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Course reflection


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Course reflection

  1. 1. A Crash Course on CreativityFinal Assignment : Course ReflectionPresented by Sam Yeung date 17 Dec 12
  2. 2. Observation: most valuable thing Observation plays an important role of daily life. The course presents observation lab in the assignment of “ pay attention “. The check list of observation lab is provided which is act as essential portion of six words of habit, culture, knowledge, imagination, resources and attitude. I face different kinds of problems. Observation is key word of understanding the events better and then enhance the power of problem solving. Theanalysis of data gathering keeps us a clear mind to handle matters with a systematic path and record.Sometimes, I feel worry about matters of decision making which may behappened in a poor result. I notice things carefully and analytical issue by the observation lab. The difficulties I faced may be treated systematically according to the observation lab. The problems can be solved step by step . Thus, I can handle more things easily and thepositive attitude will be development. It is then concentrated back to sixwords mechanism as observation and attitude started in the first phase. The other words are easily implemented as one by one such as recourses, knowledge, imagination, culture and habit.
  3. 3. Creative: most surprising thing• The course encourages me to take interesting access for the presentation that my daily work will attract my clients’ attention. I will use map mind of more and more solutions of a single matter without the sense of boring. It is amazing to learn and analysis in different aspects of environmental situations. Thus, my knowledge will be upgraded and then imagination is develop to cross over certain fields. Thus, the solution is not restricted and limited to my previous eyesight.
  4. 4. Application of the course in daily life• I will share the lectures with my colleague in the routine meetings each week. Sometimes, they will send me back innovative and creative idea in their work. My team is now worked with better atmosphere as we learn problem solving with six words mechanism. The difficulties are no longer treated as barrier in our daily work. We feel more energetic for the problem solving according to the leanings of the course. Now, our thinking is full of elements which is concerned with innovation, creation and observation.