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Business Information System Assignment 1


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Business Information System Assignment 1

  1. 1. Business Information System HNDBM11/02/G1 Prepared by: Nur Syafiqah Husin & Md. Khairul Falah Kifle 1 a) Information is a processed data that is converted into meaningful facts with purpose of understanding. The information is converted by recipient for example $1000 is just a value – a data but when it is converted in the bank statement is will going to be an important information. b) Information has high and low quality depending on certain characteristics available such as time, content, form and other additional characteristics. Information with high quality will have minimum or no error as possible. The more accurate the information, the more quality it will possess. It also must be available as often as needed or supplied at a regular interval. Not only that, information must be presented as clear as possible so that it can be understood by the third parties. Moreover the information must be reliable i.e. it must have the correct level of details or summary. c) The value of information can be measured on certain features such as tangible and intangible. Tangible value is the value that we can touch or see for example in the improvement in the inventory control. When the data is converted into effective information, it will bring about an increase in consumer satisfaction. Thus, increase in customer loyalty which is an intangible value – something that we cannot see or touch. a) The managers or the senior managements aware of sure problem is by collecting and searching for the wrong data from the lower level before it is transformed into information. The manager or the senior management in the Baiduri Bank always aware of the problem exists typically in handling the money and the bank transaction. The management has this system in their computer to monitor each and every transaction made. So if the money that the teller collected at the end of the day does not equal to the money that are being recorded in their system – problem arise. Which means that the manager or the senior management has to give a proper training to their worker so there won’t be any more problem arise in this matter. b) The information that was gathered to achieve a good understanding of the problem is called the decision support system. This system is being used because it helps to make decisions, which may be rapidly changing and not easily specified in advance. It can also be either fully computerized, human or a combination of both. TASK 1 TASK 2
  2. 2. Business Information System HNDBM11/02/G1 Prepared by: Nur Syafiqah Husin & Md. Khairul Falah Kifle 2 c) The alternative solution is by using the information reporting system where it contains the summarized data from TPS to produce feedback reports. It is rejected because quality of decision making depends only on the quality of information available. d) The final solution was selected because it helps you assess and resolve everyday problems by compiling the information from a combination raw data, documents, business models and even personal knowledge will be presented in form of charts and graphs. It is implemented by inputting every information data straight to the software and it will provide better view on what decision should be done. e) The solution was being evaluated using the decision support system. It will be successful as it provides a wide view on how the company will go in the future when such decision is taken place. a) The company was founded in 1975 by Bill Gates and Paul Allen with a mission to create software for personal computer that can empowers and enriches everyone everywhere. Now as they are the world’s leading software provider, they strive to produce innovative product that meet the customer satisfaction with now having an interactive entertainment business, window phones and many more. b) Resources are the inputs or the factors available to a company which helps to perform its operations or carry out its activities. The resources are further divided into two types namely tangible or physical resources and intangible or conceptual resources. In the tangible resources it is something that we could always see or touch. This physical resource usually directed towards the production or services for example the worker in the Microsoft Cooperation who works in the research and development department, the software they used in order to operate their business. TASK 3
  3. 3. Business Information System HNDBM11/02/G1 Prepared by: Nur Syafiqah Husin & Md. Khairul Falah Kifle 3 a) Input is the raw material that can be converted into output. For example, a customer who wishes to keep his money will go straight to the bank and fill in the deposit slip. These deposits slip it the input for the transaction process to be completed as it requiresbasic information that is in the bank statement. When an input turned into output called the process transformation. In this process the teller will key in the data that are written in the deposit slip and convert it into information. When the information is converted into the system as the money goes in the bank in a well written manner this is called an output. At the end of the transaction the teller will summarize all the information into print out data which will be checked by the manager. However when the teller made some mistake he will then receive a feedback at the end of the day. The manager will provide the information so that the teller will not make the same mistake. This process is called the control system. b) We come up with two decision the will be taken by the strategic, tactical and operational levels are training. When upper level may decide to gives their worker training. They will ask the middle level for the training that suits their worker so that it will boost their performance overall. Therefore the operational level get motivated to do their job as they can boost their performance when they undergo the training. c) The two items that will be used when the worker undergo training is the worker information, particularly in their qualification and achievement. This data will be gathered into useful information for their training. It is also useful for the manager to check whether the worker has been trained or not. a) The application software that usually used by students nowadays are Microsoft words to create reports, design and even charts as it will link to the Microsoft excel. Microsoft excel also can make our life easy as it equip with mathematical algorithm, just key in the numbers and excel can make the calculation automatically. For preparing a presentation, we often use Microsoft power point. This software is design to create slides, insert pictures in our slides, and insert animation and many more. TASK 4 TASK 5
