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20141111 summary resume


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graphic design,typography,editorial design

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20141111 summary resume

  1. 1. Summary Resume Stephan Saaltink (1953) has an outstanding career as a typographic and editorial designer. He started Typography & Other Serious Matters in Rotterdam, and worked at Total Design in Amsterdam. As an artdirector he joined a leading Dutch newspaper (NRC Handelsblad) and an opinion magazine (Vrij Nederland). He introduced two typefaces, Lexicon (Bram den Does) and Capitolium (Gerard Unger), to a bigger audience in The Netherlands. Saaltink is dedicated to design education. He was the director of the Willem de Kooning Academy Rotterdam University, and a visiting scholar at Western Michigan University in Kalamazoo, USA for two years. Recently Saaltink moved up north to work in Denmark at Designskolen Kolding. experience General publishing [1980-2014]. Book design [1979-2014]. Change and innovation (all the time). Course leader Graphic Design [1981-1985]. Course leader Visual Communication [1985-1990]. Editorial design (Art Director) [1992-2007]. Educational manager (Head of School / Director) [2007-2011]. Entrepreneur (Founder Typography & Other Serious Matters) [1990-1992]. Head Communication Design [2014]. Corporate publishing: annual reports & corporate magazines [2000-2004]. Leadership (Art Director / Type Director / Head of School / Director) [2000-2011]. Lecturer Color [2011-2013]. Lecturer Graphic Design [2011-2014]. Lecturer Service Design [2014]. Lecturer Typography [1981-1990 and 2011-2014]. Lecturer Visual Systems [2011-2013]. career 2014 Head Communication Design at Designskolen Kolding (DK). > 2011-2013 Visiting Scholar Frostic School of Art Western Michigan University (USA). >
  2. 2. 2008-2011 Managing Director Willem de Kooning Academy Rotterdam University. > 2007-2008 Head of School (Media & Design) Willem de Kooning Academy Rotterdam University. > 2004-2007 Art director (magazine) Vrij Nederland, Weekbladpers, Amsterdam. > 2000-2004 Type director and senior designer Total Identity / Total Design Amsterdam. > 1992-2000 Art director / design director NRC Handelsblad. > 1990-1992 Founder Typography & Other Serious Matters. > 1985-1990 Course leader Visual Communication & part-time lecturer at Academie van Beeldende Kunsten Rotterdam. 1981-1985 Course leader Graphic Design & lecturer at Akademie voor Beeldende Kunsten Arnhem. 1980-1990 Free lance Graphic Designer. 1980-1981 Designer bookazines at SUN. 1978-1979 Junior book designer Het Spectrum.