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Pew pew rulebook_edited


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pewpew rulebook

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Pew pew rulebook_edited

  1. 1. Content PgComponents of the Game 2Number of players & Roles of the playerAim of the GameGeneral Rules for all asteroids 3Placements and rules of asteroids 5Rules for the Space Ship(Player 1) 8& Asteroid Player(Player 2)Setup of the Game 11Gameplay 13Win & Lose Conditions 14Notes 15
  2. 2. Components of the Game:White Token & Blue Token – Player’s Space shipPlasticine – AsteroidsGame BoardDices – D10, D12, D6 &D4 (Only one of each)Number of players & Roles of the player:2 Players: Player 1 plays as the Space Ship Player 2 plays as the Asteroid PlayerAim of the Game:Player 1 - Use your space ship to navigate through the game board anddestroy all asteroids in the given stagesPlayer 2 – Use asteroids provided to destroy the space ship 2
  3. 3. General Rules for all asteroids: Asteroids can only be place around the game boundaries(edges) when starting a game/stage Asteroids that hits the spaceship will be broken down to a smaller asteroid if possible. (Eg. Big asteroid hits spaceship, it becomes 1 medium asteroid and 1 small asteroid) <Read “Placements and rules of Asteroids” about how asteroids breaks> Place the remains of an asteroid within a 1-grid range of where it was shot.<Read “Placements and rules of Asteroids” about how asteroids breaks> -Remains cannot be use to destroy spaceship- After asteroid is broken, the remains are place but player 2 is not allowed to move them until his next turn. 3
  4. 4. General Rules for all asteroids:Reposition: An asteroid can travel through the edges of the game board toget to the opposite side Replace: when asteroids are shot, replace the asteroid to its smallercounterpart unless it is small asteroid then there is no need for it.<Read up at placement and rules of asteroids to know more>Chain Combo: when a big asteroid hits a medium asteroid, it pushes it byone grid. Push is not applicable to small asteroids hence neither big asteroidnor the medium asteroid can push the small asteroid. 4
  5. 5. Placements and rules of asteroids:Big Asteroid – Can only move diagonally (Placement of Big Asteroid) (Possible location to place asteroids when shot by space ship or when collide with spaceship)• Big Asteroid moves by 1-grid space (Eg. Shown by the lighter blue circles)• When shot by space ship, mold 1 medium asteroid and 1 small asteroid and place them around the area of where the previous big asteroid was shot. 5
  6. 6. Placements and rules of asteroids:Medium Asteroid – Can only move forwards or backwards depending on where itfaces(Placement of Medium Asteroid) (Medium Asteroid can be rotated and (Possible locations to place asteroid to move in a different direction) when shot by space ship)• Medium Asteroid moves by 2-grid space• When shot by space ship, mold 1 small asteroid and place around the area where the previous medium asteroid was last shot 6
  7. 7. Placements and rules of asteroids:Small Asteroid – Can move in all directions (Placement of Small Asteroid)• Small Asteroid moves by a 3-grid space• Can only move in a straight line• When shot by space ship, it is completely destroyed 7
  8. 8. Rules for the Space Ship(Player 1) & Asteroid Player(Player 2):Rules for the Space Ship(Player 1) Player 1 starts with 6 lives (Represented by the D6) Player 1 can move 1 grid Player 1 can shoot Player 1 can Hyperspace Player 1 can rotate freely Player 1 can end a turn regardless if he/she still have other moves available Player 1 can use ‘Taunt’ Player 1 will lose a life if the player does not attack for 5 consecutive turns 8
