Max medaka egg


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Max medaka egg

  1. 1. The First Days of Max From My Point of View By: Sydney Weaver
  2. 2. Day 1
  3. 3. Day 1✦ April 7, 2011✦ Today we got our eggs. The name of our egg is Max. We took him out of the petri dish by sucking him up in a dropper. We then put him on a depression slide with spring water on him. We tried to figure out what stage our egg was at, and realized it is at stage 2 because the yolk was yellowish yet transparent and the perivitelline space was present beneath the “shell.”
  4. 4. Day 2
  5. 5. Day 2✦ April 8, 2011✦ This morning when we came in, Max’s heart started to beat. We realized that we were wrong about the stage of Max from yesterday because his heart had a beat today. We will find out his actual heart rate tomorrow with better testing. From what we have seen so far, we think that he had 60 BPM, which would put Max at stage 23.
  6. 6. Day 3
  7. 7. Day 3✦ April 11, 2011✦ When we came in this morning, the first thing we did was got Max’s heartbeat. We counted his heartbeat to be 110 BPM. Max has started to develop and has started to see things flowing through Max. We found Max’s eyes also. Then, we took videos and pictures of Max’s development and heartbeat.
  8. 8. Day 3 --The Heartbeat
  9. 9. Day 4
  10. 10. Day 4✦ April 12, 2011✦ Today, Max’s heartbeat was 140 BPM. This means that he is in stage 30. By this stage, we should be able to see the urinary bladder. We have not seen any pink blood yet, but an orangish blood.
  11. 11. Day 5
  12. 12. Day 5✦ April 13, 2011✦ Today, when we took Max’s heartbeat, it was 136 BPM. For some reason, Max’s heart rate has decreased, or we were not completely accurate in our testing. He is in stage 31.
  13. 13. Day 6
  14. 14. Day 6✦ April 14, 2011✦ Max’s heartbeat for today was 120 BPM. His heart rate keeps dropping. We also saw the pectoral fin, and there was some movement. There was also red blood flowing throughout Max. He is in stage 32.
  15. 15. Day 7
  16. 16. Day 7✦ April 15, 2011✦ Today, we thought Max was dead, but he was not. He is just getting too big and doesn’t have any room to move. We also took Max’s heartbeat and found it to be 120 BPM again. Max is in stage 33.
  17. 17. Day 8
  18. 18. Day 8✦ April 18, 2011✦ Max has hatched over the weekend and has become a little fish. He moves around, and never stays put for more than a few seconds. He has many spots on his back and two big black eyes.
  19. 19. Max Is NowHappily Living in the Communal Tank.