous Genitalia •Androgen insensitivity syndrome •Swyer Syndrome •Klinefelter's syndrome (XXY chromosomes) •Turner syndrome (1 X chromosome) •Mosaicism (Multiple genotypes)
  11. 11. Caster Semenya
  12. 12. Gender Man/He -----------–--------------|Woman/She Sex Male |-----------–-------------------------Female Sex Male -------------–-----------------------|Female Gender Man/He |---------–----------------Woman/She Transwoman/MTF: Transman/FTM: Transsexual
  13. 13. David Reimer and Dr. John Money
  14. 14. •Changing one’s presented gender to one’s identified gender. •Social •Legal •Physical/Medical
  15. 15. •Therapy •Coming out •Using a gender-appropriate name and pronouns •Asking that others do so •Wearing gender-appropriate clothing •Using gender-appropriate restrooms Real-Life Testing/Experience
  16. 16. •Court-ordered Change of Name •Change of Driver’s License •Change Passport •Change Social Security Card •Change Birth Certificate (restricted in many states) •Any other identification
  17. 17. Male to Female: •Estrogen replacement •Testosterone Blockers •Orchiectomy •Vaginoplasty •Facial Feminization Surgery •Breast Enhancement Surgery •Electrolysis/Laser Non-Medical: •Voice Training •Tucking •Stuffing Female to Male: •Testosterone replacement •Mastectomy •Hysterectomy •Phalloplasty/Metoidioplasty •Urethral Extension •Testicular Implants •Vaginectomy •Liposuction Non-Medical: Binding Packing
  18. 18. Jamison Green Calpernia Addams and Andrea James
  19. 19. Isis King Marci Bowers Billy Tipton Lucas Silveira
  20. 20. Kim Petras
  21. 21. Other Genders •Bi-gendered/ •Gender-fluid •Androgynous •Gender-Neutral/ •Neutrosis •Genderqueer •Genderless/Agender Gender-Neutral Pronouns: She – Zhe – He Hers – Hir – His Her – Hir – Him
  22. 22. Exceptional Gender Expressions: Crossdressers Drag Queens Drag Kings Genderqueer People
  23. 23. Kathoey Hijra Two-Spirits
  24. 24.  Deceptive Transsexuals  Sex is “real,” gender is not.  Only MTFs exist  Transgender people are really just gay  Only gay people could fall in love with transgender people  Trans people don’t get happy endings  Being trans is a choice  Transsexuals don’t pass  Transsexuals are all caricatures of female/male-ness
  25. 25.  If you are unhappy with the constraints of your gender, don't challenge them. If you are tired of being stared at for snogging your same-sex partner in the street, have a sex change. … Also, those who "transition" seem to become stereotypical in their appearance - fuck-me shoes and birds'-nest hair for the boys; beards, muscles and tattoos for the girls. Think about a world inhabited just by transsexuals. It would look like the set of Grease.- Julie Bindel …one of the main problems that trans women face is the common belief that their femaleness and femininity are somehow fake or inauthentic. This view is constantly (re)emphasized in the mainstream media. Transsexual women are routinely portrayed “in the act of putting on lipstick, dresses, and high heels, thereby giving the audience the impression that the trans woman’s femaleness is an artificial mask or costume” (41). Their desire to be female is reduced to the pursuit of “stereotypically feminine appearance(s) and gender role(s),” which emphasizes that they are not real women, but men who are simply parading as women (41).-Julia Serano
  26. 26. ALWAYS respect a person’s identified gender. Please, don’t ask about: Old pictures/names “Can I see a picture of you on the worst day of your life? Can I see a picture of you at your fattest, at your ugliest, at your most broken out? With your worst haircut, maybe? Can I see a picture of you at your most depressed, your loneliest, your most self-hating? That’s the picture you’re looking at if you see a picture of me from before. So enjoy raking your eyes across all that sadness and misery!” –Calpernia Addams Other personal things, ie. about surgical status, sexual practices When all else fails, go with identified gender and treat us like people. 