bucking the trend - Is “Family” The Next Theme Restaurant?


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  • B4 consumer make decision yg table ke 3 (title buyers decision) ada proces2 nya..
  • Other factors that influence consumer to spend their dining budget rhfam entertainment rest.Economical – rh theme rest may provide local cuisine ygmurah mcm mamihnasikatok $1 knyangparutEmotional – customer maybe pernah celebrate rh fam. Rest. Soodorgksnalagimengingatikisahsilam (emotionally attached)Political – bosbelanja.. Ikutsjatia.. Mkn free.. Wlwthndanyaman.. Krg lain jua rasa bostnitu.. Bos happy gajilancarEmployment – tnipulangbelanjabos.. Sxbostniknyamanan.. So bosbulihkesanalagituk dine in wif family nyakh.. So gajipnlancarReward – since Waite and shilling new theme ada golf, ice skate, magician .. So mybdorgbg free gift.. Mcm mug kh t-shirt kaa.. Etcetc
  • High cost psalbuat costume tuk waiter waitress lagi.. Table chair.. The wallpaper.. Arrangement.. Mistijua hire consultant which is pro in that areaConsumer demand change.. Nowadays hetic lifestyle bh.. Indalgberaspdapurrumah.. Knkerja den makan di restaurant.. Which means fast food is on the demand rytnao.. Lwdulu consumer lebihsukamasakrumah or crusineygnyamanfresly cook mcm ambuyat di aminaharif ah..tech,. Changes mksudnyalwdulupnya restaurant tvkutaksjadorggnakn which require large spaces.. Now consumer more to lcdtv or apakntuyg d mamihkaintuk projector ah.. TukliatbulaselalunyaMain. Probs- mksudnyamunsudhbnyakkn di ubahsuaimaintainancenyapntinggi.. Mcm.. Usaisegala blender.. Toilet.. Oven.. Plumbing.. Aircon leaking etcetc
  • High competition pasalcompete dgnexixting theme restaurantCompete dgndorgpnya priceThe food juaAnd the theme.. Dorgmistibuat theme lain driyg lain
  • Target consumers mksudnyaage.. Dorgmistibuat target consumernya wide indakiraumur gender background esp colorThis is because lwdorg concentrate rh theme disney land for example.. Urg tua2 or business person blehpkirtempatatu lame~ tuk knak2 sja (dorgpnyapresepsilhkirakn)That’s why bagikupayahknbuat theme restaurant due to all the reason stated above.
  • bucking the trend - Is “Family” The Next Theme Restaurant?

    1. 1. Bucking The Trend: Is “Family” The Next Theme Restaurant?
    2. 2. Introduction Stephen Waite regenerates his Big house Brewing CompanyHis business partner, Eric Shillingwant to create a family-friendlyrestaurant with: • Miniature golf in summer • Outdoor ice skating in winter • Clowns and Magicians the whole year round
    3. 3. Waite and Shillings whole projects is bucking the trend of locating chains near other chains to drive traffic, predicting that people are getting tired of chains. Having dishes that a indigenous to the area will setrestaurant apart from crowd of national chain restaurant and attractions that make up theAmerican suburban landscape.
    4. 4. In some cases, consumers have stayed away because they are tired of the same theme. It’s also because consumers demand higher quality than the theme restaurant provide.Although family oriented dining is notnew, it may very well be the new trend in theme restaurant.
    5. 5. Even through Waite and Shilling want their family entertainment venue to be differentfrom the chains in the nearby area, they are already looking at turning their idea into a local chain.
    6. 6. QuestionONE QUESTION OneWhat type of consumer buying decision best describe dining at Waite and Shilling’s new family restaurant andentertainment complex? Is it different than decision made to dine at McDonaldss new edutainment restaurant? At a regular McDonald’s restaurant? How?
    7. 7. What type of consumer buying decision best describe dining at Waite and Shilling’s new family restaurant and entertainment complex?
    8. 8. Limited decision making Requires moderate amount of time forgathering information and deliberating about an unfamiliar brand in a familiar product category.
    9. 9. WHYah?
    10. 10. ExplanationsRenewing their theme Consumer will have to spend their time to gather information to know about the new Waite and Shilling’s restaurantThe consumer also will compare the new restaurant with the other restaurant that practiced the same theme.
    11. 11. Is it different than decision made to dine at McDonaldss new edutainment restaurant? At a regular McDonald’s restaurant? How?
    12. 12. QUESTION TWOList the factors that would influence a consumer to spend his or her dining budget at a family entertainment-themed restaurant. Include cultural, social, individualand psychological factors on your list
    13. 13. Factors Influencing Buying DecisionsCultural SocialFactors Factors CONSUMER BUY / DECISION- MAKING DON’T BUY PROCESS Psycho-Individual logicalFactors Factors 17
    14. 14. ExplanationsCulture Freshly made Local Cuisine Family or relation to dine inSocial (norms) Spend time on with others (Socialize) RG – influence them to dine here
    15. 15. Gender – women; freshly made local food ( good for Individual diet) Age – provide food with excellent taste for everyone PSL- dine because of their personality Psychological Self-Actualization Esteem Perception – price , Socialquality and brand names Motivations Safety Learn & beliefs Physiological
    16. 16. QUESTION THREE What influences on consumer decision making do you think are contributing to the decline performance of once-popular theme chains, like the Hard RockCafé, The Gap, The Disney Store and theWarner Bros. Store? Based on the factorsyou Identify, Do you think that opening a new theme restaurant is wise? Why or why not?
    17. 17. Why the once-popular themerestaurants and store decline? High Cost Consumer Demand Changes Technological Changes Maintenance Problem
    18. 18. Do you think that opening a new theme restaurant is wise? Why or why not?
    19. 19. Strategic Price locations Know your competitors The foodThe theme itself. (Quality)
    20. 20. Age Gender Target CustomersBackground Race
    21. 21. Be different Study food trendAdvertise frequently
    22. 22. There are no right and wrong answers, it’s just a matter of opinion i.e. a part of learning process.Mister ShapikaMiss PalahMiss Ajri