  4. 4. Business Information System HNDBM11/02/G1 Prepared by: Nur Syafiqah Husin & Md. Khairul Falah Kifle 4 b) As a student the application used to carry a wide range of common task like typing, inserting, editing etc. this software will increase its quality and enhance out skill in studies as we used a wide range of tools provided in the application software. Some of the tools we rarely use because it doesn’t seems to have any impact in our studies but as we go along the course, we tend to realize that all the tools provided have its own specific task in which it helps us even more. c) The application software has many benefits not only as it serve as completing our task in a minute, it also can act on a specific purpose. For example UPS used by the accountant to carry out accounting formula. System is a collection of interrelated components that work together towards collective goals. The function of a system is to work the inputs that will be processed into outputs. Input is like the data that is received. Some examples of an input device are keyboard, microphone and remote control. Output is the raw materials or the knowledge that is produced, for example is the monitor and speaker. When the input is converted into output it is called transformation process. In this process all the data that are collected will be clarify and be sorted into certain criteria available. Then the data will be sorted and summarize before it will be stored so that we can retrieve it at any time we want. Lastly the data will be distributed so that decision can be made before taking an action. This includes the rules and regulation, the policy, procedures that will convert the data into useful information. Whereas the output is the final product when the information is converted into right format, conveyed at the right time, place and the right people. The last stage is the feedback- the data about the performance of the system and control when the feedback is processed by taking necessary actions such as modifying the process in the input or the output. Computerizes system consist of hardware, software, database, telecommunication people and procedures.Hardware is the physical part of the computer such as the mouse, keyboard, monitor, etc. which can be physically touch, whereas software is cannot be touched. It exists as an ideas, applications or concepts but with no substances such as Microsoft word. Basically software is the heart of the system as it operates the computer. It can refer to all computer instructions in general or to any specific set of computer instruction processing the TASK 6
  5. 5. Business Information System HNDBM11/02/G1 Prepared by: Nur Syafiqah Husin & Md. Khairul Falah Kifle 5 binary code to a source code where everyone can understands it. In order for a computer to run they need an operating system, the collection of software that manages computer hardware resources and provides common services for computerwhich can be categorized by technology, ownership, licensing, working state, usage and many other characteristics. The operating system is a vital component of the system software in a computer system for example Microsoft Windows, Android, Linux. Operating systems can be found on almost any device that contains a computer—from cellular phones and video game consoles to supercomputers and web servers. Generally, to build a computerize system of course we need all the elements working together to achieve certain goal. For example ticketing system, the manager will need all the input such as the worker who will check in and out about the availability of the ticket, the computer application in which it stores and update about the ticket, the equipment and many more. The process will be the inserting the coming soon movie time schedule, editing the present time schedule like checking the available time and seat for customer to watch at a specific time period and specific place. The finished products will the output which the ticket that will be printed out after the customer agreed and business transaction was made. Furthermore, the output is when the movie is being watched by the customer. Therefore the goal for this ticketing system is entertaining the customer with the new released movies and films. In addition to that, when a system is build it requires certain stages before it is delivered and used by the end user. They undergothe initiation step which is vital to establish whether the project is feasible and then prepare to ensure the project Is successful. As explain earlier, inputs are the raw materials in which it will create a new information system i.e. the output. We get the sources of initiation process by the managing director or any other system department. So basically in this stage, it the senior manager aware of this problems and so they ask the IT department for example to create a system that will help to speed up their organization operations. Secondly the IT department will assess a feasibility study whereby it is worth making the system or not. Say for example, if the IT department find it hard to make it or if consume too much time and so they will not proceed building this system. This is because the cost weight heavier than the benefits. This stage analyses all the aspect of the organization operation and the impact on building that system. Building a system is not that easy as it undergo through analysis or brain storming process. This is required so that the system is not confusing by the end user. It capture the
  6. 6. Business Information System HNDBM11/02/G1 Prepared by: Nur Syafiqah Husin & Md. Khairul Falah Kifle 6 requirement of the business by observing the human behavior so that the system will be fully utilized. The IT department may want to revise on the current system in which somehow has flaws by summarizing and jot down the important issues (inputs for feedback of the workers). They also may want to recognize the declined requirement in the system function which is the output when the end users are not satisfied with the current system. In this stage is used so that fewer problems will occur in the final stage. The next step is designing the system. In this stage it initiate on how the system work in the user interface, program modules, security and database transactions. The input is the required specification on the system i.e. the specific functions the system will possess. And the output will be the detailed design specification like the icons to tell the end user of its specific functions. In this stage also will tell the end user about the storage requirement and how to key in the date into the system Building the system is when the programmers actually create the software. It involves in writing the software code (programming) creating and populating the database. This will be tested by the programmer themselves and the end users as well. It involves in the writing of the documentation and also requires training as it may undergo trial and error. Another stage in building a system is when we actually implement it in our daily life. In this stage, it covers more issues such as making sure that the hardware and the infrastructure of the network are in the right positions. When a new updated version of any technology it will takes time to adept with the changes as we are comfortable using our old system. We will continue to learn on how to use it and after adaptation process is done we could just simply get rid of the new system. Finally is the review or the feedback by the end users. Once a system is used, it will be inevitable that changes will be required over time. Some problems and issues may arise over time that’s why changes is required. The systems also undergo some maintenancephases which involve in two types an unproductive maintenance which can be seen from errors or oversight in the original system. Secondly is the addition of new features and facilities such as patches, plug-in or add-ins.