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Pew pew game design document

  1. 1. Pew! Pew!Team Members: Kian Foong Guo Liang Sky Arshad Xinshen
  2. 2. Table of Contents 1.Introduction 2.Copyright Information 3.Design History 4. Game Overview 5.Gameplay and Mechanics 6.Levels 7.Playtest Results
  3. 3. 1.IntroductionWelcome to the universe of Pew! Pew!Our game was aspired by the original digital version of the Asteroids, we used the digital version as abase for our board game version. We did not change much of the original digital game, we still keepthe different elements of the game like the space ship, the asteroids as well as the movement of theplayer like they can do, however we use different objects to represent them.2. Copyright InformationAsteroids (1979) – Atari Inc.All Rights Reserved3. Design HistoryDevelopment of the GamePew Pew V.1 was originally played using a 6x6 grid board, a paper arrow token used as the player’sspaceship, asteroids was represented by paper asteroids and there was also UFO or aliens asobstacles, 2 six sided dice is needed to play the game for the hyperspace. The spaceship was give 3lives, the spaceship was able to move, shoot, rotate and hyperspace within the same turn. Thespaceship bullet shot travels 1 grid per turn. The distance of the hyperspace was determined by thenumber on the dices and the game was only for 1 player as the spaceship and the summoner for theasteroids was not counted as a player. There were unlimited levels and the levels was used as thehighscore.
  4. 4. Pew Pew V.1.1 has a little changes in the rules and interface, the game was also changed to a 2player game where 1 will control the spaceship and 1 will control the asteroids, the grid board waschanged from 6x6 to 10x12 because to make the game more challenging in terms of shooting anddodging. The spaceship bullet shot now is instant and not travel through 1 grid per turn. The dicesneeded was changed from 2 six sided dice to 1 ten sided dice and 1 twelve sided dice due to thechange in grid board.Pew Pew V.1.2 was further changed where the aliens or UFO was removed to make the game morefair as the small alien has the homing function which the bullet shot has nothing to represent andalso no player to control where the bullet go. The spaceship was replaced by a paper clip instead ofthe paper arrow token and asteroids was replaced by glass bead stones instead of paper for easiermovement and also easy identification for direction.Pew Pew V1.3 was further changed where the hyperspace function now will not collide with theasteroids by random chance of the dice, if the dice thrown hits the asteroids the spaceship playerwill re-roll the dice. A six-sided dice is used to represent the lives of the spaceship. The lives of thespaceship are extended from 3 to 5.Pew Pew V1.4 changes for V1.4 are that all asteroids would follow space ship hence making player 2,the asteroid player, more significant in the game. Asteroids have different move patterns for moreflexibility and strategic elements for player 2. Added technical names for in-game terms(Reposition,Replace & Rebound)
  5. 5. Pew Pew V1.5 was further changed in the rules to make the game more challenging. The hyperspacefunction will now collide with the asteroid and lose one live if the player happened to throw a dicethat falls on a grid of an asteroid. Add an additional action called ‘Taunt’, this allows player to gainextra advantage in movement and the attack. However it will also provide extra advantage for theasteroid player as this will provide him with up to 4 chances of attacking the spaceship. Beforemaking the action, the player must make hand gesture. When the spaceship is destroyed within thenumber of turns during ‘taunt’ which is 2, the effect wears off during the next respawn and thesummoned asteroids still remains.Pew Pew V1.6 was changed in a minor way after play-testing. Version 1.5 allows a maximum of 4 bigasteroids to be summoned after the ‘taunt’ in game-play, however we have modified the 4 bigasteroids to 4 small asteroids to create balance in the game. Game boards, tokens as well as theasteroids itself were being replaced by proper board, player tokens and plastercine. Whenever anasteroid managed to collide with the spaceship, the spaceship loses a life and the asteroid is eitherbroken down into pieces or destroyed if it’s a small one with immediate effect. The turn ends for theasteroid player.Pew Pew V1.7 was changed where the spaceship token will change to the Mothership token whenthe player reaches level 7 where it has improved ability to shoot twice and also move 2 grids perturn. The asteroids now have new rules implemented that if the small asteroids block the pathwayfor the big asteroids, the big asteroids cannot be moved. The spaceship loses 1 life if it fails to attackthe asteroids within 5 turns. The ‘Taunt’ effect is also improved where the spaceship now can move3 grids and attack twice and 1 hyperspace.
  6. 6. Ideation ProcessWe were inspired by the original version of Asteroids in the digital form and decided to make aboard game out of it using the grid board as the field of play.Evaluation of IterationThe bullet was initially was placed as a counter and moved slowly per turn but it did not work well,after changes the bullet shot was instant and not move slowly per turn.The spaceship originally was made able to move 3 grid per turn but it did not work well as it was tooadvantageous for the spaceship so it was changed to 1 grid per turn.The different asteroid movement was edited and it worked as neither side of the players will get anyadvantage to win the game faster.4. Game OverviewGame ConceptWe made the game that there is 10 stages of the game itself, where upon completion of a stage, thedifficulty level of the next level will increase relatively. The game requires 2 players to play the game,1 would be the asteroid where the player would be required to move the asteroids within the gameboard and also trying to destroy the player controlling the space ship. The other player wouldcontrol the space ship and tries to navigate the space ship through the game board and destroy allasteroids and proceed through all 10 stages to win the game.Asset List - Grid Board (10x12cm) - Player Token (Spaceship) - Dice (10 sided, 12 sided and 4 sided) - Plasticine (Asteroids)
  7. 7. Improved version of game prototypeIn order to polish the game and provide a better game experience, we made some changes in ourgame prototype.-The grid board • Initially the grid board was at a dimension of 10x12cm, however we find it too small and somehow it will affect the way of illustrating the game concept and game play. Therefore we enlarged the grid board. Now the size of the grid board will be at a dimension of 50x72cm. However the number of grid remains at 10x12 and this means that each gird is 5x6cm.-Player token (spaceship) • The spaceship token changed in a white spaceship like token to better show it as a spaceship and also for better and easier movement. There is also a blue spaceship which is the Mothership once the player pasts to stage 7 where there is a better boost for the spaceship player.-Plastercine (Asteroid) • The asteroids are changed from using the glass beads into plasticine to make it easier for the player controlling the asteroids to move it around and easier to break apart when the spaceship shoots making it looks more real like the digital game.Target Audience and RationaleOur target audience would be players from age 12 and above, the rationale behind this age groupwas because this game requires the player to understand as the instructions consist of different levelof understanding.
