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Lemp Brewpub -ORM + Social Media Case Study


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A restaurant + pub, completely devasted in a few days owing to a storm of negative reviews across media. Things that they did wrong, how the reputation was managed (albeit late) and what metrics looked controlled after some time. Know all about, ideas, processes, metrics and results of INDIA'S WORST ORM NIGHTMARE

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Lemp Brewpub -ORM + Social Media Case Study

  1. 1. How we cured some social hangover ! {Case study of Lemp Brewpub}
  2. 2. Single Malt? Who are we?
  3. 3. What is ? Specialized conversations Agency, with focus on Social, Mobile & Local Blogs & ContentBlogs & Content Social Media Strategy Social Media Strategy Online Reputation Management Online Reputation Management MobileMobile Local Digital ActivationLocal Digital Activation Our focus is to create marketing value for brands by creating meaningful conversations powered by consumer insights and led by metrics based strategic planning. Analytics & InsightsAnalytics & Insights
  4. 4. Our Brewhouse !
  5. 5. Over 15 years in digital & social media. Ex-COO of OLX India. Earlier worked in Google, Bharti Airtel and Ibibo group. Over 15 years in digital & social media. Ex-COO of OLX India. Earlier worked in Google, Bharti Airtel and Ibibo group. Saurabh Pandey CEO My Blog:
  6. 6. Sometime in the past
  7. 7. An unnamed blog post alleging a bad experience at Lemp Brewpub suddenly Spread like wild-fire This, coupled with an amateur response management and handling of the social conversations by Lemp- further fuelled the anger of the community. Their was a clear & loud negative perception about Lemp Spread on social web. Things were bad in June!
  8. 8. Lemp-Key Objectives
  9. 9. Key Objectives 1. To neutralize the negative sentiment on social and reviews platforms 2. To create user confidence in the brand 3. Increase overall engagement and reach dotConverse started work on Lemp Brewpub & Kitchen from July 1st 2013.
  10. 10. Our Craft!
  11. 11. Our ORM Methodology We started off with creating an ORM policy framework- which included listening & communication strategy, communication face & tone, influencer identification and connect, building consumer confidence, letting users participate in creating a better Lemp and being prepared for a similar future situation
  12. 12. Our Activity Map We focused on creating various programs, each connecting with one of our ORM objectives, and measured against specific metrics. Our focus was largely Facebook but we leveraged Twitter and YouTube very strategically
  13. 13. Tools for Research, Collaboration & Analytics Tools Tools
  14. 14. Response & Review Platform Management We responded to everyone and every negative review. We plugged in a new face for Lemp in the form of the other director Akshay Luthria- and won hearts by way of our response strategy, quick action and personalized updates on complaints and suggestions About 10% detractors reverted back with a positive intent of trying Lemp once again. Most of these are top reviewers and foodies .
  15. 15. Over 250 spam reviews got removed between July & August. Zomato is a very proactive & independent platform and we presented them with our genuine pointers & findings as a part of our overall ORM strategy which involved listening and identifying patterns of fake or spam looking reviews. Response & Review Platform Management July 1st Week (836 reviews) August last week (583 reviews)
  16. 16. Twitter-Presence 104 followers to 281 followers. A list of 60 influencers (foodies, journalists etc.) created and engaged.
  17. 17. Building a Positive Vibe Regular contests and interaction programs with foodies Resulted in a buoyant twitter community And a growing positive sentiment around Lemp
  18. 18. #meetSRK Contest-Twitter Duration: 2.5 days. Nature: Non-Stop Contest and promotion of a paid entry event
  19. 19. Check-in Programs Leveraged Facebook check-ins (in-property and in-special events) motivating guests to check-in to Lemp. This created Virality and customer Confidence. Moved from 0 in July to 900 in August
  20. 20. Direct to CEO A special tab was created for Facebook, where people can interact with the CEO directly. Guests can write feedback directly from Facebook, and their feedback would go straight to the CEO. Guests would receive an actionable mail from CEO.
  21. 21. Guests & Employee Recognition Program Weekly guest of the week photographs were uploaded and gifts sent. Employees who received best reviews, were recognized on social platforms Word about special women employees intermittently on social platforms Overall- a confidence boosting measure
  22. 22. Live Event Promotion Live events were promoted via YouTube and other social platforms, via Pre event hype/contests; at –the-event-live clippings; and post event recordings and fun images + snippets
  23. 23. The Resulting Brew!
  24. 24. Overall Opinion Shift The survey was opened on Facebook, Twitter and was mailed to the past guests. 106 entries were received. Lemp was rated better than the competition on most major attributes and over 55% people said that they would recommend Lemp to their friends.
  25. 25. Monthly People Talking About Increased at an impressive rate of over 56% between the peak time in June (crisis time) and end of August 2013
  26. 26. Organic & Viral Reach The contribution of organic and viral reach in (total reach) increased. This is an important metric To illustrate that our focus was on igniting organic and unpaid conversations
  27. 27. Likes by Female Fans Female fan following increased by 64% (May & June compared with July & August)
  28. 28. Average Daily Negative Feedback While our viral and organic reach increased + the conversation among female audience showed healthy upward trend, the negative feedback on Facebook also showed a clear decreasing trend between May and August 2013.
  29. 29. Conclusion On most parameters Lemp is now regaining ground. This does not mean that Lemp is in great health now . They need to strive hard and continue creating social proof of guest endorsement and engagement. This was a 60 days project only and we stopped working on 31st August 2013 Brands, however, should take these projects for long term, and engrain the best practices in the company genetics.
  30. 30. Our Key Clients
  31. 31. We would love to work with you too! dotConverse believes in crafting a customized strategy for you, so we’d like to hear your marketing challenges so that we can come back with our strategy & execution plan for you. Please feel free to connect with us. We are available at: Tel: 9560366870 (Saurabh Pandey) Email: Twitter: @pandeysaurabh