New York Fashion Week-Emerge For Fashion


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September 14th
Emerge For Fashion will showcase 5 emerging designers at the The ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY and one of New York City’s hottest venue.

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New York Fashion Week-Emerge For Fashion

  1. 1. The Lawrence Blake Group PresentsL. Blake Harvey Sydney CohanFounder Managing PartnerTHE LAWRENCE BLAKE GROUP THE LAWRENCE BLAKE GROUP(646) 306-9898 (M) (201) 651-3501 (M)(646) 481-8237 (Direct) (646) 481-8237 (Direct)(206) 339-1854 (Fax) (206) 339-1854 (Fax) NEW YORK FASHION WEEK September 14th
  2. 2. Event OverviewEmerge For Fashion® is a one-day fashion event taking place at Greenhouse, which isNew York City’s most environmentally friendly venue boasting support from virtually every major celebrity around the world. Incorporating five talented EMERGING DESIGNERS. Each designer will showcase their spring/summer collection during a private runway presentation, with partial press and industry guest list management by The Lawrence Blake Group. Proceeds will benefit The Art.Sound Movement. Management The Lawrence Blake Couture Series® will be produced by The Lawrence Blake Group a New York City based Event Management and Corporate Public Relations Company and Frocked Out a NY & NJ based Branding and Creative Strategic Networking & Image Consulting firm.The Lawrence Blake Group has produced over one-hundred successful media events in New York City in the past year alone. Frocked Out was founded by MODEL Sydney Cohan who has been coined as “TheFashion Enthusiast” for determination & love of her fashionable clients and will go to any length to use her savvy marketing skills to make sure her clients are represented and successful. Designers, models and outside contractors must receive approval before use of their services. General agreements will be required for all parties providing service for this event. Any contractors requiring financial compensation will receive payment in the form of a check issued by The Lawrence Blake Group either prior or at the conclusion of The Lawrence Blake Fashion Series.
  3. 3. Sponsors: All costs for event will be covered through generous sponsorship agreements by our corporate partners. Event Concept: A one-day event featuring 5 individual runway presentations byEmerging Designers. Five individual designers will present their Spring/Summer collections at pre-determined time-slots of 1 hour. All equipment necessary for production will be provided. Designers are responsible for model bookings and filling each seat at their individual presentation. Event Location: Greenhouse NYC Date & Time of Series: Monday, September 14th, 2011, 6pm-10pm. General Admission: Fees: A donation booth will be set up inside the venue where guests can option to make cash/credit donations to the partner non-profit. The non-profit will run this table. Designer Fees: For designers to participate, they are required to pay a one-time registration fee of $300.00 USD prior to presentation date. This costs covers their individual addition to a calendar publication that will greatly increase press coverage at their runway show. Closing Reception Fees: A closing reception will occur the same night, following the event and will require all general admission guests pay a minimum suggested donation of $10.00 USD per person to benefit our partnered charity. This event will incorporate designers and other key members with the event in an attempt to provide a networking opportunity as well as an additional marketing opportunity for event sponsors. Staff & Security Necessary staff for this event includes key managerial positions and volunteer staff. The Lawrence Blake Group will be responsible for hiring, staffing and compensating all staff members. The following positions will be utilized; General Manager, Operations Director and several internship based staff members Private security will be contracted for the complete duration of this event. Tickets/Invites: General admission guests will be able to RSVP for individual presentations, once they arrive at the venue for their show, our staff will check them in. The Lawrence Blake Couture Series® will ask guests to print their RSVP confirmation. Each show will be limited to 150 guests, and 50 members of the press Sound: A staff DJ will provide music for the entirety of the event in addition to the closing reception.
