Po report 5 - Role Conflict


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Po report 5 - Role Conflict

  1. 1. PEOPLE AND ORGANZATIONS GROUP SIX –ZULFADLI, LINA, SYAFIQAH REPORT 5 – ROLE CONFLICT1. What’s the source of role conflict here?  Maggie’s employees experienced opposing role expectations.  They believed:  Customers wanted their undivided attention and limitless time to solve problems  Managers wanted high caller turnover and as many calls handled as possible  Maggie believes that role conflict leads to these problems because operators can never satisfy both constituencies.2. Should role conflict among these telephone service employees be any greater than a typical employee who works as part of a team and has to meet the expectations of a boss as well as team members? • On one hand, a member of peer team may experience greater conflict. • Due to satisfying both management and team members over the long run • This can create difficult decisions. • On the other, these operators’ internal conflict cannot be eliminated without creating better service for customers. • Inferior service leads them to :  Increased Turnover and Absenteeism  Lower Job Satisfaction  Increased Turnover Costs