  8. 8. 5. Gameplay and MechanicsGameplayObjectiveSpaceship:The objective of the game is to use the space ship to navigate through the game board and destroyall asteroids in all the different stages to win the game.Asteroid player:The objective of the game is to use the asteroids to navigate through the game board and destroythe space ship 6 times throughout the stages to win the game.Play flowThe space ship is to destroy every asteroid on every stage before proceeding to the next one. Thespaceship is allowed to move 1 grid at every turn, infinite rotation every turn, 1 shot every turn andalso able to use the hyperspace and taunt ability (once per turn). The hyperspace is to allow thespaceship to teleport to any place of the board depending on the 2 dice thrown. The taunting abilityis to create challenges within that current stage or even a strategic move towards taking out theasteroids. A 4 sided dice is thrown and that determines the number of asteroids summoned. Thetaunting ability lasts for 2 turns.The asteroid is to destroy the spaceship within the grid board, there are 3 different sizes of theasteroids. The big asteroid is able to move diagonally only, when shot by the spaceship, the asteroidwill lose 1 stone and disperse to 1 medium and 1 small asteroid. The medium asteroid can only moveforward where it is facing, and when hit it will lose 1 stone and becomes a small asteroid. The small
  9. 9. asteroid can move in all directions and will move towards the spaceship. The mid asteroids and thelarge asteroids can collide with each other can create chains and combos to take out the space ship.RulesAbide the metrics given for each component in Asteroids.Asteroids and spaceship can move across the boundaries.Destroy all asteroids in each stage.Spaceship loses a life when hit by an asteroid.Spaceship win by completing all stages.Spaceship starts at the centre.All asteroids will always appear on the side of the grid board.MechanicsMovementThe player for the spaceship uses player token which is a streamlined plastic token for movement asit is easier to see where the spaceship is facing. The asteroids use the plasticine and the part whereis more protruding is where the asteroid is facing.ActionThe player has the choice of moving the spaceship a grid any direction that gives them a greateradvantage against the other player who controls the asteroids. They can also choose to shoot theasteroids or not , to rotate any direction they want and also whether to use hyperspace or not.The action of the player controlling the asteroid determines by the movement of the playercontrolling the spaceship. This is because the player controlling the asteroid must block the entirepossible grid that the player controlling the spaceship can move.
  10. 10. 6.LevelsIntroductory MaterialThere would be a “mission briefing” for both players before the game starts as their roles in thegame itself are different. The player playing the asteroids would be briefed on what movements hecan do with the asteroids and the player playing the spaceship would be briefed on what he can dowith the spaceship. Therefore, reading the rulebook is mandatory for the actual intended game-play.Level ObjectivesThe objective of the game is to use the spaceship to navigate through the game board and destroyall asteroids in all the different stages to win the game. The objective is the same throughout all the10 stages.7.Playtest ResultPlaytest Questions1.How do you feel about the game?2.What do you like and dislike about the game?3.Are the rules comprehendable?4.How much would you rate this game?5.Any other suggestions and comments pertaining to the game?Feedback from Game Designer PlaytestersXinshen:1.The game is quite similar to the digital game itself and with other different feature, very fun.2.I like the hyperspace, taunting. I dislike the colliding feature of the asteroids.3.The rules are comprehendable, quite easy to understand.4. 7/10
  11. 11. 5. The asteroid’s movement can be changed to make it even more fair.Guo Liang:1.I feel that the objective of the game is quite straight forward. This game is more to a chess-likeconcept. However unlike normal chess, this game consist of levels and I feel the excitement in it2.I like the hyperspace function in the game. This is because at certain situation the player spaceshipwas trapped in between the player asteroid, with the hyperspace function it gives the playerspaceship a chance to escape from the danger zone. I don’t really like the idea of using theplastercine for the player asteroid. This is because the player controlling the asteroid will feel quiteuncomfortable when he was navigating the asteroid around.3.As for the rules, although there are a lot of rules to the game but if I take the time to read it, it willbe easy for me to understand. The rules are also very straight forward.4. 7/105. The objective of the game is quite straight forward. However I think that improvement can bemade for the rules such as simplifying it as I think that some of the players playing the game may nothave the patients to slowly read through the rules. All in all I think that it is a good experienceplaying this game.Feedback from Blind PlaytestingHengyi - Interesting game, chess like play style. Very innovative game playFitree - Fun game, the asteroids move in random position and higher levels more obstacles as there are UFOs and aliens.