Checklist for a hassle free move


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EcoBox offers eco-friendly moving solutions by providing recycled moving and shipping supplies.

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Checklist for a hassle free move

  1. 1. Checklist for a Hassle-Free Move
  2. 2. • Perhaps the primary thing that annoys most people when it comes to moving, is the general hassle of the whole thing. When you take a look around your house right now, then think that everything you see must be packed up and in place at another house by a specific date, it’s enough to make your head spin.• That’s why it makes sense to follow a handful of important rules and techniques when it comes time to move. It may not go off without a hitch, but you will reduce much of the headache and make the whole day go a lot more smoothly.
  3. 3. Scheduling & Timing• Time sensitivity is one component of a move that has the potential to cause the most anxiety. Everything is on a schedule and everything must be done by a certain time. You have to figure out your closing date, then: ▫ Hire movers ▫ Pack up the house ▫ Clear away the garbage ▫ Have the utilities turned off ▫ Have utilities turned on at the new house ▫ Register kids at new school ▫ Change addresses
  4. 4. Scheduling & Timing• The list is lengthy, and for most of it you’re on the clock. Perhaps your biggest asset when it comes to the time element is starting as early as humanly possible. You will have to wait until your deal closes to know exactly when you’re moving, but you can start even before that.• You might not know the exact date until your deal closes, but you do know that you’re moving. And the fact that you know you’re moving means you can start going through your house and getting rid of some of the items you don’t want coming with you. This may mean a big garage sale, or several trips to the dump or both, but there’s no reason to wait if you know it’s going to happen.• If you can get a lot done before you even know when you’re moving, you can also reduce a lot of the anxiety that will pop up when you have a firm date. And when you do get that closing date, don’t procrastinate. Call those movers and get those moving boxes so you’re always a little ahead of the game.
  5. 5. Packing• Packing up your house in an orderly and organized fashion is a task that many people fall short on when it’s time to move. Again, starting early is the key to getting it all done properly, and having the right tools and accessories for the job doesn’t hurt either.• It makes no sense and sets you back to act as though you just heard about this packing aspect after the closing date of your move was worked out. You know you’ll need moving boxes, tape, markers, bubble wrap and floor protection, so go out and get it early so it’s ready to go.• You can also eliminate some of the packing hassle by getting moving boxes that are designed for specific items. This will make the contents of the boxes easily identifiable, and will reduce damage during the move.
  6. 6. PackingSome of the specialty moving boxes that seem to help include: Dish Barrel Boxes – these boxes are designed to protect china and similarly delicate items. The walls are thick and provide the protection you need. Wardrobe Boxes – wardrobe moving boxes are also strong, and enable you to move clothes straight from your closet to the box. Lamp Boxes – lamp boxes are designed for different shapes and sizes of lamps, to keep them safe over the course of the move.• You can actually find moving boxes for almost all common household items. Electronics, golf clubs and even bikes can be packed away and moved in their own specific boxes.
  7. 7. Inventory• Along with starting good and early and using specialty boxes to keep track of everything, taking a thorough inventory will also help make the packing and unpacking run smoothly.• Basically, by taking inventory, you will ensure that everything you pack up in your current home, makes it to your new home. There’s nothing quite as frustrating as unpacking your belongings to find that some haven’t made the journey.• Using a pad of paper or your mobile device, make a list of everything you pack into boxes for the move. Beside each item, make two boxes. Check one box as you pack the item in a box, then check the other box when it is unpacked. If you have some empty boxes after everything is unpacked, you know that some things and likely boxes are missing.• You can also list the contents of each box on the outside of the box to simplify the inventory and packing processes.
  8. 8. Kids & Pets• Kids and pets are great, but they can cause some pretty big problems on moving day. If possible, do yourself a big favor and arrange to have them somewhere else for the day or two of moving.• Send the kids to spend some time with the grandparents, cousins or friends and find someone to watch the pets.• Keeping the area kid and pet-free will enable the movers to do their jobs at full tilt, and will enable you to unpack at the new house without interruption.