  9. 9. Rules for the Space Ship(Player 1) & Asteroid Player(Player 2):Guide to Hyperspace: Guide to taunt• D12 = Letters • Use any gesture to represent your definition of• D10 = Numbers taunt• Roll a D12 and a D10 • Roll a D4 to create up to 4 Small Asteroids• Move Space ship according to the dice • This Small Asteroids would then be use by• Lose a life if designated spot has an Asteroid player asteroid on it • For 2 turns, Space Ship can move 2-grid, shoot 2 times per turn • Player 1 can still do the other moves that are valid • The effect of Taunt will be remove when Space ship player is destroyed during Taunt turns but can still be use when Space ship player comesStage 7 Rule: back into playWhen the Space Ship player reaches Stage 7 apply this changes for stage 7 and the rest• Change space ship from white token to blue token: this allows the Space ship player to move by 2-grid instead of 1-grid and can attack twice instead of once• When Player 1 uses ‘Taunt’:Taunt: For 2 turns, Space Ship can move 3-grid and shoot 2 times per turn. (Still apply the other 9guidelines in ‘Guide to taunt’
  10. 10. Rules for the Space Ship(Player 1) & Asteroid Player(Player 2):Rules for the Asteroid Player(Player 2) Follow the rules on how to move each asteroid listed at <Placements and rules of Asteroids> and <General rules for all asteroids> Setup the asteroids per stage as listed at <Asteroids Stages> Player 2 must move all asteroids provided in each stage Should Player 2 destroy the spaceship with his/her asteroids, his/her turn ends 10
  11. 11. Setup of the GameAsteroids Stages:(BA = Big Asteroids, MA = Medium Asteroids, SA = Small Asteroids, S = Stages) S1 – 4 (SA) S2 – 8 (SA) S3 – 2 (MA) + 4 (SA) S4 – 3 (MA) + 6 (SA) S5 – 1 (BA) + 1 (MA) S6 – 2 (BA) + 2 (MA) S7 – 2 (BA) + 2 (MA) + 1 (SA) S8 – 3 (BA) + 3 (MA) + 2 (SA) S9 – 3 (BA) + 4 (MA) S10 – 3 (BA) + 5 (MA) 11
  12. 12. Setup of the GameSpace Ship(Player 1) Life• 6 sided dice is Life, place the dice with ‘6’ facing up and move on it downwards whenever Player 1 loses a life.Placing the asteroids:• Place the asteroids in any way Asteroid Player wish to but must follow the stages listed at <Asteroids Stages> and must be along the edge of the game board as stated at <General rules for all asteroids>Placing the Space ship:• Space Ship (Player 1) starts off at the middle of the game board. If the space ship is destroyed by an asteroid, player 1 is allowed to place it anywhere after 12
  13. 13. Gameplay:• Setup the game• Space Ship Phrase (Player 1): Player 1 can do all actions in one turn and after finishing all actions or using end turn, it will finish the Space Ship Phrase. These will start Asteroid Player Phrase.• Asteroid Player Phrase (Player 2): Player 2 will move the asteroids in the stage and Reposition, Replace or Chain Combo when necessary. However, if Reposition, Replace or Chain Combo if needed.• After all player phrases are done, the turn ends and moves to the next turn, starting with Player 1. Repeat process till either a player wins. 13
  14. 14. Win & Lose Conditions:• Space Ship (Player 1): Win by finishing all stages, Lose by losing all lives• Asteroid Player (Player 2): Win by destroying Player 1, Lose when Player 1 completes all stages 14
  15. 15. Notes• During the Asteroid Player Phrase, the player would be advise to move his/her asteroids in an orderly fashion such as moving the ones at the right side of the game board first and moving the other asteroids as the player moves from the right to the left of the game board. This help the player to not forget moving an asteroid.• Space Ship players should always know that they have 6 actions that they can do during their turn. Player 1 can move 1 grid Player 1 can shoot Player 1 can Hyperspace Player 1 can rotate freely Player 1 can end a turn regardless if he/she still have other moves available Player 1 can use ‘Taunt’• Space Ship players feeling bored of a stage may find it more challenging when they use ‘taunt’. 15
  16. 16. Notes• Suggested look of the asteroids 16