How to track your marketing so you know what's working


Published on Sydni Craig-Hart shares her simple tracking strategy that you can use to get better results from your marketing.

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How to track your marketing so you know what's working

  1. 1. How to Track Your Marketing So You Know What’s Working Sydni Craig-HartThe Smart SimpleMarketing Coach
  2. 2. For Best Results• Be strategic in your approach• Select techniques that fit your goals & solutions your ideal prospects are looking for• IMPLEMENT the techniques• Consistently track your results
  3. 3. Without Tracking?• You won’t know: – What’s working and what’s not – If you have met your goals• It’s like throwing “stuff” against the wall to see what sticks, but with your back turned so you can’t see what has actually stuck!
  4. 4. Testing and Tracking Your Results• Help you be more strategic in your efforts• Save you time and money• Each step gets you closer and closer to the right marketing mix for YOUR business The following steps teach you how to use tracking and testing to grow your business:
  5. 5. What to Measure• EVERYTHING!!!• Only pursue a few key marketing strategies at a time – Focus on no more than three specific to your goals – Easily and accurately track your results
  6. 6. How to Measure• Google Analytics• Free MUST HAVE tool• Weekly reports on traffic to your site – Sources – Keywords – Length of time on website, etc.
  7. 7. Other online tools (cont)• Email newsletter• Facebook• Offline networking – Jot down notes after eat interaction• Create a simple spreadsheet to keep your data from your marketing tactics in one place.
  8. 8. What You’re Looking For• As you measure, look for: – Trends – Dips – Spikes• Compare at least 3-4 weeks of data – What worked? – What didn’t?
  9. 9. Initial Set Up• Takes a bit of time, but important to do so• Not fun or exciting, but without doing so you are guaranteed to waste: – Time – Money – Effort How “fun” is that?
  10. 10. Once Your System is Set Up• You will be able to: – Track your results – Narrow down your marketing efforts to only strategies that work the best – Enjoy profitable results in your business What marketing strategies are you currently pursuing in your business?
  11. 11. Thanks for watching!Visit www.SmartSimpleMarketing.comNOW to pick up your FREE marketingtools, including our “5 Simple Steps toMore Clients, More Visibility and MoreFreedom” training course and toschedule a complementary “ProfitBreakthrough” session with Sydni! Sydni Craig-Hart The Smart Simple Marketing Coach