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  • Facebook Final Presentation

    1. 1. Applications ADDiction Adam Panetta Oletha McGillivray Sydney Blackmore
    2. 2. Facebook changes the dynamics of social networking with the development of Facebook Platform
    3. 3. Facebook Platform creates unique opportunities for the Facebook users, application developers & Facebook Company
    4. 4. A diversity of applications, the good, the bad & the ugly, have been created for today's Facebook audience
    5. 5. A wave of applications into the Facebook community attracts a wider audience and expands its elaborate social graph
    6. 6. Facebook applications satisfy the individual needs and motives of all members
    7. 7. Facebook Platform provides Application Developers with a platform to showcase their creative potential, innovative ideas and exciting products
    8. 8. Facebook grants developers unprecedented access into the site’s operations by allowing them to create original applications and integrate these within Facebook’s giant web of active users–The Social Graph
    9. 9. Facebook Platform attracts a host of application developers with its homegrown markup language and its promise of unlimited control over applications for developers
    10. 10. Facebook Platform opens opportunities for profit gain via advertising and user service fees
    11. 11. Facebook Users use applications as a way to entertain, communicate and build relationships with others online
    12. 12. Facebook users will add applications to enhance a personal profile which also contributes to the online exchange of information
    13. 13. More applications means more possibilities for FUN FUN FUN!!!
    14. 14. Applications foster new online relationships between users with similar interests and opinions, and offers an instantaneous means of communication between Facebook friends
    15. 15. Facebook Company uses applications to enhance the value of the Facebook site
    16. 16. Applications strengthen Facebook’s social graph
    17. 17. Applications creates and stores information that is property of Facebook Co. for future use
    18. 18. Alliances built between the Facebook corporation and outside third parties generate fiscal worth for Mark Zuckerberg et al.
    19. 19. An explosion of Facebook applications leads to a clash of motives between the application developers, users and the Facebook Company
    20. 20. Differing motives create a diversity of applications that compliment the needs of all
    21. 21. Facebook applications are driven by profit and value gain by Facebook company & developers, and satisfies the needs of the individual user
    22. 22. EVERYBODY WINS ! (For now)