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Step by step approach to staying motivated cpc


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If you are looking to get energized, motivated and inspired then go thru this deck and do the exercises. You will notice the difference immediately. Action leads to success.

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Step by step approach to staying motivated cpc

  1. 1. • Be Flexible• Know youroutcomeUnlimitedSuccessStep by Step Approach to StayingMotivated!•Act NOW!Sandeep SaxenaEmail: sandeepsaxena@yahoo.comPhone: 415-235-0988
  2. 2. Raise Your Hand if YouFeel This Way?
  3. 3. 3Answer the following?1.Who is the most importantperson here today?2.Who is the best?3.Who is unstoppable?4.Who is ready for achange?What would you do if you knew you could notFAIL?
  4. 4.  Everything we do is either to Avoid Pain or Gain Pleasure! Procrastination – you believe taking action would be morepainful than just putting it off…… Ask yourself “What prevents me from doing whatever it takesto get my dream job?” Link the pain to the behavior you want to stop. Link pleasure to the behavior you want to adopt. Write down 4 actions that you need to take that you have beenputting off?– Under each action write down “Why haven’t I taken the action? What pain have Ilinked to taking this action?– What will it cost me if I don’t take action NOW?– Write down all the pleasures you will receive by taking each of the actions rightnow………………….Why We Act or Don’t Act?
  5. 5. 5Recipe for Staying Motivated?Set your Goals – write them downStay focused on your goalsManage your state – key to successBe Energetic – successful people areThink positiveReach out and help someoneSmile for no reason – it looks good onyou and it is good for you
  6. 6. Benefits of Setting Goals: Written set of goals provide us a purpose, asense of well being, excitement, andhappiness. Encourages you to resolve internal conflictsdeep within you. It encourages you to evaluate your strengthsand areas that need improvement. Helps clarify what is most important to you inlife/work/relationship etc. Forces you think out of the box, visualize, andexpand your perspective. Provides direction and commitment. Encourages you to take baby-steps towardsthe final outcome.Your Goals must motivate you to take massiveaction right now?
  7. 7. 7•Physiology•InternalRepresentationExternalBehaviorInternal State impacts External behavior!Imagine you are already successful!•Posture
  8. 8. Cycle of Behavior Physiology impacts your thoughts whichimpacts your internal representation Which impacts your state Which changes your external behavior We can change our behavior by simplychanging how we present things toourselves internallySuccessful people gain access to their mostresourceful state consistently.
  9. 9. Create an Anchor Intense state – really excited, unstoppable– Breathe the way you would breathe if you….– Say the things you would say if you …… Snap your fingers at the peak state Increase the intensity of the state so you feeleven more excited– Breathe the way you would breathe if you….– Say the things you would say if you …… Snap your fingers at the peak state and say“YES” with intensity Go back to original state Snap your fingers and say “YES” ! How manyof you notice the difference?
  10. 10. Remember Change happens inan instant! We must believe that somethingmust change? We must believe “I must changeit.” We must believe, “I can changeit.” Take the first step towardsmaking the change.What is your competitive advantage?
  11. 11. 1. What am I happy about in my life rightnow?2. What am I excited about in my liferight now?3. What am I proud of in my life rightnow?4. What am I grateful for in my life rightnow?To Energize your life!How many of you are committed be ENERGIZEDstarting right now?
  12. 12. Believe in “C A N I” Principle! Constant and never ending improvement[CANI] Toyota is a perfect example of this[Kaizen]. Constant Commitment backed up by massiveaction leads to success. The only true security in life comes fromknowing that every single day you areimproving yourself in some way. You must continuously grow! Bring out your best each and every dayIf you improve 1% every day can you imagine howmuch better you will be at the end of the year?
  13. 13.  Everyday I Demand More from Myself thanAnybody Else Can Expect From Me! - MJ Turn your Should into MUST!– Make a list of 2 things that have been “should”for you that are negatively impacting your life?– Write down “Why MUST you change those 2things Right NOW?”– Write down 2 actions that you will takeimmediately to effect those changes?Raise Your Standards!The people you spend time with shape who you areand who you become.
  14. 14. Take 5 minutes to write downthe specific actions that you willtake to get your Dream Job!To gain momentum clearly state :“What action you will be takingbefore you leave this place oronce you get home?” Then takeaction before the end of the day!Take Massive Action?
  15. 15. Think of something you really feelthat you can’t do? Notice your physiology, Muscles in your body and your face. Notice the things you say to yourselfChange your Physiology and put asmile on your face?
  16. 16. Think of a time that you feltunstoppable? Notice your physiology, Muscles in your body and your face. Notice the things you say to yourself Now think about the thing that youthought you could not do? How do you feel about it? How many ofyou feel that you can do the thing youcould not do a few minutes back?Would you like to stay in this state allthe time?
  17. 17. Belief System Write down the beliefs that empower you anddisempower you on 2 sheets of paper. Circle the 3 most important empowering beliefson your list?Thinks about how do they strengthen yourlife and the positive effect they have on you. Circle the two most disempowering beliefs.– How are these belief ridiculous or absurd?– What will it ultimately cost youfinancially/emotionally if you do not let go ofthese beliefs?– What will it ultimately cost your family/lovedones if you do not let go of these beliefs?
  18. 18. Ask yourself these hard questions: What resources/skills/friends youhave that will help you in obtainingyour Dream Job? What resources/skills/friends youneed to develop that will help youachieving your Dream Job? What new beliefs you must have toachieve your Dream Job? What prevents you from achievingyour dream job right away?[Procrastination, Lack of effort, lackof family support, emotional stress]
  19. 19. Additional questions: What is the very best thing that couldhappen to you if you achieved all ofyour stated Goals? What is the worst thing that couldhappen to you if you do not achieveany of your stated Goals? What physiology/state of mind wouldbe useful to have to achieve all ofyour stated Goals? Visualize you have already achievedall of your stated Goals! Describeyour feelings.
  20. 20. Excercise• Sit the way you would sit if you were unstoppable,felt totally energized and excited• Breathe the way you would breathe if you wereunstoppable, felt totally energized and excited• Put a look on your face that makes you look as ifyou were unstoppable, felt totally energized andexcited– create an auditory anchor• Say the things that you would say to yourself if youwere unstoppable, felt totally energized and excited• Raise a hand Right Now if you notice a change inyour state• Now go back to your old and bored state• Back to Energized and excited state – repeat this atleast 5 times
  21. 21.  Opportunity: You will always miss 100% of the shotsyou don’t take. Vision: Nothing happens unless first a dream. Persistence: Energy and persistence will conquer allthings. Teamwork: Snowflakes are one of the nature’s mostfragile things, but just look at what they can do whenthey stick together. Risk: You cannot discover new oceans unless youhave the courage to lose sight of the shore. Attitude: Attitudes are contagious….Is yours worth catching? “Few people attain great lives, in large part because itis so easy to settle for a good life.” - Jim Collins,Good to GreatSomething to think about!
  22. 22. Recommended Reading Unlimited Power – Anthony Robbins Good to Great– Jim Collins What Color is Your Parachute – RichardBolles Think and Grow Rich - Napoleon Hill Practical Intuition – Laura Day
  23. 23. Sandeep Saxena,email: sandeepsaxena@yahoo.comPhone: 415-235-0988Thank You!