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Film Poster (Research)


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Film Poster (Research)

  1. 1. Media: Film Poster Analysis<br />The title of the film is the centre of attention on the poster, as ‘the ring’ shape is circled around it. Along with this the shape also connects with the title of the film.<br />The slogan sets the tone of the film, as the message is very gothic and the shadow highlights the importance of this message as well as creating suspense & enigma<br />This filter creates disturbing vibe which again sets the tone for the film<br />The contrast of black and white potrays good and evil, as the background is prodominately black it makes it gothic and evil, but the white parts potrays innocence and peace<br />The information such as the actors, directors, producers and film company is left left at the bottom, therefore showing it’s least important <br />
  2. 2. Media: Film Poster Analysis<br />The style of the title is very unorthodox, which creates unease for the audience, along with this the pitch fork for a ‘W’ again sets the tone of the film being based on violence. <br />This slogan makes the audience wonder who is the person talking and who are they talking to, which creates suspense.<br />Life-less/dull use of colours, which gives the audience the idea of someone a situation which is a matter of life and death, as very pale bland colours are used for the background and the person being tortured<br />This image potrays a macarbe, disturbing potrayal of torture, which again creates suspense. It also makes the audience wonder on why the person is being hung and who the person is<br />Brief information on the date, film company and website is at the bottom as it’s least important<br />
  3. 3. Media: Film Poster Analysis<br />Very hard hitting slogan which sets the tone of the film but also works along with the broken glass creating more enigma<br />Shattered glass gives the audience the idea of a disaster happening , or bad luck/bad spirits coming as broken glass is said to bring bad luck towards whomsoever breaks it. <br />The contrast of colours again portrays good and evil but the background having smoke sets the tone of it being a very gothic and dark type of film<br />The top half of the image looks like a human but the bottom half is the skelton, and in between is the shattered glass, so this portays death <br />The month of the release being red makes it stand out, as well as continuing the macarbe them <br />