Traditional shopping vs online shopping


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  • Total product concept (product is more than just tangible item but offers free delivery, warranty, repair & maintenance)
  • Traditional shopping vs online shopping

    1. 1. COMMUNICATION IN ORGANIZATIONS Syaff HK Aqilah Ali Hafiz HR Falah Kifle
    2. 2. What is E-commerce? (Clicks and Mortar)Buying and selling of goodsor services throughnetwork.Wide range of online businessactivities. Electronic commerce
    3. 3. What are the different types of e-Commerce? B2B M-C B2C C2C B2G
    4. 4. What is Traditional What is “Modern” Retail? Retail?(Bricks and Mortar) (Clicks and Mortar) A company A type of business that possesses model that includes both online and a building or offline operations, store for which typically include a website operations. and a physical store.
    5. 5. Differences between Online Retail and Traditional Retail • Display • Location • Expense • Communication • Technology
    6. 6. Clicks and Mortar VS Bricks and Mortar V S
    7. 7. Examples of Examples of E-Traditional Commerce Retail Hua Ho ArgosDepartment StoreUtama Grand EBayDepartment Store
    8. 8. Any purchases done online are not refundable.
    9. 9. Easy to pick and choose whatever you like and eliminate what you don’t likeGoods can be returnablewithin 3 days of purchase
    10. 10. The items are only displayed using pictures, graphics and text based product descriptions.
    11. 11. Goods aretangible, therefore we can see the exact appearance of the product.
    12. 12. There are no guarantees for purchased goods as online shopping is intangible until the product is at hand.
    13. 13. Any inquiries? Needassistance? Membership Just ask! card (TPC)
    14. 14. You can get assistance from the comfort of your home and also at anytimeand anywhere. However, the downside of this would be the waiting of the reply that wouldn’t be immediate.
    15. 15. Testers and make up trials are provided to cater to your preferences.
    16. 16. I ADVANTAGES OF E-COMMERCENG FastEN Buying & EasyE sellingR 24/7A ConvenienceL
    17. 17. ADVANTAGES OF TRADITIONAL RETAILING Safe Many choicesCash & carry Convenience
    18. 18. Advantages of Traditional Retailing• We can get the product on time.• It is convenient.• Free from shipping cost.• Free from tax.• It is tangible. We can see the exact appearance of the product.• We can make sure the size as we can try the product before we purchase it.
    19. 19. Disadvantages of DISADVANTAGES OFTraditional Retailing E-COMMERCE No guarantee of • It may takes time for product quality. us to find parking. Many hackers who look for • Some appliances need opportunities. transportation cost to send it to our home. Mechanical failures Example, a refrigerator. can cause unpredictable effects • We have to queue and on the total processes. wait for our turn to pay Customer loyalty is at the counter. always on a check.
    20. 20. E-commerce operations are very difficult, therefore we need to combine both traditional retailing and e-commerce to provide comfort to consumers and producers.