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Gulp and gasp


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Gulp and gasp

  2. 2. PLACE This place is set somewhere at an empty Railway Station in rural England
  3. 3. TIME It is a foggy and cold night. It is set during the early part of the industrial revolution of the twentieth Century. Most people are from the working-class who are often oppresseed by the powerful elite-class
  4. 4. PEOPLE -the rich and influential aristocrats are immaculate and grand in appearance with the men often wearing top hats, coats and ties. Glove are essential to keep out the cold and a cane adds a certain swagger -the poor working-class is mostly servants to gentry or workers in the factories. They have a poor appearance wearing sober and worn-out clothes
  5. 5. Culture - The rich rule their lives with much fanfare and decorum. They are deemed to be more cultured and often look down on the less fortunate. -the more affluent class would speak in a distinctly more formal language than their less wealthy counterparts -there is a distinct separation between the rich upper class society and the poor and downtrodden