Music Video Pitch


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Music Video Pitch

  2. 2. Ideology and Target Audience...• The name of our artist is called DJ DELIRIOUS.• He is signed to Ministry of Sound who are an independent label and only sign dance music artists like Benny Bennassi and Eric Prydz.• Ideology- He is a House music DJ and this is his first single. He believes that music brings people together and that is why he makes the music he does just to make people happy and give people something to dance to on a great night out.• Target Audience- His target audience is male and female from ages 14-30. Most of these people will be club goers or have a creative a free lifestyle. A majority of them will also be dancers (mainly street dance, freestyle and breakdancing). He made his first single to give people something to dance to and that’s why we are doing a dance related music video to illustrate the song.
  3. 3. Narrative…• The title of the song we have chosen is called Boogie 2nite by Bootie Luv. It is a House/Dance genre.• The theme of the music video will be dance and it will show four different people looking for a place they can dance because everywhere else they are they just aren’t allowed to express themselves and dance.• The video will begin by showing the different dancers in different places and as they go about their lives on a daily basis, they begin to see a logo of DJ DELIRIOUS everywhere they go. As they see this sign they will be shown trying to dance in a place where they are not supposed to. One of the dancers will start to move jerkily in her seat at church, and she gets told off by the pastor and will be sent out. Another dancer will try to dance in a ballet/contemporary dance lesson but she break out into street dance and then get sent out. Similarly, another dancer will be at football practice and whilst kicking a ball he can’t control himself and just breaks out and starts dancing and he is abandoned by his team players. The last dancer will be in a lesson and whilst the teacher is teaching he starts twitching uncontrollably, and he suddenly starts breaks into his style of dancing. In between these shots, the dancers will be shown going about their business but they will see the logo of DJ DELIRIOUS everywhere they go. Eventually when they get thrown out of the places they are supposed to be they start to search for the place DJ DELIRIOUS is for a place they can ‘boogie’ as the lyrics of the song says. They will eventually meet in a secret location set up by DJ DELIRIOUS and in this scene the dancers will be met by other various people just like them looking for a place to ‘boogie’.
  4. 4. The location we are going to be shooting at are asfollows:• Outside a dance club/studio• Inside the dance studio at school• At a park• Inside and outside a church• The secret location will be a car park somewhere near the school.• The club scene will be the drama hall at school but the lighting will be set up to look like a club scene.• A football pitch.
  5. 5. Costume pictures...The contemporary dancers The female street dancer. The DJ One of the street A hip hop dancer dancers
  6. 6. Application of Goodwin’s theory….We have used some of Goodwin’s theory within our music video.• Firstly, at the beginning we are going to have a relationship between the lyrics and the actions when the lyrics say ‘grab your keys get your coat’, the first dancer is going to grab her keys and get her coat as she leaves her house.• Secondly, there are going to be genre characteristics of a House music video like the bright, speedy lights used in a club scene of a House music video, We are also going to include a club scene. The absence of a DJ throughout a House music video until the end is also going to be a present in our video because, it is a genre characteristic of a House music video.• Thirdly, we will have an intertextual reference to MC Hammer because it is a dance video .• We will have logos of the which will have the name DJ DELIRIOUS on it. This is because of the demand of the record label to have recurring motifs across the whole video so the audience will get used to his name because DJ DELIRIOUS won’t be present in the whole video just at the end.• There will be no voyeuristic treatment of the female body, nor will there be a notion of looking.
  7. 7. Why we decided on this concept...• We decided to do the dance/house concept because not only did we think that it would be fun to do, but also because we have limited editing knowledge and didnt want to do a music video with so much complexity.• We came to the conclusion of our video being about finding a place to ‘boogie’ as the characters in our video are constantly being told to stop dancing or getting in trouble for dancing.• The fact that this is a dance song made us incorporate dance in our music video as it wouldn’t be a typical dance music video if there was no aspect of dance in the music video.
  8. 8. How will our concept appeal to our target audience...• Our concept will appeal to our target audience of males and females from ages 14-30 as they are young and are looking to have a good time with music that they can really dance and relate to.• This concept will appeal to our target audience because as it is for both sexes, everyone can have a good time. The search for a place to let loose, the longing of wanting to dance and being uninhibited will appeal to our target audience as they just want to be free.
  9. 9. How will it ‘fit’ into the music industry...• Our music video will fit into the music industry because of recent, this type of music has been getting more popular as some of the biggest names in the industry has been making their music in this style.• Though our music video may not fit into the typical image of what the music industry expects, it will definitely ease in as everyone wants to have a good time as well as make a profit too.