  4. 4. Participation Specifics Fashion Designers Hair & Make-up Sponsorship ModelsOnly Five invited fashion The Lawrence Blake Couture Agency represented modelsdesigners will eligible to Series® will allow one will be utilized to enhance thepresent during the series. We company or salon to high-end appeal ofare casting only international, completely provide hair and this event. Presenting fashioncouture fashion designers. make-up services for designers will be required toDesigners will be designers backstage. In scout and hire allselected based on design exchange for providing these models necessary for theirethic, previous show services, the company will be individual presentation.successes, media reception able to promote at Management will notand overall collection the event as a headline provide compensation forstrength. The purpose of this sponsor and will have a pre- models. Compensationselection process is to ensure determined number of packages are at fashionthat this event will separate seats at each presentation to designer’s discretion.itself from the, literally, give to their clients to attend A confirmation withhundreds of other show this event. FrockedOut has been made.occurring during New York This company can provideFashion Week. agency signed models forModels, stylists, extras and designers who need help.assistants must be hired bythe individual designers.
  5. 5. VENUE Greenhouse NYC – New York City’s most Environmentally Friendly venue boasting support from virtually every major celebrity in the world. but is also highly regarded among the elite fashion community. This venue has been chosen as the location for Emerge for Fashion Series® because of its high-end appeal and generosity towards arts education. The Greenhouse will be signed on as a Headline sponsor, at our highest level of $10,000, compliments of The Lawrence Blake Group.Donation of VenueEmerge For Fashion® is very excited that Greenhouse NYCis able to donate their venue for a great cause. The event has prepared acomprehensive compensation package that will help boost Greenhouse NYC’simage during New York Fashion Week. This event will have a roster ofmedia coverage that covers markets from around the world! This internationalpress coverage will add to the image of a fashionable venue. Emerge for Fashion® will incorporate Emerging designers to guarantee celebrity appearances throughout this event. The Lawrence Blake Group will create a full PR campaign to secure celebrity support for this event. Although Greenhouse NYC is donating their venue, Emerge for Fashion® will set aside a portion of financial contributions from corporate sponsors to directly compensate the hotel. Additionally, we will use financial sponsorship dollars to purchase an open wine-bar package for the duration of the one-day event.Leading up to the event, Greenhouse NYC will be mentionedin all marketing, including but not limited to radio promotion, in-store designerevents, Lawrence Blake Event Management media events, newspaper andmagazine advertising and television interviews. Venue Layout and Construction Emerge For Fashion® will examine the possibility of constructing a raised runway platform inside of Cellar Bar, depending on the flexibility of the venue. Construction would go up one hour prior to the start of the event and will be deconstructed at the close of the evening. If construction is not an option, we will utilize the space at hand, only bringing in additionally folding chairs to accommodate guests. Chairs will be removed at the close of the event to ensure the venue is ready for any other scheduled events at the venue. The greatest of care will be used to assure that the venue does not have a scratch from our additions.
  6. 6. PROCEEDS BENEFIT THE ART.SOUND MOVEMENT Bringing the arts back to NYC public schools ONE DAY AT A TIME!
  7. 7. Headline Sponsors Two corporate sponsors will be able to completely headline all advertising and marketing efforts on behalf of The Lawrence Blake Couture Series®. Their name will be directly associated with the event, appear on the events step-and-repeat, and will be able to conduct any individual marketing campaigns to reach their demographic attending the event.The headline sponsors will also be the exclusive producer of our closing reception event at the end of the day. Headline sponsors may bring in additional marketing material and will not require approval from The Lawrence Blake Group. This highest level of sponsorship is valued at a $10,000 USD contribution to the event. In addition to the above mentioned, headline sponsor will receive a complimentary contract with Lawrence Blake Event Management to produce a media event benefiting their company, at no charge (valued between $1,500.00 USD - $5,000.000). Partner Sponsors Several “partner” level sponsorship packages will be available for businesses able to donate $2,000.00 to the event. Partners will allow the event to generate a larger advertising and marketing budget necessary in boosting the overall high-end appeal. Supporter Sponsors Several “supporter” level sponsorship packages will be available for businesses and individuals who are interested in donating to the event. They will receive several incentives for their participation.
  9. 9. CONTACT INFORMATIONL. Blake HarveyFounderLawrence Blake Couture Series®Emerge for Fashion Series(646) 306-9898 (M)(646) 481-8237 (Direct)(339-1854 (Fax)E-bharvey@lawrenecblake.comSydney CohanManaging PartnerLawrence Blake Couture Series®Emerge for Fashion Series(201) 615-3501 (M)(646) 481-8235 (Direct)