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Supercharge your Events with Social Media Integration


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Our events are generally local in reach and impact. How can we get more reach, engagement and impact by intelligently using social media platforms.

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Supercharge your Events with Social Media Integration

  1. 1. Super-Charge your Events with Social Media Integration This ebook is written by Saurabh Pandey. Saurabh is the Founder and CEO of dotConverse (, a social media agency that works with an analytics and metrics driven brand strategy to leverage social media effectiveness for their clients. Saurabh is also an avid blogger and writes regularly at since 2008. is now India’s largest and first platform to address the needs and challenges of the new age Chief Marketing Officer, or as we at have christened- the Chief Marketing Technology Officer. Saurabh has over 16 years of experience in Media, Internet and Telecom companies like Google India, Bharti Airtel, Ibibo and OLX where he created and kick-started various world class products and services. Catch Saurabh Pandey on: /atomthought /pandeysaurabh /in/saurabhpandeygoogle
  2. 2. Super-Charge your Events with Social Media Integration You are hosting or participating in an event or an exhibition. You have invested your time, money and people to get the best of these events. Now, how do you get a little more by integrating social media with your events? Before we venture further, events are one of best ways to showcase your technology, products and thought-leadership. Events also help you converse directly with the decision makers and influencers. But there are these challenges that you face today: 1. Events no longer attract the same physical attendance like they used to 5 years back. 2. Events are almost always limited in impact. In terms of being local or being able to accommodate only so many guests. 3. How to device new ways to create pre-event publicity. 4. How to think beyond Press Releases to create an echo-effect so that even after the event is concluded, you could still see people collaborating or engaging with you We will try and answer all these and more in pages below and help you get the best out of your events by way of social integration. To start, let’s divide the time duration into 3 parts: 1. PRE-EVENT DURATION 2. EVENT DURATION 3. POST-EVENT DURATION
  3. 3. Super-Charge your Events with Social Media Integration PRE-EVENT DURATION: Here is a list of things that you must do to engage and spread awareness about your event in advance. Set up an event page on your website- You get a few hundred or few thousand people on your website. All these can help you in some way or other. You can pop-up a quick form to collect questions, to check intent of participation or to get an insight into topics that interest prospective attendees. The questions, ideas and insights are great way to engage a diverse set of audience right from the beginning as also helps you create relevant content for the event and takeaway for your product or international teams. Create a blog or a series of blog-posts under your event category- Once you have triggered an interest in people, try and tell the world how you are preparing for the event and how you are using the insights collected from your surveys to make the most of it. Post photographs, videos, polls, highlight people who gave great ideas, introduce speakers and explain agenda. You can also give glimpses of past events. Twitter: Publicize the event via # tags 2weeks before a event. Small tweets about speakers, agenda, location and maps, pics etc. –all with a specific hash tag. E.g. click here to know the direction of #PicSmart Venue. http:…. Twitter: The second most important thing to do is to follow all invitees and speakers on twitter. Mention them in your relevant tweets periodically. Re-tweet their relevant tweets. Don’t forget to put your hash tags.
  4. 4. Super-Charge your Events with Social Media Integration EVENT DURATION Twitter: Can you do a Contest? The first 30 people who register at the booth get a free T-shirt. As soon as the event starts – This is the most apt time to keep tweeting hourly about next speaker or topic alongwith timings and location. Also tweet every 15-20 minutes about interesting snippets from the talks. Twitter- Contest again: Ask people to ask questions on a topic. The best questions win something every hour. And they are also put up to the panelists. Imagine your event now has questions and participation from remote corners of the world. Not to forget that our event content also gets enriched. Track your hash tags- follow people who are using your hash tags and re-tweeting. YouTube and Google Plus (hangout): Live stream or lagged streaming of the event on the blog and YouTube (Read more on how you do it absolutely Free and Easy here: Flickr: All the photographs should go on Flickr with appropriate tags and description. Facebook- Integrate Live streaming on Facebook as also the Flickr photos-through a 3rd party app. It’s extremely easy to do so, and is very effective. Facebook: Start an Ask the Expert tab throughout the duration of event- Let people ask question on Facebook or twitter- and the expert answers them or gets an answer from panel and posts. Infact Facebook becomes one of the most important elements in this strategy for two reasons: 1. It’s extremely easy to integrate external channels like Photos, Videos, Q&As and Blogs 2. Nothing can beat the viral effect of Facebook. It can enhance your reach and make your event talkable like anything owing to a huge audience and the ability to leverage their social graph.
  5. 5. Super-Charge your Events with Social Media Integration POST-EVENT DURATION Blog- Now you have tons of material to post over the next 7-10 days in the form of Posts, Photos, Videos and Q&As etc. Publish them Slideshare: Put up all the presentation on slideshare on free viewing. Create thought-leadership and get seen by influencers in addition to whoever attended your event. Twitter: Very important: tweet link to pages from where people can download free whitepapers, presentation derived from the event. eMail: Of course send everyone a link to download stuff (as you did on twitter)-Put a newsletter subscription form which people can fill (optionally) before downloading Twitter & Blog: tweet a follow -up survey on how the attendees felt and how the experience could be improved the next time Linked In & Quora: The questions that people have raised at the event or on twitter- can be put up on LinkedIn Answers and Quora. You can also post answers that you received at the event and also hope for others to pitch-in with their thoughts. This is going to stay there forever- not only are you creating thought-leadership by putting-in relevant questions and answers but also igniting participation from a whole set of influencers who may not have participated in your event. YouTube: Release an edited version of your real time broadcast. It will look great and as you know with the tablet and mobile revolution- video content becomes very effective.