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The Dark Knight Film Promotions Powerpoint


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The Dark Knight Film Promotions Powerpoint

  1. 1. Media: Film Promotion Case Study The film that I’ll be studying for this case study is ‘The Dark Knight’ which was released in July 2008 . It is the ninth movie to be apart of the ‘Batman’ movie series and most-arguably one of the most successful. This film has a high-bride genre of science fiction, fantasy and action shown . The target audience was not only targeted at teenagers but also ‘Batman’ fans of an older audience and may remember it from their childhood. The film was given the certificate 12A by the British Board of Film Classification. The production company is ‘Warner Bros’ a worldwide known ‘Hollywood’ level company. The film consists of mainly well known American actors, with the same characters who where previously used in the ‘Batman Returns’ movie along with Heath Ledger who passed away after the film was recorded.
  2. 2. Media: Film Promotion Case Study ● Promotional tools Tools that where used to promote the release of ‘The Dark Knight’ film was mainly through the internet. ’42 Entertainment’ released the ‘Why So Serious’ campaign, making a website where users could unlock a teaser trailer and a photo of ‘The Joker’ campaign by doing an online scavenger hunt. ‘Six Flags Great Adventure’ also introduced ‘The Dark Knight’ roller coaster along with ‘Mattel’ producing toys, games, board games, puzzles and UNO cards. Through these promotions it helped not only to the younger audience but also the older audience as well, along with creating a ‘internet buzz’ making fans talk and contribute the latest information on the film.
  3. 3. Media: Film Promotion Case Study <ul><li>● Trailer </li></ul><ul><li>The trailer for ‘The Dark Knight’ is unlike other trailers as there is no visual images or clips of the movie but rather it is just a dark image which later, (as the tension builds) the infamous ‘Batman’ logo emerges which later ‘wears down’ into a ‘Joker’ card. This creates a lot of excitement as the dialogue of the movie informs us on a possible ‘danger’ happening to the people of Gotham City. No information about the actors or the directors is said which again makes it more mysterious on to who is starring and who directed the movie. The amount of tension slightly reveals the genre of the movie, as ‘death’ and ‘danger’ are mentioned in the dialogue, it suggests to us that it may be an action film. </li></ul><ul><li> </li></ul>
  4. 4. Media: Film Promotion Case Study Represents ‘The Joker’ character Represents ‘Batman’ and also creates familiarity for the audience as they will recognise this logo Famous motto, that people who where following the film on the internet will be familiar with Represent the challenge of ‘Good vs Evil’ between ‘The Joker’ and ‘The Batman’ The name of the movie, surprisingly not the key feature of the poster Contrast of colours again represents the clash of ‘Good vs Evil’ as a positive and negative colour is used Could this blood represent the blood of ‘The Batman’, ‘The Joker’ or the people of Gotham City
  5. 5. Media: Film Promotion Case Study One of the best selling British movie magazines, so this promotes the film to a lot of film ‘fanatics’ Through both the picture and the layout of the text, it still keeps Heath Ledger in character so it appeals as an interview with the character instead of the actor. It also makes him seem as a ‘psycho’ Batman logo used to create familiarity with the audience and where the character is from Creates an urban atmosphere, similar to Gotham City A still-shot used from the movie which is unusual as magazines cover usually use promotional photos
  6. 6. Media: Film Promotion Case Study <ul><li>There is an official website for the film, which is which had news articles, edited pictures (with de-figured faces using similar make up as ‘The Joker’ and also a game where users can unlock trailers for the film. This website not only promotes the film but also gives information on it through the newspaper or police reports. This entertains the audience as it’s not as typical as normal movie websites but keeps to the theme and doesn’t reveal too much on the story, keeping it very mysterious and creating a ‘buzz’. </li></ul>The ‘Why So Serious’ website’s homepage