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Synthesis hydrate potassium salt


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Flow chart procedure experiment

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Synthesis hydrate potassium salt

  1. 1. Flow Chart Preparation of K3[Cr(C2O4)3].3H2O2.75 gOxalic aciddihydrateMageticstrirer10 ml coldwater0.9 gpotassiumdichromateHeat1.1 gppotssiumoxalatemonohydrate2mlethanolWater bathmixture5ml ethanolmixture Ice bathMixturebunchnerfunnelAllow for 30minutesdry andweightgreen blacksolid formedthree 5 ml portions ofcold 2:1 ethanol/waterand then with 10 mlethanolUntil almost to boilingpoint and a vigorousevolution of gasoccurs.Sauyrah Ashikin UPSI ‘13