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Cncwebworld advanced java training syllabus

  1. 1. C N C W e b W o r l d | 2 1 B r a m h a E s t a t e , C / 2 - 1 s t F l o o r , K o n d h w a P u n e Page 1 ADVANCED JAVA TRAINING SYLLABUS INTRODUCTION  J2EE Overview  Why J2EE?  J2EE Architecture  J2EE APIs  J2EE Containers JDBC  JDBC Fundamentals  Advanced JDBC  Introduction to Row Sets  JDBC classes and the java.sql  Connecting to databases  JDBC design patterns JAVA SERVER PAGES  Overview  JSP architecture , JSP tags and JSP expressions  Fixed Template Data , Lifecycle of a JSP  Model View Controller (MVC)  Model 1/Model 2 Architecture  Data Sharing among servlets & JSP  Request, application, session and page scope  JSP implicit objects JAVA BEANS  Enterprise Bean overview  Types of enterprise beans  Advantages of enterprise beans  The Life Cycles of Enterprise Beans  Working with Session Beans  Statefull vs. Stateless Session Beans  Working with Entity Beans  Message Driven Beans STRUTS FRAMEWORK  What is Struts?  Struts Architecture  Struts classes - ActionForward, ActionForm,  ActionServlet, Action classes  Understanding struts-config.xml  Understanding Action Mappings  Struts flow with an example application  Struts Tiles Framework  Struts Validation Framework  Internationalizing Struts Application  Struts with Message Resources
  2. 2. C N C W e b W o r l d | 2 1 B r a m h a E s t a t e , C / 2 - 1 s t F l o o r , K o n d h w a P u n e Page 2 OTHER J2EE TECHNOLOGIES  Hibernate  Spring framework  JSF  Web services  SOA, SOAP, AXIS, WSDL, UDDI, Endpoint & Callback  AJAX DATABASE & SQL FUNDAMENTS  Relational Databases and SQL  Database, Schema, Tables, Columns and Rows  DDL & DML  Sequences , Stored Procedures  Using SQL Terminals SERVLET  HTML Forms  Servlets Overview  Servlet Lifecycle: init(), service(), destroy()  GenericServlet, ServletRequest, and ServletResponse  HttpServletRequest, HttpServletResponse and HttpServlet  Request-response, headers, GET, POST SESSION MANAGEMENT  HTTP as a stateless protocol  Hidden form fields  Cookies  session tracking  Http Session  Exception handling and error pages  Directives  Single Thread Model interface RMI (REMOTE METHOD INVOCATION)  RMI overview  RMI architecture  Example demonstrating RMI JNDI  JNDI overview  JNDI API  Context operations  Using JNDI in J2EE applications
  3. 3. C N C W e b W o r l d | 2 1 B r a m h a E s t a t e , C / 2 - 1 s t F l o o r , K o n d h w a P u n e Page 3 What is CNCWEBWORLD’S IT Career Guidelines Approach? CNCWEBWORLD’S IT Career guidelines Vision to placed more than 90% students from each and every batches that’s why we did enormous market research for IT student and come with solution. Our Approach Communicate with the student Counseling Skill Test Feedback Analysis Training & Development Interview PreparationPlacement Market tested Approach
  4. 4. C N C W e b W o r l d | 2 1 B r a m h a E s t a t e , C / 2 - 1 s t F l o o r , K o n d h w a P u n e Page 4 Why CNCWEBWORLD?  100% Practical Training.  No fee for counseling.  No Class room session.  No fee for Interview preparation.  No fee for communication skills training.  No Time boundation for Practical session.  No Black/White board session.  No fee for Presentation skills.  No fee for Resume preparation.  One by one Training (1 faculty for 1 student).  Real Time Training (Complete IT environment).  100 % job Assistance.  Latest tutorial provided.  Technologies update on weekly basis.  Personal attention.  Training on the basis of company’s requirement.  Percentage of placement is more than 95%.  Dedicated team for placement.
  5. 5. C N C W e b W o r l d | 2 1 B r a m h a E s t a t e , C / 2 - 1 s t F l o o r , K o n d h w a P u n e Page 5 Note: All topics are covered in extreme detail with practical examples for all. Theoretical Classes will be accompanied by practical sessions at our computer lab. Some of the topics may have been missed from the displayed syllabus above, which nonetheless will be covered during training session. For more detail please contact us: Pune, Office CNC WEB WORLD Brahma Estate C/2, Office No 21 1st Floor, NIBM Kondhwa Near Jyoti Restaurant, Pune -411048 Tel No: 020 41207557 Mob: 9175371080/81 Email: Website: